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just like your mmost recent fit

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Boring shit jfc why do you post
Pants look too tight, throws whole thing off
Baka desu senpai
They dont, you look bad
Get a better undershirt maybe but it looks p good
no taste bruh you look like a highschooler, thats a shit flannel and your jeans look like theyre from a dumpster behind the goodwill
X-posting from my other thread, sorry its rotated

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This is the fa experimentation thread, come find out whether your fit is nxtlvl dopeness or belongs stapled to your nxtlvl suicide letter! The waywt is garbagr, every fit there is either cuccboi trash or pathetically timid low profile white kicks+dark pants+dark sweater /fa/ uniform. Tear my shit up /fa/, laid out this fit while i was blasted on nyquil and cant tell if its terrible or decent. Add me to your cringe folder, i dont care as long as this takes off maybe /fa/ can be less shit

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