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How do I dress to attract a girl like this?

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manlet mode

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Like a homosexual faggot because that's a mid-20's man, not a girl

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considering she made a song about being a gold digger, dress like someone with money to burn

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Stop trying to rub your and others' degeneracy in our faces, tranny.

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This is me with my gf. Are we effay?

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i bet her pussy taste like pepsi cola

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Yes indeed it does. You slept with her too?

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Im a manlet, what can I do/wear to good fa guys?

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Same question here. I already made two threads about it but no one takes them seriously.

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Confront him.

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Unsheath my lute of course

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Unsheathe the lute.

To answer your question I am not too sure about things you could do but you could wear those things that a lot of asian kpop guys wear in their shoes to give them a few inches, I think they are called heel lifts or something

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What clothes got you compliments from girls?

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those are male feet

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>that filename

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My AF1's with zipties instead of laces and a simple blue sweatshirt
Girls aren't hard to impress

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Cowboy boots

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How do I achieve this hairstyle?
Is this hairstyle viable if I have a forehead that is kind of big but not a 5head?

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yeah I'm going for the top look

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If I have a bowlcut right what do I need to do my hair?

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blowdryer, round brush, barely any product (if there is, it's an exceedingly small amount because you can still see flyaways). heat protectant for the heat styling of course, especially if you're going to bleach your hair like his

maybe hair spray or something on the second pic, it looks like it has a pretty strong hold, almost tacky

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what do you think are the best bomber flight jackets out there?

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rick owens

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too expensive senpai

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i once saw a guy in a burgundy (or red?) prada bomber

it looked so good i almost complimented him, and i am really shy

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The european summer slim version looks better. the american version with that gaudy zip and shiny nylon looks so bad

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Are my legs fa?

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Op here bro

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sage this shit thread please

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is it /fa/?

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hope this is fake

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>these came in mail today

god i'll be drowning in pussy come monday

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is my fit “effay”

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get back to work darren, your break is over

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please reply

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Post style Inspo for skinny, short dudes. And some general advice for people with these proprtions. How does one dress when skinny and short

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I might have been turned crazy by all that /pol/ shit everywhere. But I cant fail to notice how everyone in that image faces toward the black child, making him clearly the center of attention. In addition to that, the only two white boys in the image seem to be of a rather lousy mood, with facial expressions that dont portray joy. Unlike the facial expressions of the other children around. Not only that, but the white boys are also the only ones at the edges of that group, making them seem less included. Coincidence? Insignificant? Maybe. I dont know.

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Reviewbrah? Tell me about the fast food of 2040.

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cope, average height in my country is around 6'-6'1 for males and I'm 6'4

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Nah it's Manlet

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>tfw even asians are taller than you

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I'm a fucking balding 20yo KHV incel with wide hips, babyface and on top of that a total fucking robot nerd personality. I bet everyone secretly laughs at me when they spot me in fancy ass shit
I picked up fashion about 3 years ago when I had a lot less self awareness, now I realize how stupid I look but can't stop.
Should I just kill myself?

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what do you wear

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As a turbo-autist my favorite style in 2016-18 was techwear. Now I tuned it down to a more or less normal streetwear shit but I still feel like it's for chads and an omega piece of shit like me should just go back to wearing hoodies and converses

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Why are you so insecure lmao

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Do you lift? Might help with your proportions if you got onions hips.

Get a haircut that suits you.

Be realistic with what you wear, but don't just give up entirely. You can improve the aspects you don't like about yourself so you feel more confident wearing what you want to wear.

Also this. Just sounds like your extremely insecure. So get that shit sorted out

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Fashion doesn't work for ugly guys so find another form of self improvement. You can try climbing the ladder of R6 Siege

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Thread for effay rooms & spaces. Post for rate, et cetera ...

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what the fuck are you doing here

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Like this?

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yeah thanks

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I luv xmas

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thoughts on plain shirts

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Mature, safe, boring. Pretty foolproof as you only really have to worry about color coordinating. Nothing wrong with them but then again if you're wearing cotton tees you probably aren't looking to impress in the first place.

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plain basic t-shirts are a must, fit with near anything in summer add a summer jacket on top and you're foolproof safe.
printed shits can be a pain in the eye and some like the ones with thots printed on them WILL give you an aura that will protect your virginity so hard that once you die you will be so goddamn pure that you'll have to bang an arab guy because you'd be one of his virgins

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Post colors (or color-item combinations) that cannot be effay under any circumstances, I'll start

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>These guys like neon yellow
If you're somewhere bright enough where light sources are coming from right above you the light will bounce of your shirt and make your face look sickly.

>I looked in the fucking mirror

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Black. Black is cringe under any circumstances.

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what about dark grey anon?

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It's allowed

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homo detected

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fuck off fag, get a haircut

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would bf/10

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Turn off the thick fucking filters on your camera, jesus christ. I can't see you under all that software editing.

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10/10 trap.

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If you can't imagine Paul Newman wearing it, don't wear it.

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Hey /fa/ I'm a newfag and I'm sure plenty of threads or posts have been made about this, but what bags do you use when you go to work or uni

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Basically brown and grey leather backpacks, rucksacks or leather messenger bags. Leather's pretty durable so you don't have to be a little cunt about it getting damaged and it's in fashion often. Matches well with suits and woolen coats in autumn and winter colors.

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Thanks for the tips, any personal recommendations or favourites?

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Not really, go figure your own style. Just don't get yourself one of those zipper ones, it will look like you loaned your moms bag to go to Whole Foods

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Dear /fa/, my adorable cat jumped on my lap awkwardly and pulled this thread in my brand spanking new jeans. Is there any way I can tuck this little thread back in? I wouldn't care but goddamn they're new and I want to take the best care of my things possible.

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Shave it with a razor you useless, mindless zoomer.

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But I don't want to remove it, I want to put it back.

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