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When is it okay to wear a suit nowadays?

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Suits are becoming much less common in North America whereas in Europe they are still more widely worn.
Also there are situations where you might get away with wearing a suit in a big city but in some small town you'll just look like the biggest autist in the room.

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everyone looks ugly as fuck these days, they wear pajamas and tracksuits everywhere. i think you "can" wear a suit if you want to

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my frame of reference is new york city, as that is where I have lived and spent the majority of my life. honestly, I feel like suits are more accepted in the youngest generations, I see a lot of people in the 18-30 age bracket (zoomers and millennials) wearing suits, or at least outfits that are basically the equivalent of the idea of one with far more frequency, far better style, and most importantly, far more enthusiastically than I see the older generations wearing them. I think a lot of the older millennials and gen x/boomers are the ones that hate suits and would give you side eyes and shit talk w/r/t to wearing one. a big part of the proliferation of suits I've seen in younger people has been more casual suiting fabrics, softer construction, combination with more casual pieces, etc etc. if you google this sort of stuff you'll find 1000s of articles from the past two years discussing this, so I won't go into it further.

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this documentary was depressing. those dudes literally sold their sisters for suits lmao.
A good amount of proof that all races arent equal.

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Yo can anyone help me ID this jacket? It’s a Levi’s black leather jacket.

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Le Fonze... from early 80s era TV..

the /fa/ equivalent of 'jump the shark'

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Now that’s kinda epic George

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Could you take a pic of it where it isn't a crumpled mess or partially out of frame? Useless imbecile.

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Levi's Men's Vintage Sherpa-Lined Faux-Leather Jacket Black

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What's the best way to store clothes long term? I have everything from cotton/wool/silk to furs and leathers. I have a ton of shit I've collected over time that I want to put in a separate closet purely for long term storage and if I feel like it I can always take a piece out. Right now everything is hung on suit hangers in my main closet, would simple dry cleaners bags with open bottoms work? I just want to keep dust off without damaging the clothes over time. I have various garment bags from previous purchases and could get more but I don't know if having certain clothes sitting zipped up would negatively impact them.

pic related

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I put my clothes in salt.

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use those vaccum storage bags

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coom on them

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Moths and sunlight are your enemies. So with the closet your clothes are safe from sun bleaching, you'll want a bunch of pic related for moths.
>moth balls work too but smell awful.

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What core is this?

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its the beatles haha :)

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additionally, what kind of shirt is this, is this a hawaii shirt or sth else?

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I understand your sarcasm, but why shouldn't someone with deeper knowledge of patterns used in fashion know whether this pattern is just random or maybe is a traditional one, for instance the patterns in genuine hawaii shirts are not random but copied from patterns used for generations in hawaiian culture...

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Is there something like la lexicon of patterns or pattern types used in fashion?

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could be Japanese?

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Or could be a palaka, early 1900 hawaiian work shirt, predates the hawaiian shirt as we know it since the 1930s. The designs of a palaka are simpler and more geometric

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This is the most effay an adult male can get. To copy THE Brendan Schaub’s style that is the best advice that I can give you as a veteran.
>t. posted on /fa/ for 8 years, had sex 3 times

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Wish Rogan didnt talk him into quitting, we could have lived in a world where this faggot would be a vegetable.

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Wrong a hundred percent.

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no yeah conor is a midget to him

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I agree.

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The perfect female body and style all in one package

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Tfw my South Korean coworker has this body type but I can never have her

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I like brunettes

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She looks like that crazy chick from friends

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xin chào

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The OP picture is. She's Laurens older sister Jess.

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why the fuck do girls dress like this when they go to raves

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How are the tight dresses which are a whole thing from the top to the legs? I'd like to make a gift for my gf

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dancing gets hot you dumb fucking monkey boy coomer

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>Meanwhile, the cute girl with a thick cable knit turtleneck sweater reading a book in the corner of your coffee shop will gladly lick your balls and fuck you for hours no problem at all
>tfw have a fuck buddy that's exactly like this
We're all gonna make it bois

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My test levels went down after reading this.

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Stumbled upon this guy and just went through all his videos, pretty good stuff I gotta admit. Looking to discover others



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And how to style other fast fashion basics!

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In 24 hours, only one anon posted a YouTube or fashion inspo for the thread and the majority simply criticized the reference pic of the post. Keep up the great reputation /fa/

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exploring your personal style is good and I think what this guy mostly puts out is general basic style rules that apply to dressing as a whole. i think it’s more of a foundational thing for you to build taste on top of, at least it isn’t incel-tier “HOW TO DRESS FOR WOMEN HOT DATE 10 TIPS”

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That's well and good but this is no brainier stuff and isn't as interesting as OP thinks unless of course you are a beginner. In the same vein as alpha Ms channel.

