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Without posting grunge cliches, what is the /fa/ equivalent to In Utero?

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Why are the adult-boards banned at Starbucks!

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the fuck

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Double kek

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Hear me out: Chelsea Boots

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There’s some real good sexcore coming out for the hardcore music festivals right now. Post some /sex/

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There’s some great Newcastle/Sydney acts that play warehouse
Bloody fist records last year was the best I saw

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i feel like we're leaving a central part out of the equation

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B R U H . . .

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I didn't know kleinfelters could have kids.

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God dammit
This dork makes me seethe just to look at him
I came here to mock but now I am triggered

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Name a more /fa/ drug

>godlike confidence
>warm and fuzzy
>pain free
>low inhibition
>sexual stamina
>limitless energy
>mental clarity
>loss / impairment of ego

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>its a bunch of 16year olds discussing drugs theyve never used episode

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>half of fa are virgins

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You will end up like on of those shart in the mart zombified sacks of shit. Drugs are bad.

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How does it compare to Methadone?

t. lost 17 years of life to methadone liquid handcuffs, instead of quitting heroin cold turkey 17 years earlier

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Dispensary grade THC

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talk me out of it /fa/

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Looks disgusting

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you're only going to buy it to post a picture on instagram

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where do I get something cheaper similar in quality and design?

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Buy it and wear it with pic related

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biggest meme of 2013

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Are psychedelics /fa/?

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>Basically, yes. I think you hit the nail on the head there bud.
Anon, that was a deliberately simple minded example, of course not all, or even most, works of art fall into those categories, unless you are a simpleton and look at the world dualistically still.

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I came to the same conclusion, anon. I wouldn't get so cocky to say it's the only way to think about clothing but aesthetic expression is where it's at dawg

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the world's fucked anyway, nothing left to do but wait around until it all ends

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big pupils are hot

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>it's a core part of being a human
Spoken like someone who's never done psychedelics in their life
>Don't worry guys I've dropped acid and guess what? We need to double down on reality. That's right, life isn't a sick joke on God's part. In fact I realized we need to worry more on materialistic things. Yep. Definitely done drugs before. A virgin? Me? No, I had sex before. You don't know her though she posts on other boards

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what went wrong /fa/?

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Bodydysmorphism leading to various plastic surgeries, high alcohol consumption, stress and aging.

Many people who are into fashion snd shit turn themselves into creepy faced fucks by thinking certain "10/10" facial features combined would suit them. Also shitty/crappy docs and complications like a bit too much botox in the left part of the lip compared to the other etc.

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At what point was this individual doing anything "right" beyond being the sister of DiGiorno Versace?

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plastic surgery is a slippery slope. it starts with one thing, then they get another procedure to "fix" some other issue in their face. each time they think they will be done but inevitably they find a new problem with their face. eventually you end up with something more artificial than natural

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she fixed it

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She looks like fucken skwisgaar

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Behold, a site where the poor upvote shitty content in hopes to get fake shoes

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Based chinks destroying artificial hype

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seems based to me

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Is even possible to look bad wearing this bad boy?

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It was undersized though

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You literally started the thread with a picture of someone looking bad in it

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>not wanting that vietnam crazy vet look

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tl;dr I have size 10 feet with size 10 width on the left foot and 10.5-11 on the right one because of a bunion right at the top of the metatarsal. What that means is that the shoe has to be spacious rather than just wide.
Only problem: I'm only 5'65'' and that means some models look like complete clown shoes if I go past size 10. I tried
AF1: 10.5-11 look gigantic
Superstar: 10 and 10.5 have same toe cap space and it does rub. 11 is clown shoes
Chucks: Size 11 look like I'm wearing size 12
This cheap model is the only one I found that is actually perfect both in terms of looks, comfort and toe cap space.
Is there anything similar with a better brand?
Hard mode: no suede, no mesh. White sneakers have to be easy to clean.

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>freakshow genetics

just kill urself quasimodo

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I have a big problem with the width thing don't know for the spacious part really, but the only sneakers I've found to be comfortable to wear are AF1s, NBs and Reebok Classic style sneakers don't know about any else, you might want to try NB if you haven't, they have extra width versions too so that might be spacious

As for the Kappa shoe why don't you want to wear Kappa? It was always a decent sportswear brand and it's trendy now I think if you're into that sort of thing

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Saucony and Karhu make some basic vintage runners

Reebok and Fila tennis shoes look okay too

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I'll look into Karhu because Saucony and Fila (and to a degree, Reebok) have been run into the ground by fakes being sold all over the place (on the street), you might as well buy a fake yourself because nobody here is gonna think you bought legit.
I tend to have two of each basic color (blue, white, brown, black). White is the only color of which I have only a pair of.
I agree with the AF1, they're the most comfortable of all, but there's one problem: the classic white model construction is an abortion. The material wrinkles and tears right where it connects to the midsole, especially due to the bunion pushing the shoe outwards. I have this other model and as you can see the toe cap is glossy, water proof and just indestructible patent leather. I don't even know if an all white variant even exists.

