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I just started accutane and my skin is peeling like crazy. I feel like a snake shedding its damn skin, it's insane. Is this temporary? Will I be shedding skin off my face the whole time?

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I'm in treatment too, I have 3 months taking Isotretinoin.

So I can say you that is temporary (like for a month). Care your skin, use thermal water for your face, lip cream avery 10 min. and use lubricant for eyes and nose.

Oh, take care yourself of the sun.

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>he didn't go vegan for flawless skin
lol enjoy your kidney problems

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i can't remember too well since it was like 5 years ago, but yes, skin peeling is normal. i was the same as you.

the good news is that after the dosage you hardly get acne anymore. maybe once every couple weeks i'll get a little zit that i can easily hide with concealer.

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It's normal and temporary. Just moisturize a lot, and you'll be fine.

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stay strong brother, mine dried out like crazy but in the end it was definitely worth it. it's meant to happen.

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im in hk for 12 days, looking for good spots to shop at or go to in general.

I already went to Mee&Gee thrift store in Mong kok, looking for similar sorta places

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Commie inspo (Gosha is great)

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Get fucked commie


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Get the fuck off my board

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would it be cool if i wore a shirt covered in swastikas?

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I've been looking to get more yellow and stumbled across this tee which I like, any ideas on other yellow pieces?

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Lucid777, they've got a lot of interesting stuff

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They had a black tee with a patch on it it looked cool

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Remember when everyone on here wanted to cop that skeletor hat from lucid777 and everyone who had bought it said the quality was shit?

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Damn im trying to buy this please sage this thread i dont want it to go sold out

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Does anyone know what a real life equivalent of this watch would be? It's from a game I i would like one as close as possible to this watch.

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If you have around $300,000

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yeah that's a little much

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looks like it has too many mechanisms inside of it as well. and it's not rectangular enough

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Tfw my Xbox one s plays gta on low :(

I just like having shit that does one thing. I don't want games on my PC since they distra me

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I'm searching for a PIC

The image was posted on a terrorwave thread

Is a militar from the back with a green uniform and brown boots, he carry a ak-47 and a white cap (or a turban i don't know).

Help, pls

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bump, anybody?

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go away isis

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Nice trips

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go away american funded al qaeda

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Where can I find some decent to good anoraks.

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where do I find one of these in dark colors without the faggy strings?

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What pair of boots is lil peep (left) wearing?

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you're wrong, they're nothing alike. he's just wearing moon boots as far as I can tell.

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he makes emo music but he's not like that irl, still a faggot tho

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why are lil pumps dreads so fucking disgusting and frizzy

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Are wearing pendants/necklaces like pic related retarded? also bladee/ecco thread

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well i mean this pic in particular is retarded yes. i wear a necklace but always under my clothes. if you want to wear a necklace make sure it's good with the specific fit. once the piece gets bigger than your thumbnail though it gets progressively more fucking stupid

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Any opinions on flatbill hats (fitteds/snapbacks)?

pic related

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They're horrible and don't provide adequate sun protection.

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Don't wear a cap of any sports team that you don't actually follow.

Fans of the team will make comments to you about the team, to which you have to autistically explain that "you're not a fan, you just like the fit"

Then you'll come across as a beta low-test fuck.

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What if you're wearing an Ebbets hat?

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new era changed how they make their fitteds and they suck now

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how do u make money to buy clothes

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i use leftovers from my student loans and what my parents give me

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Buy Sia

>> No.12549563

Buy and sell thrift, have a job. Occasionally sell trash Streetwear.

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Be a trust fund babby

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suck dick for a dollar.
suck a million dicks and that's $1,000,000. You do the math..

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Talk me out of making a bad decision.

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Get a reverse print one like Hawaiian businessmen wear.

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Fine for the summer
Normies will love it and looking /fa/ everyday is for tryhards

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Not really that bad desu. Maybe if it's expensive and you can only see yourself wearing it twice a year then probably don't get it. But all in all it seems kinda fun. Just be careful not to overplay any campcore when wearing it

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They're silk from Avanti. Not really expensive.

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looks great man

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>how to dress like a futuristic retard

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these shoes are like 10+ years old and you're still mad about them

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not your pic, but mine

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>how to show ignorance and bad taste

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high quality bait, good job op

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I remember when queers kept posting the rainbow strapped colorway. How long ago was that?

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I've grown up on boxers since I was twelve and now that I'm shy of hitting 30, I'm noticing that I'm sitting on my ballsack all the goddamn time so I'm desperate for something that is relatively cheap, offers good support, and isn't sweaty in the summer.

Send help.

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calvin kleins

anyone who answers otherwise is a meme
get em cheap on outlets or nordstrom rack

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I want to give these a try.

