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make-up, like fashion should be an extension of oneself, another means of self expression so its really different for everyone

it's great when a girl works with the features their parents gave them and underline/highlight their good points with pride and confidence.
It's a sort of genuine inner beauty manifested on the outside. You'll know when you see it.

besides, diff kinds of makeup look better on different people so like most things in fashion, there's no real answer when you ask what specific kinds of makeup males like on women.

I can just tell you what kind of makeup sucks dick.

Makeup that is visibly caked on with zero regard to the features of the girl just because they've seen it look good on somebody else they like but dont look like if you nawimsayin

You can just tell when girls are filled with boatloads of self loathing by the way they draw on themselves, major turn-off in addition to making asses out of themselves.


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Well, there's the self worth crowd and then there are people who are just plain lonely

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I mean, you could, like

wear a leather jacket

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I kindly dare you


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What's the matter anon?

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