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>/fit/ tells me that a girl with a twink BF will cheat on him with a high testosterone guy during ovulation.
not her, but only old 30+ women like masculine men who can provide for them and protect them or whatever. masculine men are hideous

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lose more, stand straight, learn to take better pics. you need to become proportional.

I can see it in your legs you're not thin enough. If you want to exercise do body weight stuff especially sit ups but never ever lift or gym.

You're almost, almost there. Do 100 sit ups per day, yeah for you it's probably the answer. Soon you will be anime.

ur cool do whatever you want just pose better. your abs are marked & your body is /thin/.

Sleep pills? Or eat something low calorie like natural popcorn as suggested in the previous thread

It's ok to eat but have a limit. Don't fall for gluttony ever. It's all about willpower & decisions, it becomes easier the more you learn to control yourself.

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thanks!the candy was just because of easter, i plan on switching to fruit when its all gone

not really, 100 calories for 8fl oz. i only ate about 950-1000 calories yesterday and most of it was from dinner

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