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Calvin Klein. But it's overused and basically the Victoria's secret but for male whores and gays. But holds well as the standard for quality underwear. Buy it in the packs at places like Marshal's and Costco/Sam's club. Runs around $10+ for 4, and the single ones at the shop that might? be of better quality cost a lot more.
Costco sells what seems to be an unbranded replica that's of the same quality and also like $7 for 4.
Great quality, soft, comfy, band stays firm and its also unbranded so if you're the humble type they're great.
H&M sells some that feel and look good, but I never bought them because of concerns about the quality.
Never tried any of the online memes.
Champion compression undies are nice but the bands get shitty quick and they start to smell quicker.
Pure boxers are ugly niggershit that get in the way of mobility, but you could probably find some that won't

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pair of thieves are underrated. you can get them at target. they have their superfit variety which is a polyamide blend and supersoft which is cotton/modal.

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how do i dress for a casual date to a cafe
at my disposal:
>slim cropped tommy hilfiger chinos
>band tees
>black skinny jeans
>plain white tees
>baggy tommy hilfiger trousers/sweatpant look alikes
>black nb
>red suede stan smiths

i usually wear athletic wear since its hot but i dont think that would be right for the occasion

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Chinos and plain white tee

Throw your band tees in the bin on your way to your date.

>> No.12549113

clean sweater on top of a white tee with chinos and red stans

>> No.12549117

its extremely hot where i live so layering isnt really an option

>> No.12549129

>band tees
Throw these O U T
>baggy sweater, and sweatpants
Don't leave home in these

Also don't tell us brands if they're things like new balance or Hilfiger. New balance could have been any generic red sneaker and Hilfiger is super norm core too.
That said, wear chinos and white t shirt, and sneaks (unless other shoes are options) and don't cuff the chinos

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when did you realize that anti-fashion is the final conclusion to Fashion as we know it

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Racist assholes like you are why America is still stuck in the 20th century

>> No.12549304

>it's an "anon is so ashamed of having been a skinny ska twink in high school that he overcompensates by whiteknighting black teenagers on an anonymous internet imageboard" episode
lel I wish I could say it's the first time, /fa/

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Goblins will grow out of it and become productive, happy and healthy members of a growing, happy and healthy society. That nigger will always dress that way. They might mature faster, but they end maturity earlier and evolutionary scientists have found the longer the young of a species take to become independent, the more evolved they are.

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would have to say FPBP on this one. i can't remember anything worth liking that is known to be 00s style

and seinfeld actually featured a lot of great fits over the years. especially jerry's girlfriends. they may be plain and basic but they're perfectly fitted and there was probably quite a bit of forethought involved

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This isn't anti-fashion you absolute fucking dunce
Go educate yourself at least on wikipedia articles or something about the terms before you just spout them

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How /fa/ is $crim?

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So this is what Riff Raff goes by nowadays?

>> No.12549114

trendhopping like all soundcloud rappers

not /fa/

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wow how insecure about yourself do you have to be to cover your whole body in shitty tattoos like that

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>be me in 9th grade
>see first Gucci belt like pic related
>knew what gucci was but never knew they had a big double G belt lol
>a year goes by
>suddenly they're fucking everywhere

Now that was quite a few years ago fellas. Its 2017 and the desginer belt is far beyond played the hell out. Even the most impoverished welfare kids were rocking them over their AE jeans by 2015.

My question to /fa/ is how can someone still wear this and not be a completely Jersey shore tier faggot. I still own a couple Fendi belts (always appealed over the others) a black on black gucci and a D&G belt. The days of Super T True Religion jeans barely suspended by a Versace belt are dead. At least they should be.

Is there a way to put together a sublte outfit and just have the belt as the only peice of "flare" per say? Would an obnoxious double G just ruin it anyway? I still have a soft spot for my couple Fendi belts and would love to wear them as long as it doesn't scream "I don't actually have any money, I spent my unemployment check on this belt." So no Jordans, Trues, baggy fag jeans, or any other than that screams look at me.

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Well is the 7's or the 11's anon? Or one on each foot? My sister doesn't exist so maybe I could hit up Platos and see if I could find some well menstral worn jeans there.

>> No.12549403

>impoverished kids wearing $350 belts

replicas do exist my boy

>> No.12549838

Branded buckle belts have always been ridiculous

>> No.12549847

sell them to some diamond supply tier high schooler and buy actually nice clothing

>> No.12550135

Obviously anon. My point is how ridiculously popular them became in such a short time. They were a rare sight and suddenly they were everywhere, effectively "watering down" the cool factor

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So now that it's known that the old hag Carry Fisher died of overdose of drugs, including heroin, is heroin aura utterly devalued by Carrie Fisher?

>> No.12549069

Heroin is popular because it feels incredible, not because of the social implications associated with its use. Star wars is for children and nostalgia-intoxicated adults

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Hey /fa/, i was wondering if this button i got from an old golfing glove could be ivory.

>> No.12549650

Nope. Definitely not ivory.
What you're thinking of is mother of pearl... and it could be that, but it could just as easily be imitation pearl.

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