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Hahaha you were called out INSTANTLY. How does it feel knowing you will never fool people into thinking you're a woman? You can get mad at people they dont have to live in hell you've created for yourself day after day. You really should kill yourself, nobody will ever think you're a woman

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/fa/ is probably gonna be the most "transphobic" (not that anyone fears you) board on 4chan and here's why:

75% of this board have put up with being called faggots their entire life because of their interests and aesthetics. They're sick of the association and don't want actual faggots gaying up styles that already blur the line between masculine and femme. They don't hate faggots, they just don't want to be associated with them more than they already are.

25% are actual faggots who are disgusted with the disgusting forced feminity and extremely unfashionable anime-inspired abomination that is modern era trannies. Imagine spending your whole life crafting the perfect naturally seductive feminine aesthetic only to get lumped in with a bunch of ugly, unhygienic mentally ill gamers who think that capturing the flair, beauty, grace and elan of the female, is just a matter of taking some pills, throwing your voice and watching makeup tutorials.

Trannies will never ever be effay and everyone here hates you.

Based, fuck tranny threads

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