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Anybody know a cheaper version of these Alexander Mcqueens?

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check your thrift store

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*Teleports behind you*

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unfortunately every other shoe that sort of looks like this, i.e. creeper stan smith, is just a rip off of these. You will forever feel inferior to the international students at your local uni rocking legit pairs. Just save up and buy used, I saw a pair at my buffalo exchange for like 150 so there are cheap pairs to be found.

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alternatively mr porter has some on sale for 350

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I like the way the New Era caps look on me. Unfortunately, ones that aren't team-branded are virtually non existent but I'm really not a big pro sports fan. Despite that, is it still considered acceptable to wear one of your local team to "represent" your city? Or is that some kind of cardinal offense?

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only wear sports memorabilia if you're a fan of the team

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Thoughts on this fit?

I heard u guys like northface

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Steel is heavier than feathers

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your fit makes me wanna never let my drink leave my site with you around

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such obvious b8 fuck off we aren't your personal bully army

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You look pure shite mate

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Sneakers in this colorway that aren't these? Looking for white/light grey for the summer.

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You want a cheaper alternative?
Adida makes a pair and you can buy on ebay original Germany training sneakers for cheap

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Whats so appealing about this shoe?
My neighbor wore it and it looks trash imo.

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They’re the most comfortable sneaker I’ve ever owned. The looks are divisive though, my girlfriend thinks they look retarded. I have the og colorway but think black looks better.

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It seems like they're either the most comfortable shoe or the most uncomfortable shoe according to everyone.

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Incomparably better looking then above two shoes

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>hairy legs
>not just no hips but anti-hips
>shoulders so big they're leaving the frame
never would of guessed

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no shit look at those butch arm/shoulders - no hips and then youre fat calves that have hair on them.

you pig.

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atleast shave your legs faggot

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what's the one item in your wardrobe that you get complimented on the most?

i have a suede leather jacket i got in paris that i probably get 2 or 3 compliments on most days that i wear it. nothing else in my wardrobe ever gets any other remarks.

pic unrelated

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Post your recent cops and where you brought them from because im looking for stuff but dont really know what im looking for

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Just came back from the Philippines

why do Filipinos love these shirts so much? desu id rather just wear a regular tshirt but every shop tried pushing this shit on me and every person there was wearing them.

they're also kind off too thick for the weather there imo

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> 3rd world fashion sense
Who gives a shit?

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Because it 'looks' expensive, it looks similar to polo or lacoste
t. Filipino

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It's considered business-casual here; long sleeve button downs are avoided because of the humid weather. Also, uni students from expensive schools like wearing prep, so other people copy them.

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I struggle to think of a country that was BTFO'd as frequently or hardly as the Philippines have been for the past 200 years. You little buk buks were target practice for like 8 countries lmao

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I agree seems counter intuitive but like other anons have said it's probably less about comfort and practicality and more about the look. Like much in dress habits.

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I don't know if this is the right board for this, but we're shorts ever traditional in any part of Germany outside of Bavaria? I love wearing shorts, but if I really want to larp I know that most of my family is from the Rheinland and Alsace. It kind of urks me that Bavaria is the only province where traditional clothing is known about. Should I just cave and wear lederhosen if I want to larp? Or is there an alternative? Sorry if this thread doesn't belong here.
>pic unrelated

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Fuugg I'm sorry. I feel dumb now

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I don't know why you're putting so much thought into this. Just wear lederhosen if you want to larp. I don't know of any alternatives.

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What is the most effay vape pen?

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put some real shit in dat bih
and it honestly just looks better than any of the other ones; the bulky ones with the see through mouth piece are disgusting trash

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Glass mouthpieces feel nice tho

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It’s a fraternity meme

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Teenagers who never smoked cigarettes a day in their lives are addicted to "Juuling" and their high schools hate it, so to them it's really cool. That's how it's taken off.

For anyone else (adults) it's the same as vaping, a lame way to quit smoking cigarettes that are just as deep a rabbit hole of addiction as smokes are.

If you're going to vape, use a Juul since at least they are really small and discrete. But people who go from smoking to blowing beach ball sized vape clouds out of $300 rigs that taste like fucking candy, that's true faggotry and you might as well just smoke.

I'd rather smoke and die earlier, than be a faggot and die later. And I'm gay.

