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why do you even want to model?

oh ok i love cara too :^)

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Heheh underrated post.....
I thought you were underage but I know I was wrong now that I've seen your edgy and sophisticated humor... :^)

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>samefriending from your phone

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why do grils do that
i had an ex that would do that or burp sometimes. im not even holding them to a double standard, i would never do that in front of anyone...

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her smirk

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she's such a qt

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its her lips. pouty and slanted upwards.

>it's just the shitty labels hiring her
>saint laurent paris
>cover of vogue
>huge love spread
>kara vs fucking karl

>it doesn't matter how seriously she does or doesn't take it
>no amount of dedication will fix her face
fuck off dude. sorry we dont meet your standards. things are overrated sometimes. let us enjoy it.

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