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Can men wear tiny backpacks? Obviously not pic related because thats clearly a girl with a girl's backpack (maybe), but some kind of masculine or unisex backpack of this size.

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its called a satchel
indian jones had one

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>military leg bag
based asf little-known option for guys

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No, drawstring bags maybe, better off just getting something like this

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You can get away with a little side slung man-bag if it's nice leather or other decent material and the straps aren't too skinny. A backpack that small is a bit gay tho.

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Where can I find these type of sweaters nowadays without them being overpriced because of being sold as "vintage clothes" or shit like that?

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I was thinking about that, probably thrift stores are the best option

Still I don't have that much time to go to a thrift store as where I live there's not that many.
Is there any good site where I can get sweaters like these online? (Preferably Men's sweaters but I don't mind Woman's sweaters)

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oh i remember these, looked and felt like smoking weed

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Nobody tell him

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i have a bunch of comfy "vintage" sweaters like this
accessorise, cuff some jeans and slap a pair of converse on and its so easy to look good with them
i just rotate the outfits. min effort, max style and comfort

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Why dress shirts are so common with Indians and are they Effay ?

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Dress Shirts can be effay, Indian cannot however, that is their curse.

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Looks pretty interesting, nice and elegant. Can't be a Panerai, I don't think. That's the only Italian watch I can think of, anybody have a clue what it is?

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Seiko 5

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it's a Hublot.
Evil, ugly and retarded People wear Hublots.

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What are the essential items in your wardrobe

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levi 501s

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>boot heels
>not wasting days per year fucking with laces

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I have an idea for a clothing store. No actual clothes on display, just models wearing outfits. There's activities you can do with them to hang out like have a drink or play cornhole or something. If you're interested in the aesthetic they take you to the back for a personalized fitting. What do you think /fa/?

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gay as fuck
I can already see all the normie insta bitches hanging out and demanding free stuff because influencer

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You will have a very, very limited target audience that way. Namely, a very rich target audience, i.e. capable of paying $750 / shirt.

It could maybe be scaled up if the 'personalised fitting' was 'step into the body scanner, update your profile on the app', and you just got mailed your recommendation.

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would have to be in
nyc or tokyo
maybe paris or seoul

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That sounds so fucking soulless and millennial.

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>they take you to the back for a personalized fitting
is this code for saying they'll suck your cock? if so im in

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Effay baby names?

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Now those are strong kingly names you won't see everywhere for a boy. Respectively a King, a lion ref and 'the best/the first'
For a girl's name are quite star-like
Is a favorite of mine, being so uncommon yet from my ancestor's country. I think it's a stone, a gem.

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Biblical names will literally never go out of style. Yes, they're somewhat boring, but imo naming a baby "fashionably" sets them up for failure because fashion inevitable goes out of style.

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I mean theres a difference between a completely novel name like DeGucci and something thats been used for at least 70 years like... Idk Audrey

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What if there was a cartoon about personified sodas? Would you like it?

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I wear tights to the gym.

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I went to the next level.

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I don't know how someone managed to make good mornings and even shitter and more dangerous exercises, but this guy did it

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Why do the collars on all my polo shirts get fucked up so bad?
It's like my greatest curse in life. I can buy a good shirt and it looks like a mess after 2 washes.

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do you not own an iron / steamer ?

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Why are you wearing polo shirts? Lmao.

Are you a 50 year old golfer or going for the autismcore?

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nonwhite poorfag detected

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sheiitt mupp da doo didda nom sayin senpai

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stop using the dryer

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Why do clothes i buy from grailed always smell like fucking shit when they arrive

The couple times ive sold something on grailed or ebay i dry cleaned the item and put silica gel/baking soda packets in a brand new clean ziploc bag before shipping

I literally put a mask and gloves on when i open any package with clothes in it now

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>i wanna get my lil bro something good for his birthday
>it’s 2015, so he wants supreme
>find a cool supreme coach’s jacket on grailed and order it
>it arrives reeking of weed and there was a 3/4ths smoked blunt in the pocket
>i message the seller
>“consider it a bonus”
I learned my lesson early, that was the last time I bought an item listed with picrel in the photos. Seriously, half of the grailed sellers are underage faggots who get streetwear with their allowance or selling a g for $30 at their high school. I always check the seller’s ratings and how old their account is. I’m not getting fucked again.