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you can put marijuana in them

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so pretty much all my life ive just thrown on some levis or sweats and whatever vans ive got laying around. ive got a few decent jackets but i dont really have a style and i feel like im always either looking like some anti social white kid or a goofy mismatched wigger. what brands and colors and such should i be looking for if i just wanna fit into my urban college town a little better

pic unrelated

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Khakis or fratty shorts, collared button down shirt in light blue with sleeves rolled up, brown shoes like loafers or boat shoes. Just dress like a prep.

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nah fuck that man im talking kind of a mac demarco fan kinda look

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Which 1950s subculture is more /fa/?

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please make this

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but beatnik is peak /fa/

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>premature balding

Nice job buying into Hollywood lies.

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yeah right
they were more alpha than greaser fags ever will be

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Hi I'm looking for some summer clothes advice

This is me

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how tall are you?

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This is a blue board, enjoy your ban op.

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What's below that dick OP?

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inb4 b&
OP you giant faggot

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Why would you post this? It's not even remotely funny.

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ive been wanting to get a few white polyester track jackets out there. but im afraid of staining them if i wear dark jeans or if i lean somewhere in public. how easy is it to clean stains out of white polyester? im not looking for the jacket to stay perfect white forever since i want to buy retro pieces i want there to be at least some natural yellowing through time. but im afraid of getting the jacket ruined with stains very quickly. is it worth the trouble?

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A.k.a high-class sleaze core or vegas core

Post stuff like this

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like this

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He could also go for corecaine because he has no fucking babyface and enough hair on his chest.

>> No.13404300

>high class
>honda civic
Ya ok buddy

>> No.13404307

Ahahaha the civic is sleazecore as fuck

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anyone know any shoes like this but not hipster garbage?

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shut up virgin

>> No.13403663

you mad hipster.

>> No.13404885

solovair or something

>> No.13405296

Just get the mono Decons u faggot

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How do I get hair like this? I mean, how would you part it in this way when it's not a natural part?

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Every take of every scene he has crew members specifically assigned detailing his hair.

>> No.13403681

But surely I can still achieve this look for even an hour or so.

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I think he has something like pic related from the side. You usually blow dry them up and back kinda like u would an undercut, its gonna help you a lot if you use those gels that u put in wet hair and then when u blowdry they are more likley to stay in that position. Then you just use a comb and make a part in the middle.

>> No.13403704

How wet should my hair be when I put gel in it?

>> No.13403706

Briefly before it turns a mess. Every time you jostle your head, or so much as light breeze tickles your scalp it will likely fall across forehead and into eyes.

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>keep political discourse to a minimum
>time span should range from mid 1800s to mid cold war
>polycotton not allowed

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Reminder that the east german belt is officially effay disregarding what the threads say

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If you're so inclined, there's nothing stopping you.

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Do it.
Do it you fags.

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Well they're quite welcome to visit. If they're a similar size and build might as well take an opportunity to pull out the collection.

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I always forget I did this one.

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How does one wear a trench coat without coming off as an enemorous tool? Male, pic unrelated.

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Does the military pull it off or are there no more officers in full dress uniform smoking cigarettes in the bricked, urban alleys in subdystopian weather?

>> No.13404384

By being a successful middle aged man and wearing it over a tailored suit on cold or rainy days.

>> No.13404396

No, they're called overcoats for a reason. They go over your suitcoat.
Not over your Naruto t-shirt.

>> No.13404569

You got me

>> No.13404800

>How does one wear a trench coat without coming off as an enemorous tool?

*be attractive
*don't be unattractive

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Where to cop thread

Anyone know where I can get t-shirts that have THICK collars like these

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anything pique from fred perry.

>> No.13403927

Thanks! I’ve seen these before but Fred Perry is kinda expensive. But that’s exactly the style I’m looking for

>> No.13404152

Where to cop jerseys for fashion purposes rather than an actual team jersey

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Gosha and addidas have a few that aren't that expensive considering.

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File: 61 KB, 683x1024, 181---acne_studios---2S1731WHITE_2_P_2018-03-01_13-34-19_BidDtmppYg_1024x1024.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Acne has many shirts with collars like that. They have some women's shirts like pic related, but the fit is very masculine and would work if you sized up

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