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>attention whores are dressing goth
>attention whores are bringing instagram to 4chan
>nobody calling this out

It was good while it lasted boys

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>doing software development course
>chilling with the least neckbeardy kids in class, a wannabe skinhead and some dadcore asian kid
>asian kid says his friend should be joining the course next week
>mfw he shows up in a fedora, crosshatch jeans and a snipars t-shirt

This is all my fault for liking computers

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what the fuck m8
are you 10

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>youre the only person who matters.
i don't know what to say to that
i can't argue against that
i am the only thing that matters

funny how to you, i just seem like a really narcissistic automaton
but for me you're just a tool for my own sself potentiation

ok i'm pretending to be more drunk than i am, and i am nowhere near natalie's level

i just kind of don't care about the quality of /fa/ at hours like these

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>I'm not going to be the person I'm expected to be anymore

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Thanks, bros. It means a lot...

I'll think about the stache.

Okay, i'll go to the barber in aprox. 10min and tell him to keep the length/cut split ends, etc.
Thanks for the good advice, guys.

I'm aware of my nose, I fucking hate it, too... Already thought about surgery, but, too scared.
Also, i think i'd be kind of self-conscious about the surgery too... Don't know.

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tfw out with friends who are all out of shape, unsightly, annoying, have different interests, and dress lame
tfw you see a handsome crew of kids that look just like you who are having fun

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no thanks

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