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I don't like thinking about colour. Post colour palettes to build outfits around.

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>(Part 2)

When you put too much of ONE style in, esp one's that look very out of place in society, like milspo. Esp OLD milspo, you usually heavily risk turning a potential lunarfit into JUST that style you're heavily wearing, and it's not rocket science (excuse the pun) to figure that out.

If for example I decided to wear 1980s ultra neon super short shorts and knee socks and hightop sneakers and a 80s style cropped baggy sweater and an 80s style t-shirt or tank, and 80s style sunglasses what would you think my style is?

Would you think:
>A) think it's some 1980s retro style fit?
>B) think that it's an amazing lunarcore outfit?
>C) think it's a hardcore milspo fit?

Most of you and almost every pleb on the street would think it's A and for good reason.

No one in their right mind would think that its B or C because it quite frankly would be down right mentally retarded to do so.

So my case in point is, just like with ANY style there are distinct elements, rules & guidelines that make up that specific style.

And luckily as I myself am an artist and love creating and making things, lunarcore is flexible & loose enough that you can get by with creating neat little fits with individual pieces that you've personally made by hand, or safari hunted for months at a thrift shop, or found that ONE cool utilitarian PIECE from your local Military Surplus store for cheap, OR if you have the dosh buying that random designer piece that pushes your fit to the nxt lvl.

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