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yeah those are all tiny pics overlapping eachother. I want the album bruh. host "faisms"

you're always bragging about being here since 2008 or whatever.

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lol your idea of America is pretty funny. tips are all but guaranteed here. don't listen to those troll threads on /b/. I have not tipped a total of two times in my life. so out of the hundreds of times I've eaten out, there are those two exceptions. you don't even really think about it. I personally just add the 15% without really thinking, unless the service was really good, then I'd leave 20%. I've also never met a person IRL who didn't tip. no one would ever pride themselves on it like you see on /b/. you can bet servers are making more than the guys in the kitchen all of the time.

and if you think American factories compare to those in China or the like... i dont really feel like typing anymore, but that's really dumb.

there's a lot of drama and headlines about the US because we are the most powerful nation in the world, but we are really way better off than most first-world country. not perfect, but I don't think I would like to live anywhere else. too much opportunity here, no matter how trite that sounds.

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post a pic of her then? and just because it comes from tumblr doesn't mean it can't be her. it's a fucking average looking girl shittily photographed on a dock. why would I assume it wasn't yours?

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now I KNOW you trollin nigga.


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