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I'm assuming this is the best board for grooming advice.

My skin is finally near perfect now, it's just my nose. It has a lot of blackheads. I've been using those strips, but they don't work, I've had micro-dermbrasion but that only lasts for a couple of weeks.

What do /fa/?

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I'm assuming you're a britfag and going through NHS.

If so...don't even bother man - you have to see so many people first - there are endless hurdles. it's takes forever.

Just buy illegally online

or better yet get modafinil which isn't bad for you and is easy to get.

if you do go NHS route - say this: you have ADD - show general examples, show you have tried ways to mediate (mediatation, healthyt diet, sport) none of that worked for you- don't mention pills, just ask to see a psychologist. Thats the first step

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