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I post edgy/aesthetic/dark garbage. Fuck my shit up.

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Logic and creativity are not mutually exclusive, that's an unfortunate stereotype.
If you are referring to the classical era of western art, sure it happened before the emergence of fascism, however the vallues and ideals of people in that era were more in line with nationalism, pride, militarism and hierarchal structure than with social justice and egalitarianism. It could be for the reason that patrons of the arts at that time were rich and powerful rulers and nobility, but there is no doubt that artists were also part of this cultural zeitgeist.
Even in the current cultural climate most art that is created is based on right leaning principles and ideals, as the very process of production of films, music and literature is so strictly capitalist that the leftist virtue signalling in the works themselves is absolutely meaningless.

I'm not trying to argue the left ideologies don't create or have art associated with them, but in my opinion to claim one side is more artistic and the other is more logical is flawed.

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