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Alright boys, my Role Clubs came in the mail today. Been wearing them around for an hour, so I’ll give you my immediate impressions. Please disregard my blog post if you don’t give a fuck.
First off, I’ve had a pair of Mister Lou’s and Lofgren engineers and these already blow them out of the water. Even with just a RTW pair, the fit on these is damn near perfect. The issue that I had with the Wescos is that even with the “perfect” size, the shape of the boot was extremely uncomfortable and it has a seemingly nonexistent heel cup made of plastic material. The Lofgrens in comparison just werent the aesthetic I was going for and I personally hated the leather and thought it was way too soft and supple. I’m aware that Brian has used some of his standard cxl horsehide in the past that has yielded a ton of grain break that some people find gross, but so far the clicking on these looks pretty damn clean. That being said, this leather is likely going to form some creases the more I break them in, but I don’t really give a shit and I think it actually can add some character. All of the stitching is immaculate, and the welt join is way cleaner than most boots I’ve seen. My only complaint about these is that I would have preferred he used his proprietary rubber sole instead of a leather one, but I’m honestly curious to see how it fares over time. I’ll probably end up getting it resoled a couple years down the line. Is it worth $2300? Probably not. However, these are by far the best engineers I’ve ever seen and worn. If you’re an engineer enthusiast you kind of just have to get a pair. Overall, they’re damn sexy and I’m satisfied with them.

I’ll continue to post more photos

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