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Hoodie with a varsity pattern. Your thoughts, /fa/?

I just like the utility of a hood.

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Its cool if your in high school otherwise you’ll just look washed up

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What's that hoody called?

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Look under "varsity hoodie"

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2008 called

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Cringe as fuck especially with your skinny, pasty ass

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Post cursed fits.

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On behalf of this board, I am converting this to a classic CRINGE THREAD

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Whats the most /fa/ thing in any type of subject or field?

>Music (Songs/Albums)
>Movies/Tv Shows

Anything /fa/

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having a personality

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This is beautiful. She seems very happy, that makes me happy :)

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Is that an orange m83 rig?

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Hey /fa/, what's the name of this kind of jacket ? I found it on the internet but I can't find any other examples. The description on the site says it's a Heather jacket with a mandarin collar.

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you answered your own question, it's a jacket with a mandarin collar

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Yeah but other jackets with mandarin collars I find on the internet look nothing like it

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Oh because the top button is buttoned in other pictures. I'm a retard, thanks

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Is ottermode the best mode for being both /fit/ and /fa/?
Its muscular enough to slay bitches with and small enough to fit Effay clothes.

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because genetics.
Frank zane wasn't even freaky big but had great proportions like his wrists and his waist

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>wrists so small
>he must be doing heavy deads

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How would someone achieve this body?

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top row except skinny are all "bodybuilder"

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Skelly enough for slp?

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Do any fashion models post on /fa/?

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t. Liberal Arts major

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you could take a year off before university to try modeling. then you would know for sure if it works for you

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Go to college

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that's what I'm considering doing, but if modeling doesn't work out I'm scared of ending up back at home and bored/lonely while all my friends are at college. thanks though, that reaffirms what I was thinking.

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yea im secretly a model so secret the industry doesnt know

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Haven't been on /fa/ since like 2013, is Rick Owens still the craze here?

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Yes and Natalie Portman, tinfoil, and Casey mod all still post regularly

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What a duckling autist that guy was

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Infuriating isn’t it? Where the fuck could I for example get a decent quality burgundy rollneck? Have bought from Run and Fly (great colour but entirely synthetic - itchy), ASOS (dish cloth quality) and Brave Soul (decent quality but lackluster colour).

Other examples - decent white, black and gray plain tees that aren’t gay club thin.

Anything else that should be simple to cop but isn’t? Vent here!

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you retard

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Lands end

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tell me about your skincare routine /fa/

y-you do have one right?

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i just use dr songs benzoyl peroxide cleanser for my shitty fucking acne. its so persistent, ive tried billions of different cleansers and spot treatments and you name it, nothing really helps. also, unfortunately, my acne isnt bad enough to be recommended for something like retin-a or accutane, but its incredibly persistent like i said. always comes back in waves. cystic and shit. im considering retinol. does it work?

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In the morning if my face is a little puffy I'll put on an ice pack while doing stomach crunches. After I remove the ice pack I use a deep pore cleanser lotion. In the shower I use a water activated gel cleanser, then a honey almond body scrub, and on the face an exfoliating gel scrub. Then I apply an herb-mint facial mask which I leave on for 10 minutes while I prepare the rest of my routine. I always use an after shave lotion with little or no alcohol, because alcohol dries your face out and makes you look older. Then moisturizer, then an anti-aging eye balm followed by a final moisturizing protective lotion.

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How do I get rid of dark rings under my eyes. People always say I look like an insomniac because they're so severely dark.

I moisturise the skin and nothing happens, I exfoliate the skin and nothing happens, I buy special anti-grey-bags eye cream and nothing happens.

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>sink set to lukewarm
>wet face
>wash it off
>exfoliate twice a week
They're aesthetic and genetic
Me and my brother have them

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Sunscreen and Epiduo Forte do wonders

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So I'm mixed race, half Chinese half White. I've noticed I get a lot of attention from Asian girls and was wondering how to capitalize on that. Does anyone know what kind of aesthetic they seem to prefer? I must be doing something right already, but it would be good to know how to improve. Should I start looking at kpop stars for reference?

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this is the dumbest fucking post ever. if they already like u. just FUCKING TALKING TO THEM

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>implying I don't

Maybe if it got serious enough I'd ask them for fashion advice, but I'm not in a relationship now

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I broke up with my Korean gf of 3 years after seeing your picture

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Always have worn predominantly black changing textiles, layering, length. Recently awoken to techwear and love it. curious as to what are your thoughts on this trend...

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you could get something like pic and taper the leg opening yourself. kinda minimal, but only like $50~ and union made.

found some more out there ones also made in usa but price is like 250 so rip wallet

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more expensive model, again you'd have to taper them yourself, but it's pretty simple, even without a machine.

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you could also get str8 milspec, found some made in usa bdu's for like 35$.

taper the legs yourself or just use the closure they've got on em

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Ann d

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Here's my baby's first techwear. Thoughts?

Krakatau Q156
Enfin Leve Alai pants
Uniqlo U
Adidas Y-3 qasa

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is equestrianism

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Instant orgasm

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Good movie

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It's in the Olympics

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Are you into horses?

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Can we get an Aliexpress meme tshirt/cap/whatever thread started? Post you are favorites here.

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>meme merchandise
oh NO noNO

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Show me how you guys have changed fit wise.

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h e l s i n k i

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You look exactly like my neighbor who also works in the same building as me.

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marblesoda logo is hard to draw with a mouse

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its ok im still mentally 13 too

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What does /mu/ think of this?

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and general discussion of said glasses

speaking of, w2c these shades in pic

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w2c martin rev's sunglasses
they're so fucking gaudy i love them

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Who is in >pic related?
I really like his style and look. Damn boi.

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benjamin jarvis

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will there ever be anything that rivals this work?

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Anyone heard of the online shop 'the sole sneakers'?.


Looks legit, their results appear on Google shopping. I can't tell though. Nobody has rated them on trust pilot. Can't find any news about them or anything.

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scroll to the bottom of the page and click on their twitter/google+/facebook links. none of the links lead to functional social media sites. take from that what you will

>> No.13491074

bought from them before. they're legit

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This is my hair now.

2d pic: This is what I want my hair to look like.

3d pic: Maybe this haircut?

Also, fuck 4chan, on 2ch you can post four photos at once

Post inspo

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i think, mine is better. i have this hairline for 2-4 years. i hope its just “mature hairline”, not balding.

>> No.13492823

Yes it is. Tf stop worrying. That hairline's normie and nowadays a nw1 is the average.

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Пoпpoбyю пoкa чтo в пaтлы, дo aвгycтa, пocмoтpю кaк тaм oтpacтeт, мoжeт пoдpoвняю. Ecли бyдeт выглядeть yбoгo, я вce тaки пoпpoбyю зaтecтить кaк нa дpyгих пикaх.
Или вoт тaк.

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Your hairline is fine, dont listen to this fuck
Dont ever fall for the buzz meme

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>>13489752 is by far the best one but it's really hard to maintain it that way constantly, from my experience. >>13489748 is boring but a very safe bet that is hard to fuck up, and better than your current one.

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