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exclusives rare images from personal archives ONLY yo

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more cuck literature coming, you guys have to understand that its not just a style of dress, its a lifestyle, you have to be a proud cuck in every facet of your life, write about cuck subjects, discuss cuck topics, watch cuck movies. here is some inspirational cuck writing.

>I help more of you lost little toys than I can count. Never seen you do shit, tho, save for get a hard on in my direction when I said JAY Z IS AMORAL.

>Prove your dopeness and I will acquiesce happily, btw. Otherwise, I'm still fresher than you. You'll probably quit in a few years anyway, and you'll have your fake plastic turntable interface for sale in your driveway.

>You just want a piece of me. You hate me because you can't touch me or do what I do. I can teach you how, but that's me being an asshole, right?

>you just piss me off with ignorant assumptions, you know? I've snuffed people for less. And after a while, how much can a guy take? You don't see the options before you. You don't see what I do for whoever asks. You don't see what I can do for you. I WOULD HAVE GLADLY BEEN YOUR FRIEND AND WORKED WITH YOU.

>but I'm just a shithead to you, nothing can be done. Get over me. PS - I'm laughing at your Shitty sampling, overloud drums, cheap transitions and uneven levels, RIGHT NOW. Doper than me, pfffffft

>sampling is illegal because of people like you, who steal entire 8 bar loops.

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rick owens, helmut lang

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