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Just don't wear a SLIM FIT bomber jacket. You can get a regular fit B-15 or CWU/45P and they're great and warm enough for the winter. Slim fit bomber makes you look like a literal twink

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Alright I'm back at my computer now you faggot fucking zoomer pencilneck. Holy shit even the fucking "SEXCORE" "bomber" you posted is cucked and sad. Look how droopy that shit is, lilting in it's own apathy and frailty. I'm doing you a solid by showing what an actual bomber jacket is supposed to look like, not this retarded Diesel young signorino bullshit... What the fuck is sexcore anyway?

You will never be chad

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Are you supposed to take the red tag off? There were extremely conflicting views at my office today. I took the fur collar off and it looks fucking badass

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Which alpha industries should I cop? I already have a N2-B shortwaist parka, just getting one of these two for less extreme weather

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