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Any more shoes with a similiar look to these

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Keen jasper rocks

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UNDERCOVER x Nike Dunk collab

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yikes acgs

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how do is top using this board
im getting my opinions criticized by literal 16 year old virgins, everyone here dresses incredibly shitty and juvenile, there is no good advice, there is no good inspo
how the fuck do i get out

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>> No.14135480

no U

>> No.14135509

virgin teenagers are the ones criticizing you

>> No.14136106

Any meaningful dialogue on this board died years ago. Start tailoring a collection of insta models and use those for inspiration.

>> No.14136863

What the fuck is wrong with you exactly? You go around spamming this picture sperging the out on every other thread. You clearly have no fucking clue about fashion if getting criticized by virgins actually irritates you this much. It just means your opinions are so shit you don't believe them yourself. Just fuck off

>> No.14136865

>insta models
got some people to start with?

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post and rate

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if you've never legitimately needed a knife to cut something or use as a tool then you're probably a woman

>> No.14139341

Honestly don't know, got it as a hand-me-down from my older brother who didn't in fit it anymore. He always cuts all tags out of clothes so I don't know the brand. Guess you can find similar stuff by looking up a raglan cable knit sweater online

>> No.14139457

w2c on belt?

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Why tho phones, anon?
Not a fan of black leather or shiny leather, but I have to respect the cadillac of pens
Could do better on the pen
Pretty much all of that has to go, especially the shoes
>A beat up pair of Chuck's
Gotta love those
It doesn't Look like the glasses go with the rest of the fit
I like the bag. Can you actually play the harmonica?
Those shoes should be burned

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I really hate your boots

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how should a 19-year old dress for their age?

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id on boots?

>> No.14136555

i'm 22 and I dress in blue jeans, leather skate shoes, and a t shirt or long sleeve depending on weather.

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you are so fucking autistic

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>> No.14138323

You're not wrong, you must be fucking autistic to be on 4chan in the first place.

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Hi effay this is my bf (∗ᵕ̴᷄◡ᵕ̴᷅∗)՞n i just wanna do his hair in cute hairstyles cuddle him everyday n feed him hello kitty cookies while covering him up w kissies (´ . .̫ . `)

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the 16 year olds flooding this board wont know who brandon is

>> No.14132482

brandon is ugly n dumn unlike my bf (◍•ᴗ•◍)

>> No.14132484

based oldfag

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Brandon is a chad compared to tranny mongoloid OP

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wrong :0000

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Any cons of using women shoes as a man? I want some yellow sneakers but can't find a model that is not for women where I live.

>> No.14132567

You might get weird looks from people who know it's a women's shoe, that's about it.

>> No.14132631

Sizing can be a problem if you have big feet otherwise nothing

>> No.14132677

You probably won't find anything over a US men's 9. Also different arch placement, I believe. Might be uncomfy as hell. Why not import them?

>> No.14132803

those literally don't even look like women's shoes
if you want to feel better about yourself just wear 574s they look almost identical anyways

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hey 4chan what do i wear to be cute while hiking while also looking like a mountain girl who doesnt care about fashion. i hike on acid and the trip goes bad if i feel ugly

>> No.14132478

High waisted cargo pants that show off your ass and some hiking boots are my fetish desu

>> No.14132853

Wear nothing other than boots.

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>> No.14132421

It's a fit meme.

>> No.14132427

what is the meme though
wide hips? big feet? skinny legs?

>> No.14132434


To bait replies.

>> No.14132438

It's not ?

178cm, 24 y/o, 62kg

>> No.14132679

Nope. You're neither fit nor skinny. You're literally just average, inactive, and unaesthetically bleh

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>tfw product free hair
The only downside is the wind blows it every direction.

File: 92 KB, 1280x720, 7DAB7B76-7FB0-4B8B-B983-7AAB9600E2B5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]
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>he thinks he’s effay

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>Yes, in university classes I am forced into social interactions with other students. That isn't up for debate
Oh? And who's forcing you to go to these classes....
>so I don't know what you're talking about.
you clearly do not. you have literally no clue what I am talking about

>> No.14135417

>oh? and who's forcing you to go to these classes
Oh for fuck's sake, you clearly can't make a point so fuck off. No, no one is literally holding a gun to my head.
Grow up

>> No.14135438

so which is it? are you freely interacting with these people, or are you forcing yourself to do it.....because you are contradicting yourself. It can't be both at once.

Either you are choosing to interact with them, and choosing to go to these classes. Or some magic hand is forcing you to, and it's something you can't control.

You seem to be all too happy to go to these classes, but then malign the fact that you are FORCED to interact with these "brand-whores" whilst you are the lone "Authentic Mind" in this whole thing.

How do you know you are not actually buying into a "Brand" yourself... otherwise known as the "Anti-Brand", companies actually use this method of branding to attract consumers who think like you. Search Anti-Branding Strategy if you choose

>> No.14135454

Taylor Swift is the perfect woman

>> No.14135464

But who I interact with IS something I can't control.
I don't go to university for the sake of making friends, I go their to get a degree for future employment. Social interaction is not the motivation nor the purpose of my enrollment.
And I never claimed that I am the lone 'authentic mind' or special snowflake. I am describing a certain group of people. I have met plenty of authentic people, but none of them dress and behave in the ways I have described. I was never talking about EVERYONE I interact with.
And I am familiar with anti-branding, which isn't a factor here

File: 1.98 MB, 3717x5575, b0c0654.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]
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Brown pants.

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