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only answer

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can someone pls post the bootcut barry comic?

also relaxed fit a shit

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This senpai

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if you think you can pull off the look then sure
stay A$AP

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only thing i have that's vaguely related

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>tfw haircut and no one in real life notices

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pt. 2

How the clothes fit a person determines what kind of a silhouette will be created. Most silhouettes fall in two categories. The first category is having the clothing fit like a well-tailored shirt or a made-to-measure suit, where there is barely any extra fabric in the garment, if any. You see this a lot in menswear fashion and it tends to be a more classic approach to fit. The other category is purposefully (but tastefully) having large amounts of excess fabric in the article of clothing. This is usually seen more in gothninja and androgynous fashion and it’s a more fashion forward approach to fit, occasionally called antifit. There really isn’t any in between when it comes to fit, it’s either the clothing “hugs” your body very well, or the clothing drapes and billows on your person. Just about everything in between would simply be called, “ill fitting”. This can be from sizing up too many sizes on an article of clothing, or the brand just simply doesn’t flatter your body shape very well. Many brands will purposefully include a lot of extra fabric in their clothes because it is meant to be tailored and fitted to your body. Many OTHER brands will purposefully include a lot of extra fabric to come off as “comfortable”, but it is not meant to be tailored and the garment just looks ill fitted and sloppy.

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am I being memed on?

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I do what I can with makeup and hair. youtube tutorials are stupid af but can be very helpful to that end.

if it's sunny outside I wear those xbox huge aviators. they're really great because they hide half of my ugly face.

I've also learned how to be confident without being obnoxious. since I'm well-liked it tricks people into thinking I'm more attractive than I really am.

it's why people have celebrity crushes on seth rogen and that girl who plays aria stark. they're objectively not very attractive but they're likeable, so people start to view them as being attractive anyway.

so I guess be likeable/confident and wear the biggest sunglasses you can get away with. also you could get /fit/ and be weird hot.

if benefactor cobblestone can drown in the pussy you can too big dawg.

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>millions of euros a year
>that messi fit goat

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You might be shitposting but for anybody who's actually insecure enough to ask if tucking your shirt in is /fa/ then please start growing your own sense of style

If it looks good tucked in, it looks good tucked in. If it doesn't, it doesn't. Maybe you want to follow some convention for certain conventional shirts, like a well-fitted button down, but otherwise you shouldn't have to ask a bunch of /fa/gs like me on the internet

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