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>tfw qt nigress in monochrome and black sunhat stares at you in street when ur also wearing all black.
>tfw you look back and she breaks eye contact
>don't know if i was creepy or cool

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>tfw the girl I love is my ex's best friend
>tfw im sure she wants to be with me too
>tfw ex ruinning everything
fuuuuuuuck meeeeeeeeeee
at least i have drugs

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>the 90s finally coming back

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Haha its alright guys santa promised me a qt! Haha gonna be good!

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whats the point of life anyway?

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So I'm thinking about buying some RM Williams. I'm a bit confused though because I'm not sure if they're talking Australian shoe sizing or US shoe sizing on their site when I ask them.

Also could anyone explain what G and H fitting means? This is my first pair of chelseas btw.

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