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Now this one meme I'm glad I narrowly missed

>Nigga are you fucking retarded? Get the fuck out of my board
No u, jean pisser

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/fa/ x /fit/ is the board-tan OTP
FUCK /cgl/

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this is piss-on-your-jeans tier retarded

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Not all men have to be "manly" Patrick you know this really well.

Remember Franz? He always wished to look more androgynous but it just wasn't in his genes.

Androgyny is the most /fa/, even back in 2008-2010 we praised it and we rejected /fit/ consistency on trying to make everyone like themselves.

Some people really don't like muscles, such as me and lots of other /fa/ms. That was the norm back then and it is now, /fa/ never changed there. And why should they?

It's cooler to follow your own way than to submit to normalfag American society standards (these don't exist in Japan for example). If you don't like caveman muscles, you don't like caveman muscles.

You should know better being an older fag than me and all.

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Even though you're a massive douche, I must admit I had a good chuckle...

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everyone knows when you first buy raw denim you give it a soak to shrink it down to its true size so your fades match up properly and to stop exactly what youve made this thread about.
make sure its cold water and let it soak 20 minutes

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