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are curtains /fa/?

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They can be. I prefer to part my hair about an inch or two from the center, rather than directly at it.

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Sam Hyde MDE “moms”

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only if you look and dress like a model

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Are patches effay?

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I wear a jolly roger patch and a crusader cross on my windbreaker. I use it only for walking in the hills/mountains though, wearing that shit in public would be cringe

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>Are patches effay?
Only in jr high, it starts being cringe in high school. You should be over it before entering your twenties. Any older than that and you will come off as an emotionally under developed, immature, growth challenged, MLP larper, stuck in their teenage school years.
Age gracefully, leaving behind the toys of youth. It's unbecoming as an adult.

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what are guns for phag

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I guess, if not wearing video game stuff makes me gay then I'm a fucking flamer.

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Yeah more like
>hey guys I have a body for you to come get.

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Someone told me on the topic of attracting women "just buy a fake rolex and fuck basic bitches dude. If you want you can even rent a porsche for tinder pics".

Of course the thought of this working hurts. Besides that: Does it actually work? What other items would you need in order to not be spotted as actual bum that you are?

Initial thought would be to go cliche american psycho; but actually it might be better to be more "low key" aka wearing things that look cheap to the untrained eye but are expensive in the original (but you bought the fake chinese version of course since you can fast only for so long).

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Just think about the length of our lives, in the grand scope of the universe. How very finite it all is, how it could come to an end at literally any moment. You could that time creating beauty, or trying to make the world a better place for everyone else. Anon thinks it's worthwhile to spend that time putting on an elaborate ruse to trick dumb bimbos into thinking, "Maybe I can talk him into not wearing a condom so I can get pregnant and live off child support."

By the way, in most of the civilized world obtaining sex under false pretenses is legally considered rape. Ya, you probably won't get caught, but if you need any more reason not to do this it's worth thinking about.

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going to really burst everyone's bubble here, the time in my life i was most successful with women i was working a part time job, in debt & falling out of shape

i'm not even good looking or extroverted, just know how to hold conversation and be funny. the biggest thing is to realize how low the bar is set. women may play at having high standards, especially with dating apps skewed in their favor like tinder, but 99% of the conversations they have on there are the same jokes and horny shit over and over. you can buy designer clothes and a fancy car and hope to attract a golddigger or two but that isn't a personality. it's not even an effective way to get casual sex bc that type of woman will try to withhold it to trade it for gifts or commitment. if you have nothing to give but are fun to be around you get laid a lot no strings attached. you can have everything going for you but won't get laid if you're perceived as boring & desperate

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Do you think anyone here is quality material? (Maybe as fertilizer)


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Fuck off

But I am desparate (not boring though). The plan is to generate first-looks-attraction in at least some women to balance my own initial infatuation based on their ass, tiddies and makeup in order to talk more as equals then.

Also, I am an engineer living in an engineer's city so the sexual market is somewhat lopsided. Really feel the difference in female attention when traveling to other cities; ergo some cunning is justified.

But the point is not to adhere to some idiotic idealist standards but to get results and bootstrap from there.

Also: Friend of mine told me he was driving around with his fat old uncle in an expensive car and the women's behaviour noticeably changed. Which makes sense; if men are "hacked" by ass'n'tiddies why would simple status signaling not work on women too?

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is the point of this compilation of images that all of them are actually ugly if you look for more than 1 second?

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>go to the department store
>have a corner with huge mid-season sales
>get a bunch of jeans and trousers to try
>pick up this skinny Levi's denim at a great price
>where is the size?
>it says size 14
>ok whatever
>wear it
>look in the mirror
>really strange feeling
>have never went that tight before
>but the waist size is right, super comfortable
>just feels good and the tightness grew in me fast
>ask the guy outside about the size
>"lol, this is women's jeans Anon."
>oh ok....
>I'll keep it

Is it really weird that I liked it? It is so soft and reminds me of rock bands.
Did I do a mistake? Return it?
I tried another men's slim fit by Levi's and felt like a lumberjack..

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Look at the materials, there's probably just more spandex in that cut compared to your regular jeans.

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>men wearing girl jeans
It really is the naughties all over again.

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Aren't women's pants notorious for being fucked sizing wise?

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Literally went through the same thing today. Take your waist, subtract 21, there you go. I'm a 10, and actually own 3 pairs of womens jeans. So damn comfy and holds my ass and love handles in a much more flattering way. They are not skinny jeans either so get that out of your head right now. Mid-Rise or die.

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my feeling is that if your legs are actually skinny and small enough to wear them comfortably, then go for it. I would say most males would not be able to wear such skinny jeans even the more skinny guys. and the crotch area will get uncomfortable after a while

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racing jackets are cool

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i found a hoodie

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Just look up for 70s-80s-90s drivers/team managers

You won't find any of these jackets for sale though...

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racing point

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ITT: The most effay faces

I'll start with V from Devil May Cry 5.

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what new meme is that?

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what's his @?

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Owen Hamze

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Super old meme, you newfags wouldn't get it

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I got the "very hairy but going bald in my twenties" gene .

I can grow a beard but I don't want to overcompensate with it.

Any advice?

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Try re-writing this post but everything you say has to be backed by several credible studies and see how much there's left friend.

Glad it's supposedly working for you though

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Jesus this is the most retarded thing I've ever read. Don't listen to this OP but get on drugs like finasteride or minoxdil. Or save for a HT.

