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wow i had no idea there was a con event for cucks? thats really great, im noticing the neck on one of those young cucks seem abnormally long? is this a cuck attribute? perhaps for easier service of the bull?

none of these are cuckwear anon, this is a thread about sharing and disseminating cuck ideas, not for engaging in personal board vendettas, please respect the rules of the thread.

has a rough guide line.

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are you white? than you need to watch this documentary, every single non self hating white needs to watch this video.


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right right

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>"why does he do it for free pigfuck?"
>"because we have to hate him"
>"but he didnt do anything wrong"
>"because he's the hero /fa/ deserves, but not the one it needs right now. so we'll hate him. because he can take it. because he's not our hero. He's a silent guardian. A watchful protector. A sjw janitor. And we can always count on him to do it for free in our time of need."

are you aware of the irl sacrifice our brave janitor is making in order to keep this board safe?

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That pic was taken at my dad's house in ABU DHABI. That black thing is called an abaya, dumbass. You have to wear it when you go to certain places. Good try tho

>this could be us bad but u playin'

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