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I’m not trans but people think I am? I don’t even wear trans clothes. Help? Am I just androgynous?

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You again. You're just a plane Jane ugly woman. Umm sorry.

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Jesus Christ. Are these posts from the same guy who posts other peoples pictures he found on Reddit or some shit?

If this is you, you just look like an ugly women, you look adrogynous but not in a sexy way, but in an annoying uglyway kinda like how butch lesbians look or old people with no discernable sexual characteristics,

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damn i need this sweater

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this needed to be a thread

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CASIO Edition

I'm curious what your tastes are, do you own any? Would you buy any?
For your consideration, the GMW-B5000D-1JF

Guides and Info:
> Poorfag guide: https://whothefuckreadsthisshit
> Watch essentials 102: https://someoneelse'sopinion (embed)
> Purchasing used watches: https://tryanopshopyouneet (embed)
> Purchasing straps: https://toofatfortheOEM (embed)
> List of space watches: https://youwillneverbeanastronaut (embed)
> /wt/ Pasta: https://pastebin.com/GBLwAm0f (embed)

Should I buy this MVMT / DW / "minimalist" fashion watch?
> https://no.com

Should I buy this Armani / Michael Kors / mall watch?
> https://fullretard.org

"Suggest a watch for me."
> Your budget
> Watch type, e.g. dress, diver, pilot
> Movement, e.g. automatic, hand-wound, quartz
> Desired features, e.g. water resistance, day/date, 2nd-time zone
> Preferred strap option, e.g. leather, nylon, bracelet
> Wrist size or desired watch size

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been wearing the A1000D since it came out in 2020.
love it so much.
im really happy they made it, because I have been waiting for something like it for years.
Finally we the classic casio look, simplified and a bit more premium in full stainless steel.
Not perfect, but it's not bad either.
When it came out I was about to crack and buy some meme for a square digital metal watch. Thank god it came out.

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here is a random pic from google.
don't be afraid of the white mother of peral backdrop, it's not very rainbow-ish, most of the time it's just white unless in direct sunlight.
This watch is great

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Best mix between retro looks and a dash of colour.

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>full display area utilization, no waste, all function, logical layout
>cohesive monochrome aesthetic, silver bezel with gray lcd frame instead of black
looks excellent, must be a fluke

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You will NEVER be her. How do you cope?

>> No.17101933

I don't want to be a woman

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You Will Never Be Vomitboyx

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My face hair genes are a disaster.
What effay style can I have with this shit?

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Unless you're Brad Pitt it will look like you're Pedro from Napoleon dynamite

>> No.17102645

Groom that shit Chéspir

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i feel you brother

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Based, redpilled, kino and beardletpilled

>> No.17102799

I'm nota ugly actually

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-inside the physically finite brain is an infinite and immaterial imagination-


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stay mad faggot try posting something cutting edge instead of 80s gay glam rehashes

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This looks great.

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What is that hairstyle called?

>> No.17101899

it’s a high bun

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Thoughts on Napapijri?

>> No.17101901

I have this exact one. It’s warm and comfy.

>> No.17101906

big logo = big turn off

>> No.17102499

I ordered mine in the volcano color

>> No.17102596

npc meme jacket

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If I could have any /fa/cial feature, it would be hunter eyes. Prey eyes are soÿ and feminine

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>> No.17102009

Beta genes

>> No.17102090

He was so cute

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For me, it was him in tulip fever with the lil stache

>> No.17102971

post eyes

>> No.17102979

>it would be hunter eyes

the bad thing about it is that you have resting bitch face 24/7, not only that, a lot of people think you´re mad all the time, i had a lot of people asking why i´m angry when that wasn´t the case at all

also, a lot of girls, even if they´re attracted to you will be intimidated by you and that makes talking to her a lot more difficult

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