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that camo is dope af, but not very lunarcore imo.
Actually, I think this discussion could be benificial here.
Camo patterns, particularly on trousers, give off a very aggressively military vibe. Lunarcore is a retrofutureist aesthetic based around space exploration in the 1960s and 70s, which was a civilian project carried out by military aviators. Where does this mix of civilian/military/aviation leave us? Lets look at the source. In vintage NASA photos you will see military elements such as nomex flight suits, flight jackets, aviation-grade OD green nylon webbing, and parachute buckles. What you won't see is camouflage patterns, since camo is for infantry grunts and has no place in space.
Now lets examine the sci-fi aspect of lunarcore. The aesthetic draws heavily on the film Alien. There is no camo in Alien, the only military elements are strictly aviation oriented. Even in the heavily militaristic sequel, Aliens, only the infantry wears camouflage.
Finally, Lunarcore is a utilitarian style so lets consider the practical aspects. Is there a ground war taking place on the moon? Maybe there could be. But the moon is not massive enough to maintain an atmosphere, so any ground combat would require things like armored vehicles, powerarmor, or at the very least pressurized space suits. camouflage clothing would be completely useless, since you couldn't walk around on the lunar surface in it anyway.
My takeaway from all this is that if you want to incorporate military elements in your lunarcore fit, focus on aviation-oriented pieces. Olive green is great, but camouflage patterns should be used sparingly if at all.

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