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I want these but there's literally no functionality to them

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It's not """"his"""" taste. It's his sponsors. He's literally just an advertising tool for these companies.
That's why his and anyone like him who reviews stuff needs to be disregarded.

I haven't checked but i guarantee he has done a Thursday boots review where he says it's the greatest boot known to man.

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He's incredibly charismatic and fun to watch. He seems like a really nice person behind the scenes, also my dick grows 4 inches every time he introduces his video sponsor

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>sponsored by Midgets R Us
You can't make this shit up.

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The greatest fashion show on YouTube is paq

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Didn't sharktank try to buy his channel?

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>Anon, are you compensating for your ugly looks by wearing nice clothes?

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>"n-no anon, i... i like m-makeup!"
>"i wear it f-for myself, n-not for any man!"
>"i swear i... i'm not b-being deceptive about m-my looks!"

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cringe and basedpilled

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>implying Harlem has niggers in 2018

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ew what are those creases around her mouth they look baked in

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Why dress well when it won’t matter in the end anyway?


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You're an idiot. If nothing matters in the end, why bother doing anything? Why'd you even create this thread? Why'd you even bother to shill your garbage videos? Fuck up faggot.

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Because it's not the end, it's today.

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Get a job.

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muh social anxiety and avoidance and no skills and not willing to be a minimum wage cuck

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Do it for yourself. Just to have a reason to wake up in the morning and face your anxiety.

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Are moles effay?

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I had a bueaty spot of above my lip but I accidently shaved it off and not it is just a small brown dot lol

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Not really

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Hey /fa/ which facial masks would you recommend to help with fine lines/nasolabial folds? I've just started these Garnier moisture bomb ones since they have hyaluronic acid.

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Fuck facial masks

Hada Labo Rohto Gokujyn Hyaluronic Acid Lotion

+ Retinoids for getting rid of fine lines/wrinkles (I recommend Differin or Tretinoin)

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Is that a Japanese or Korean brand brand?

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Japanese. It can be purchased in the US fairly easily and I'd assume Europe as well. I'd recommend it over the face mask you posted because it doesn't contain any unnecessary fragrances or essential oils which could potentially irritate the skin (and serve no purpose other than scent) and it contains multiple types of hyaluronic acid which have a compounding effect.

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Garnier hasn't irritated my skin so far but thanks alot though. I'll give it a try.
So the retinoids will serve better for fine lines?

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Reinoids are better for anti-aging properties and eliminating scarring, uneven texture, or wrinkles, so they'll have more of an impact on that stuff than any type of mosturizer (though I still recommend you have at least one of each type of moisturizer - humectant, emollient, and occlusive - in your skin care routine). The stronger the retinoid the better: Tretinoin/Retin A > Differin/Adapalene >>> retinoid preparations from skin care brands

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where do I find jeans like this, not raw denim indigo coloured but a solid colour withouth distressing garbage

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walmart/target jean section

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Post more of this core

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>he didn't buy himself a pair of concord 11s yesterday

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honest question from a former sneaker head ashamed of their ways

has there ever been a good outfit with these on?

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Clown hands typed these posts

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yous in big trouble if you keep posting clown pictures

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I love this new meme

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Why the fuck do you have to be a US citizen in order to be allowed into clown school?

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What are the trends that we will look back on as being representative of 2010s fashion?

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what the fuck is up with this trend of black girls using makeup to create freckles? Like why? I mean freckles can be cute on certain faces with certain distributions(around the nose and folds) but no need force it. I just find it so odd and random that black girls would favor that.

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shes not even black though..

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>what the fuck is up with this trend of black girls using makeup to create freckles?

You mean all girls?

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INSPO to look nice without wearing a full suit

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Its from Universal Works SS16


Link to their site with some similar jackets


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ID on shoes ?

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poorboy that shops at the thrift to look like the elite but never will be

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lmao thats really fucking bad. such a simple fit but the brown/gold belt and the wash of the jeans manage to fuck it up

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what type of jackets are these?