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Don't you have to be on finasteride for at least a few years before you make a transplant though?

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i know that a lot of transplant docs wont perform the transplant if you arent committed to finasteride and/or minoxidil. because even after the transplant, your existing hairs that are susceptible to DHT will eventually go out and they dont want you looking patchy and shitty and ruining their reputation

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you take finasteride

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My orthodontist said that braces would only take three months? Have anyone here experienced good results that fast?

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>year 9
are u ok man

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If it takes 3 months it must be so mild that it should not even matter to fix. Or your orthodontist is lying.

They said it would take 2-3 years, it took 4 for me.


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Probably depends on how bad they are. Braces weren't necessary but I wore them anyway, only took a few months. I barely even remember having them

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>4 years
my teeth took 7 years

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i fucking hope he is not lying to me

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does anyone know web sites/pages/ig with color palette among other things like this ?

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adobe kuler is nice for making your own
look into cielab color space for getting regular lightness across a palette

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I’ll start
Pants like these under $100?

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w2c overalls like these or with a similar loose tapered fit that arent shit tier china quality?

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w2c scoop neck black/white stripe t shirt that ain't sold out

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Massimo dutti have loads of those

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W2c rugby shirts a la pic related in the UK? Don't want to spend more than £50

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Barbara Palvin was also announced as angel mars 14

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They already do, you dork.

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No, what they need to do is bring Sanne back and make her an angel. Ed Razek, do something.

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I wish she'd lick my hairy asshole.

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Fuck you.

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I have a really big head. Almost no hats on the market fit me.

How do big-headed anons cope with this ailment?

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big hair to cover up the big head

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tfw watermelon head and receding

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I'm looking for a set of bluetooth earphones that were posted here a while ago, they were pretty techwave looking and I last remember seeing them on amazon but I can't find them now. Anyone else know of something like it?

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if it helps, the best way I can describe them is that they looked very pointy or made of polygons, kinda like an f117

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Holy shit

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>Harmony Korine movie

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>Harmony Korine movie

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does he shave his leg or what ?

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>be me, dressed like in OP(picrel, not me)
>long hair, pornstache, sunglasses at night, 6'2 180lbs
>go to show alone, linking up with friends at after hours, they're not into this music
>there's too many Hawaiian shirts here
>dance with some slut all the show, lots of gropping
>go outside with slut after show, it's fucking hot even at 3am, I only have the lowest button done on my shirt
>make out with her ,her hands all over my slightly hairy chest
>have to go to after hours, great dj, sold out, no room for slut
>tell her I have to go, turn around and walk away
>feels a Hawaiian shirt follow me with his look as I walk past him
>hear him let out the most discouraged "fuuck" under his breath
>got high on MDMA at after hours and fucked 2 different sluts in the toilets
I can't wait for summer again

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Were these shoes (or even any of the other Adidas/Jeremy Scott collab shoes) ever /fa/ or just autistic?

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completely, indefensibly autistic

>> No.14197648

strictly worn by nogs or those awful fashion victims who follow vfiles back then

>> No.14198721

same. back in the day thwy looked shit tho, still do

>> No.14199525

autistic and cringe.

>> No.14199534

They look like shit

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what core is this?

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Is it good?
Flatcap + Shearling Bomber

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flatcaps will make you look like a wannabe slav

shearling bombers are dope if you have a quality one and are reasonably attractive, if your jacket or body sucks it looks like shit

>> No.14196943

you're not good looking enough for this

seriously though post a pic if you do try it

>> No.14197315

Have a cockpit USA RAF

>> No.14197757

I'll post a side by side for you, this thread will assuredly be dead before Monday when the jacket arrives.

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>reddit spacing

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Doomer os effay?

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be my gf and i'll nurse you back to health

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before I had surgery

>> No.14198232

4/10, not sure where your upper lip is, but grow your hair out and put it in a bun, keep it parted in the middle for the meantime
8/10 qt
11/10 super qt

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going to Japan in about 2 months, and I have enough money saved up to pretty much replace all of my basics (they're direly in need, I haven't really bought clothes in years).

anyone feel like recommending good thrift shops, small stores, etc, before i waste all my money on uniqlo?

>> No.14196649

What cities are you going to? Ragta, 2nd Street and Book-Off Super Bazaar are good thrift chains but there's a lot of smaller non-chain thrift shops around too. Thrift stuff isn't very cheap over there at least if it's brand name, but it's usually very high quality and you can find items easily in thrift stores that's very hard to find otherwise.

Muji is also a good alternative to Uniqlo. Most Japanese brands are expensive as fuck and imported stuff is also expensive as fuck so dunno what you should buy in volume.

Also don't go crazy on the first days, it's going to be very overwhelming so hold back on spending before you get a better idea on the prices and selection over there.

>> No.14197194

W/O specifying a city I can't really give accurate advice but just do your research on small shops; chain stores are likely to be expensive. If you're in Tōkyō then Tanpopo House (たんぽぽハウス) is one to check out:


But stores like this are probably what you're looking for... there are sometimes a few gems there. Also the prices at "thrift" stores rises exponentially the closer you get to the Shibuya / Harajuku area.

>> No.14197206

How much saved? Like a basic wardrobe would be how much to you? $600? $200?

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How does the jeans from Edwin compare to other jeans from Levi's, for example?

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