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Dear /fa/ how the fuck do people look in the mirror and think "yeh this looks really good."
I just don't get it, how can we educate the rest.

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I just find it amazing how deprived people can get, it's really something else to know that you're an actual person who exists on the same level of reality as me.
That's so fucking perfect.
Imagining you getting some sort of high off of that cringey video with your stupid, ugly wog face, your big old clit, and your awful outfits.

God damn. I'm really impressed.

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hoooooly shit

this is

this is REALLY sometin else as they say

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average /cgl/ user in "everyday" clothes
yes these images are actually from /cgl/

/cgl/ also likes to claim the lifestyle of this board is askew

spending money on designer clothes to wear everyday that you can't tell are from designers

and designer furniture from an era nobody but the attendees and the curators of MOMA and MOCA care about

but they spend their money on sloppily drawn "comissions" from deviant art

and pictures of random people on the internet dressed up like video game characters

an unattractive woman who was infamous for sleeping with married men at cons without protections, dressed up like an upcoming slutty sniper from the up coming new release in the metal gear solid franchise charging $50/photo

raised thousands

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that is troll master without the name. i recognize those hands

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