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Hey /fa/

it's kinda offtopic, but I would like to attach great importance to aesthetics(!) - so i'm gonna ask you guys =)

So im about to write her a love letter fon christmas, its a moving story thou but tldr; we live like 6 hours
separated from each other and she got alot of performance pressure for her graduation and got also classes on saturday, so she could not continue the relation
So i was thinking of a cover sheet like that pic of this thread but with other languages like russian and norwegian (because i'm half russian and she's half norw...)
I will post some/one antoher option in the replys i was thinking of to use as cover sheet or smotheing similar. (I prefer the ones which i could draw/write by myself)

So what is your opinion on the sheets, or generally the idea behind it?

The letter is gonna be very personal but i dont want it to get too slushy or mawkish for her if you know what i mean.
Do u maybe have some other ideas, or inspirations for me?

Thanks guys

(help a brother out)

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this is some high tier pasta bait

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why the fuck are barbers so afraid to give you what you want, even when you're very clear and show pictures? I want my hair to have a fucking weight line, I don't want it blended. I get fucked up at least 80% of the time, fuck this.

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Sounds like you just don't know how to explain what you want. Alternatively, a good barber will use your photo as nothing more than a guideline since your hair is very different from anyone else's and it has its own tendencies and patterns which affect the style you can achieve, so if you show them a picture and you get something slightly different it's probably because you have shit genes and would look like a school shooter if they tried to do a perfect recreation.

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because they want to save you from yourself, faggot

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I don't want or need them too.

I get this, but it shouldn't be hard to understand that I don't want the sides blended.

my experience as well. i dont care that they have bad taste i just wish they could listen to instructions.

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If you told him those words exactly and he still blended the sides, you clearly need to find a new barber. Did you literally tell him "I want a weight line with no blending at all"?
>tfw been going to the same barber for years and don't even have to tell him what I want

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HOW THE FUCK PEOPLE DO THOSE BAIT PICTURES ? I have been here for way too long to not know it's not fucking fair

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Why is this trendy again?

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>The modern clothing style was first produced by Champion in the 1930s and marketed to laborers working in freezing temperatures in upstate New York -Wiki

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I wrote the wall of text but this Anon gave the short answer I was talking about

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I bought a plain black t shirt which had this brand on it from tk maxx, didn't know it was trendy

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>Nike is my favorite brand

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Was the late Michael Jackson more fa than Bowie?

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Yes, in every way, music and style.

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this. Bowie to me was more a director, author and visual artist. MJ was a performer and entertainer

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MJ was more fa in that exhalted pederast way

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MJ was way more fa in that exalted pederast manner.

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MJ was redpilled and had no love for them heebs.

File: 33 KB, 700x899, 12-46-52-bota-vaquera-caballero-argolla-metalica-andre-v-envio-gratis-D_Q_NP_615558-MLM28376226175_102018-F_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]
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Literally the only non clown shoe in existence

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have your fellow clowns told you that?

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a tad toooooo pointy
fryes are bettter

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I've had dark circles underneath my eyes since I've been 3 years old. Is there any way of getting rid of them without ising make-up?

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dark circles are /fa/, don't get rid of them.

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i like how dark circles look

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I think dark circles look great for men and women.
As long as it doesnt look like you havent been sleeping for three das straight, its great

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last one hit cap

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hat and shoes throw me off

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*Entertains all the kids in the circus*

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I like it except for those shoes.

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pretty good
not really diggin the shirt but everything else is great
yeah different pants
everything fits very nicely and looks very clean, nice job dude
you look annoying but decent fit
bad pic but im sure it looks ok in person

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ITT We post effay pants


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t. Trendhopper
no, for cords to be soi they either need to be SLIM FIT or have 50cm leg openings from Japanese brands

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Thinking about copping some Japanese styled trousers to go with some black oxford shoes. Looking at CDG, Yohji, or Lad Musician.

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Can never go wrong with a pair of black cargos

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this what im on atm. got onto the wave pretty late its almost corny already

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