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Depression is correlated with early success and he probably got diddled by some sick la fucks when he was a kid or something.
Anyway, I hope he gets help.
He was pretty funny before everyone decided his funniest characters were racist and sexist.

Recently I heard he thinks he's transgender which would be interesting.
I think he should just get lap-band surgery first and start lifting and maybe looking better would help his self esteem.
Los Angeles is a really hard place to live because everyone is so about physical attractiveness and surgery and so maybe he should just move to Iowa and stay fat and wear caftans all day.

I suspect he is borderline personality disorder and/or bipolar disorder because of his often manic behavior interspersed with these periods of self-loathing and binge-eating.
So he would get bored in Iowa.
He just needs to accept his fate and become a Kardashian type surgery addict celebrity.
Or take his millions and buy a ranch in Montana.
Is he Jewish?
Please tell me he's not Jewish.

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