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does he sell...

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dope fit
except the socks

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id on pants ?

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who's gom and why did you use this pic?
"work pants" from Varusteleka.com

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read through the catalog before making new threads retard

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I like these

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NikeID nigga

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*mogs a decade of high street design in your path*

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Post shops you like

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Bump fo u OP

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Yes it was at first intended for the European market

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Chad Han commie VS virgin ughur muzzie

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Everybody should have a pair of vans

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This is a considered a “model” now. We truly live in a clown world.

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back to pol retard this is a discussion on fashion not how you hate black people

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Disgusting. Why is the world so set on normalizing fatness? I hate this.

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i found the jew

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>white owls
fuck man, i’m just gonna take your word for it

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What stores aren't doing that?

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Hannibal thread

>recommended brands
>when to wear
>how to act when wearing

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hannibal bros

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Nobody likes his stupid fat knots and spread collars. Not even my boy Mikkelsen can salvage them.

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huge fan of mads, the concept for this show is fine but the writing is cheesy and the protagonist is lame don't know his name, dropped after like 5-6 episodes
also, spotted him wearing some jcrew stuff i have, not mads the other guy
only they use heavy filters so the outfits look more coordinated
>shit show

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on the show I noticed hannibal wearing a lot of eton stuff

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my chef knife i use daily?
chroma p18

and noone will ever even see my raging autism

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Do you wear subtle video game related clothing?

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I got a steal on a wool charcoal overcoat today and dropped it off at the tailor. Hoping that with some alterations that I'll look more like a video game protagonist's from 2035's best friend than a soviet soldier waiting for death in a cold wet trench

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What's a good pocket square to convince my wife to stop sleeping with her boyfriend and come home?

Pic related, my most recent square purchase

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people on 4chin don't have wives

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You have to be a bad boi to win over the spicy senioritas

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Youre just jealous of all of the sex I was having before the cuckening

Exactly. And there's nothing more badass than a skull or a dinosaur

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Anyone ID on the sneakers and top ?

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I think it could be Nike.

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Circus de la Krusts': Hi tops

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The sneakers are Air Max 270

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Lets see some t-shirts that deserve recognition

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Been wanting to cop one of this for a while

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What fashion universe do you wish to be in?

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Ancient Japan + modern + tech wear + solar punk

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Any way to pull them off without looking gay or like a frat boy?

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black shirts

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Just be okay with looking gay anon, it's not that deep.

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>You're blowtorching the Amazon right here.
what did anon mean by this

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Have dark skin

Pink with white/light skin has a 50% chance of looking terrible depending on your skin's

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first and foremost, nice. i always wanted to do this when i found a pair that fits
secondly pink is way to bright and hard to pull off.

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Who else is bummed out by the fashion scene rn?

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ehh, sort of. I'm digging comfy core and athleisure like you wouldn't believe.

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me it seems really gay. maybe im bored because basically all the shit we theory crafted here on /fa/ actually came to pass into the mainstream but its just a gay less sincere less unique and cheaper version of that was theory crafted and while on some level its fun that we called the future so well its also really fucking boring and its just a corrupt version of what we wanted to create anyway. it seems pretty clear that the sun has set on the west. we are a stagnant race. we can only wait to be abused by the new world oriental atrocities that our skin will beg for. our gutter trash is our martyrdom and our pariahs our Paris.

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I stand with the west for eternity

After all this is my world
I live to have all lands flourish

You can fix all the problems you wish to fix with “anti-trust” anti monopoly laws

The world is what you make it
Spread the word on anti trust laws

Then it’ll be easy for you and everyone to access our economy and do whatever you and everyone wishes to do with it

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Why is Hello Kitty so drippy?

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What makes it cringe?

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everything /thread

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yeah, it's all equally shit

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Everything except the jacket is atrocious alone and in combination.

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I'm not sure where to even start with this.
Literal clown fit.

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pride week costume party core

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Source on this jacket or something similar?
Model is Freja Beha Erichsen, I love her style.

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posting a few more pics of her just cause

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Please stop posting skellingtons, they distract from the clothes.

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Fuck fat people

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I’d love to

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>Fuck fat people

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I agree

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>25 gallons of oil
>officers were on the site in a matter of minutes

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fattie magic

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Does anyone know where to get authentic Chinese liberation shoes? I can only find aliexpress knockoff garbage

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these look fantastic

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God dam that looks like trash

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Just looks like poverty and despair. I don't get it bro

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thats kinda the whole revolutionarycore point tho

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fake palladiums lel

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Solar punk? Solar punk

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people just put the word in front of or behind things otherwise devoid of creativity and originality

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Yes. Thanks for the good vibes

Stop pretending to be some kind of caricature for attention

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Solar punk deserves samurai

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would I look more effay if I started carrying around my thinkpad everywhere I go with pic related?

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Looking for some opinions.

I want a nice leather briefcase for when we go back to the office and am debating on the style to go for.

I love the look of this Farragamo briefcase. It has that classic briefcase feel that gives off the "I'm going to work" vibe while looking very professional yet sleek.

However, I worry that it is so far in the direction of a "professional work bag" that it would look out of place if I slung it over my shoulder to go to a coffee shop or a friend's place.

Other options would be one of their other bags, or a prada briefcase. They have a more casual look about them but would not be out of place in any office.

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