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yeah, i think the main merit here is that its basics not spewed by an absolute retard

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What are some fa twitter account ? I really need to upgrade my tl

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>/fa/ twitter

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>Current Year
>using twitter

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>using twitter

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What brand is this shoe?

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Hey /fa/ is being a faggot effay

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is anyone effay a 100% straight? i don't think so, unless you're lying to yourself, faggot.

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good thread

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being fit is effay

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Honestly just don't be fat/overweight and you're 10 steps ahead of the majority of the population

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going even further beyond is effay.

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My nigga. We must overcome what most plebs can't even dream off, and then we can dab on dem haters.

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Any decent fashion/aesthetics forums out there besides /fa/?

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i hope you had a stroke typing that

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seems like a plain parka to me, just find one with visible buttons

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Lul no that shit has been dead since 2010

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I always read it as stylazeetgeist like the TTS in the average day on /fa/ video kek

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Rick, techwear, e-boys, palewave, minimalist, vintage, comfy, everything is in the mainstream now. Just google whatever style you want and there is tonnes of material out there. Fashion in general is a lot more mainstream than it's ever been, so reddit is probably your best bet.

Such a shame that this place basically died after 2013; Image board format is so convenient for fashion.

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Is Cold Steel the most fa knife brand?

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...He doesn't know about Benchmade

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balison 42 nigga

>> No.14944542

Benchmade is the supreme of knives

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im gunna nominate the ken onion kershaw series. tons of colors and styles flat, functional and sleek. plus they flick out like switchblades

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Buck knives ftw

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How do I make myself look like one of these guys? I'm fairly effeminate looking naturally but I suck at hair and makeup.

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jaw reduction surgery

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They or their companies spend thousands on making them look good... Surgeries, skincare products, fitness trainers etc.
You gotta be rich, OP...

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I'm white so my hair is naturally soft. I just have fairly Asian looking features cause I'm Finnish. I've got pale covered, and as far as weight goes, is 1.8 metres and 71 kilo good, or should I lose more?

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ecome a faggot

>> No.14942941


Just become an e-boy then, they basically stole kpop aesthetics

File: 243 KB, 800x800, 420708280537_aliexpress_2020-00-05_14-08-39_kimono-japon-s-cardigan-hombres-kimono-yukata-hombre-disfraz-de-samurai-ropa-chaqueta-de-kimono-para.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]
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Redpill me on the kimono cardigan, is it a cringe meme or can it be /fa/?

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Will only work if you’re Japanese

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oh god please don't

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I tuck mine in sometimes.

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could be comfy for lounging around the house in the summer. But I wouldn't wear one out and about in public.

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Is this fa?

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get a life closet fag

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Nah fuck you leatherman. Why don't you get outta that uhhh... Jabroni outfit

>> No.14945019

this is what REAL men wear. fuck all those trad granpas or the SEXCORE wannabelosers. This is the real shit.

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More like /hm/

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hey /fa/.
My dad has terminal cancer, and he doesn't have too much time left.
besides all the preparations, clothing codes for funerals are something i'm not familiar with.
i was thinking about the regular, the black oxfords, etc but with a turtle neck, here i have some pics for the references, and the haircut/glasses i'll use.
does it look fine? should i change something?

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Sorry for your incumbent loss, op. And just ignore all these edgelords, I think that wanting to look nice and expressing confidence through an interest that exudes comfort and creativity is perfectly fine.

Stick with all black, you could probably get away with dark gray if you want to, but my advice is to pick something clean, simple, and most importantly comfortable. A lot of people will be approaching you with their sympathies and their own experiences with your dad, so you really don't want to be distracted by an uncomfortable or flashy outfit.

I was talking recently with a friend about funeral attire and we thought it was interesting that more people don't put dress codes in their final will. I think it would be kind of awesome-- if you place a lot of importance on funerals-- to dictate what your friends and family should wear for your final send-off. Thoughts, /fa/?

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Cringe. Don't try to turn this place into a hugbox. OP is being a massive cmfaggot by trying to turn his father's funeral into a fucking fashion show. Pointing out the stupidity of that is not "edgelord", quite the opposite in fact.
>Black shirt
I dont think its a mafia funeral anon.

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Just wear a white shirt you fucking moron.

>> No.14944616

>OP is being a massive cmfaggot by trying to turn his father's funeral into a fucking fashion show
This. I'll echo that you should wear a white shirt.

>> No.14944716

the whole point of funeral fashion is to not give attention to yourself, but the person that died. besides that, you express your own repentance in the face of death, that you are merely a spark that will end just like everyone ends

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>writes happiness is a warm gun
>gets shot

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sorry wrong board