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you're going to get normalfags saying that it isn't but it is. they're too old or too cucked by society to pull the look off. One needs YOUTH

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>There are tons of designers who use "chad" models still

Of the popular we like in /fa/. No one uses bulky /fit/ models. No one 0.

Not 2016 Yohji, obviously not Hedi, not Julius, not even Rick Owens really and he is musuclar, not Jutyna Watanabe, or Raf Simmons... What else /fa/ likes? Nothing at all really.

What I'm saying is that "the alternative" scenes are becoming bigger & more mainstream. So naturally the skinny guys who are already popular in these scenes are going mainstream and stealing the spotlight, since now more ppl is seeking "the alternative" thanks to globalization & the internet. Everyone wants to be an special snowflake and normalfaggotry doesn't makes them feel like it.

They want the boy that is in a band, has edge, looks cool while also cute, youthful and wild. Exactly what the high fashion industry is hiring right now. That's why skinny beautiful ppl can live from high fashion modeling.

So yeah, stay salty, you're a dinosaur, not /fa/ at all.

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