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IM BACK... And I rated everyone!

AreYouMe/10 - Fit seriously rocks. Would Friend. Seen your grid before, it's still my favorite.

8/10 - Great Jacket, Great Boots, Great Bag/Accessories. I'm a fan.

6/10 - Vans Backpack and Puma Shoes...Why though? Points for going monochromatic because that's my shit and goes with nearly everything. Get some clean white Vans or a puma bag and I'll come back at you with a 7/10.

8/10 - Black with Red tints, shades and tones. Pretty cohesive on the color scheme, though not very versatile. I gave bonus points for the /k/. Are you really a photographer?

7/10 - Damn solid. Not digging the geishas on the jacket, as nothing else in your outfit has any other asian inspired accompaniments. Also not too into the edgey tee. However, Loving the pink, loving the chelseas.

5/10 - Spend less on the bucket hat, shades, and "smart"watch and invest in some staples. Denim is great . Rainjacket and shoes are neat I guess. Maybe just go ninjacore instead. (ha.)

7/10 - Comfy as hell, would discuss local laws with.

tfwnogf/10 - Love it. Please opt for some better smoke though, those are weak and gross.

Clean/10 - Are you a photographer too? Damn, that's cool! Shirt is my favorite. Casual cool my man.

7/10 - I wish I was this slick to pull that off. That sweater/jacket has a great texture, looks comfy. And that bag is indiana jones in the best way.

7/10 - faaaak. It'd be a 9 if it wasn't for those pants. If they were chinos, ever black cargos, I'd still give a 9. everything else is great. Would sip black coffee and sprint with.

Fine/10 - Would fence with, and murder on accident. Then steal the cape... poncho... thing.


wouldcatchmyselfmirin/10 - in a good way. must be my type. God I hope you're petite.

Fukye faggot, let's go for a gotdam sprint!!!

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Made this just for you.
Okay, a little of this was for me.
I haven't made one in a long time.

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