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What do I wear to a wedding at a brewery? What the fuck is this white trash fad to get married in a fucking bar. I know the couple is going to divorce in few years and don't even really want to go but got guilted into going. Either way what am I supposed to wear to this? Should I get a blazer? I'm not wearing a tie (non negotiable). How bad would it be to show up in a linen shirt with no suit/tie. Really considering going directly after work and just throwing a linen on.

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>Tfw one of my eyes is noticeably lower than the other.

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>I don't like 25 dollars scent because it is cheap
>I don't like popular scents because I want to be different to 'masses'
>But I don't like expensive scents because I am poor

>give me luxury $250 scents no one else can afford for $30

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So after doing some research it seems that excess exercise and consistently large caloric deficits can actually lead to water retention which is why some people experience plateaus and then sudden dramatic weight loss (in a short amount of time) not too long after. If I'm trying to lose water weight will fasting in combination with cardio just make things worse? I started off today with 6 miles and want to fast for at least 3 days while continuing to do some sort of cardio. Today that sounds like that should work but now I'm confused.

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Shit I meant to say heart but the faggot above me threw me off

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