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Nice dude. Hell yeah.

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>tfw never felt love before

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>striped button up layered onto another striped button up

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Fucking rekted and dekted

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Can I be effay wearing a T shirt, Jeans, and sneakers?

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I've been using a method for the last six months that has worked well

If the root of your acne problem is excess oil you can take megadoses of Vitamin B5, also called Pantothentic Acid. It does the same thing Accutane does but it's way safer. Accutane works by permanently shrinking your oil glands with huge doses of Vitamin A, but it doesn't just shrink your oil glands, it also affects your joints, tear ducts, and other moisture producing membranes, and huge doses of Vitamin A are horrible for your liver. Vitamin B5 works by reducing the amount of oil your body produces. Not only has my acne been significantly reduced, by my skin is nowhere near as oily as it once was, and even my hair gets way less greasy and I can go for multiple days without washing it now. I still have pimples here and there but I'd say my acne is 95% better than it has ever been in the past 8 years.

The only con is that you have to talk ALOT. I buy the 500 milligram capsules in bottles of 100, and I take 16 pills a day (4 grams). It's kind of a pain to take all of these pills but I spread it out to 4 pills four times a day. You might need more or less depending on how it works for you.

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Just dresses. Most women have turned to pants and shit, dresses are becoming less and less common, so a tight low-cut dress is

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