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took me forever to join the briefs hype train, but i roll with it now. turns out pointing your dick downwards helps loads

also on a big colorful designs kick since i got bored of plain colors and plaid

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How do I dress if I
>am male
>am 5'2
>am gay
>am a twink
>want to dress slightly feminine but not be a cross dresser
>genuinely like the way art hoes dress

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where is the best place to cop an olive flight suit for not too much?

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Why does /fa/ attract these lone hardcore autists from time to time? And I don't mean the tripfags, who have debatable taste, but at least they seem interested in fashio and some common sense.
I remember that workswear obsessed guy who posted like 2 years ago. Absolutely shit taste and no sense of any kind of aesthetic. And now 'Goosey', a quite literal meme imposter. Absolutely top lmao.

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Gucci Shoes and trash outfit


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Is being gay effay?

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what exactly is the purpose of this?
(looks really fake btw)

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