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>it was all thomas could do not to feint, never in his life had he seen such a repulsive, repugnant thing, it was otherworldly, some lovecraftian nightmare made real by a mad, hedonist god of slime and refuse.
>many members of the crowd did feint at the sight of the BOC, a woman to thomas’ left fell to the ground and was crushed under the feet of the fast maddening audience
>women shrieked, cried, bawled, men howled in agony and terror, gnashing their teeth and clawing at their eyes. those of weaker constitution shat and pissed themselves, many who by now had been driven to madness began to eat the feces that was filling the room.
>thomas was fixated on the giant mass, the seething, heaving red planet.
>PCOS girl had just begun her mad spectacle, her babylonian ritual of sodom and death
>she placed both hands on the clit and began to writhe them to and throw, this way and that, they passed over and up and down the filthy fleshball, slipping and clapping as the sweat and yeast formed a deadly paste.
>the clit began to tremble and undulate, expanding in mass, higher and wider did the terrible red ball climb, its musk doubling in potency - a man in the front vomited up a bloody mess before collapsing, dead.
>it was then thomas knew that he hadnt come to a freakshow at all, nay’ this was a sacrifice.
>the synthesis of sweat, yeast and precum metastasized, horrible sickly yellow yeast tentacles sprung formed on and around the clit.
>they reached out into the audience, entwining and coiling any that they came into contact with in festering serpentine grip of death.
>as the sickening orgy of feces, death and sodomy went on around him, a filthy yeast tentacle slithered its way to thomas who was still transfixed on the ritual that would be his ending.
>as the tentacle creeped up his leg and into his mouth. the only words that came to him as he met his fate were ‘thats a big old clit’

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she was meant to be mine, stance ruins another oe of my relationships, another love lost, another unrequited affair. i want.....to.....die......

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WOW this the last fucking place i expected this kind of insensitive bullshit from. honestly so fucking disappointed in you rn /fa/

i TOLD you idiots that i have PCOS it makes it hard to lose weight and i have tumors in my ovaries you fucks.

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wow NOW THAT is a beautiful transgendered lady who can not be trans gendered because gender doesnt exist.

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its all shit, its obvious its not one person. big old clit is responsible for like 50 shitposts itt alone

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post another one and prove how pretty you are


ill wait.........



>fat in an ugly manly way, cant even claim curvy

>dumb as a post with a personality to boot

its over now hun, hurry off into the night, try cgl or s4s.

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big old clit

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yo frog you better run along to that irc and tell whoever is deleting my shit that it isnt the productive way of coming to a resolution.

why dont you reddit shits learn something from the boards you police for free?

i am not going to go away, ill keep posting this every day out of spite. or you can fuck off with your heavy handed reddit tier pruning and let this board breathe some life.

if its not you its someone you can talk to so go give them so feedback from the board, i speak for a lot of people who are sick of your banhappy fucks ruining board culture.

this place is a total snoozefest, every interesting thread gets delete to be replaced by another black hair thread.

get your fucking shit together.

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now can I PLEASE get an HONEST opinion of my god damn face? am i pretty or will i forever be an ugly girl? people say i have a manly face and a big nose....i say bullshit!

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hello?? can i have my own thread now mods or are you still being domineering stifling male fucks?

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so the mods just deleted my thread what the hell? how obvious do i have to make it that it was a cry for help? what do i have to do god damnit!

an /fa/ feels thread? thats allowed right? i just need a place to vent ok? maybe get some feedback from people who dont want to do me harm?

thats just the vibe i get from that vile monster, he terrorized me in another thread saying all sorts of obscenities over and over, telling everyone i have a big clitoris.

to answer the kind anons questions from my old thread

yes throwing up, OK? ive been fucking vomiting to try to lose weight because i know im fucking disgusting, and despite it all i just wish people could fucking love me for me, like this IS MY BODY why does it have to be like this? why cant i just be one of those women who doesnt have to exercise? i know i seem so crazy coming to /fa/ but this is all i have, i cant talk to my mother about it, i dont have friends anymore and i just feel so fucking alone and helpless.

i know i shouldnt be fucking purging and every time i do it i swear itll be my last but then i spend a WHOLE FUCKING day staring at myself in the mirror, and im just so repulsed by what i see i want to be OUT OF THIS BODY

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this is pretty one i think..

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holy fuck this is good, this is so fucking good.

protip hun, being an insufferable stupid weeb only works if you're at least mildly attractive.

i advise getting into stem or becoming a militant feminist and disguising your insecurity and deep inadequacy as a political statement/

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:3 u jelly bb

I won't flirt with some neonazi i'll tell you that

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