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>Tfw poor
>RLP black leather jacket for $10 at thrift store is higher tier than any of the shit graileds in ur puccboi closet

Eat shit OP

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>There are people here who will spend thousands of dollars on clothing and tailored outfits
>but they will never put in an hour of work improving their body and will either stay
1. Incredibly skinny (almost skeltal)
2. Chubby (with no definition)

Reminder: You can buy all the rick and raf you want but it will never compensate for your repulsive body. (i.e. AssPizza, Ian Connor, Fat Nick, AssPizza's nigger friend, that girl with down syndrome, every fuccboi who takes photos with the wide stance and cliche preme hoodies they bought for 150$)

>y-youre just jealous

no im fucking telling you that having a great body is better than any fit with an awful body

Go lift some weights. Go for a run. Eat some chicken. Pussies.

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