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Neckpill - we've all heard it. F1 drivers train their neck due to the forces they experience while racing.

The neckpill is supposed to up your "attractiveness" but looking at F1 drivers though, it seems that there's a con to the neckpill - losing your jawline. The increase of the size of your neck removes the sharp contrast of the jawline.

What are your thoughts?

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These F1 guys jaws aren't that sharp originally though. But you got a point, valuable one. Gotta keep the balance I guess

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Take a look at Charles here: >>14287813 >>14287824

It’s really apparent.

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Square jaws = high testosterone.
Thick necks = hunting prowess.
These guys don't have less square jaws for having thick necks.

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hunting prowess ahahaha

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Neckpill - we've all heard it. F1 drivers train their neck due to the forces they experience while racing.

The neckpill is supposed to up your "attractiveness" allegedly but looking at F1 drivers though, it seems that there's a con to the neckpill - losing your jawline. The increase of the size of your neck removes the sharp contrast of the jawline.

What are your thoughts?

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why the fuck can't I find a cute pair of these?

please help me /fa/

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Female with no idea how to dress here ... is copying Cara Delevigne a good idea?

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Isn't that just spam of barely dressed harlots?

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Maybe some of them put a lot of time into marketing herself on instagram and things like that but I very much doubt most of them spends time thinking about what to buy and wear on a daily basis. They get free clothes, are surrounded by people in the industry so dressing up becomes like a natural thing. I dont really know how to express myself better, but if I look at a fit I can immediately tell whether its a model or someone who is interested in fashion as a hobby.

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That's female fashion 4 u

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only if your in good shape like her

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She's literally dressed in full makeup and SLP of course she fucking cares about her appearance.

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Is it ever worth buying clothes immediately instead of waiting for a sale?

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Beardfag on a suicide watch


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if you want to interfere with face recognition technology go full mondrian asymmetrical

of course, this is only works if lots of people are doing it, otherwise you are 'that twat who draws different shapes on his face every day'

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thats the most retarded thing I've ever heard

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my ex used to rub her face on my beard and lick it, I don't think most women give a fuck about hygiene if you look good.
like with the whole dirt under fingernails thing that some women find attractive. some don't want a clean and germaphobic faggot

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I expect fakes/b-grades but I’m more worried they won’t send anything or something.

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It’s over realxedfitlets

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Pretty redundant bruv.

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i stopped wearing skinny jeans a yr ago

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this, but unironically

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He is so fucking late for everything lmao what a boomer

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hey im bald and i think a lot of u r too

what do u do about it?

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no were not

make thst scalp shine and wear a well tailored sharp looking suit, if you arent in position to do that then give up on life.

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dressing like a faggot doesn't work for you anymore, sorry

if you're balding then you're old enough to start acting and dressing like an adult

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Write a book where everything is a prison.
And get AIDS.

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have very weak facial features, will only look worse without hair


i will try

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A seed has been planted to the pile of shit know as /fa will it start to grow? Now that everyone has realized how bad the state of /fa is, how about we try to start something new and actually fashion related? And what would be better than a general for the 3% of /fa that can afford yohji and appriciate his designs!
What to post?
>suggestions for the direction of the yyg
>yohji sizing guide
>season info
>Retailer info
>pictures of yphji as inspo
>other yy inspo
i believe in you all, let's get this going!<3

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I feel for the best of making these threads a regular thing it might be best to include other designers that are cut from the same cloth like rei instead of having two starving threads. Rei doesn't do much interviews, for a period of time she absolutely refused them. There's just not a lot of her opinions and thoughts out there

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implying there are more people who know about yy? but yeah maybe that could work, but then adding issey seems nesessary and then this will just turn into /japang/

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I get the point i think i'll start with this and then see if it needs support then add comme, however I don't find myself to bee a good choice to post about cdg since my knowledge is limited on that

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I'll start posting videos of Yohji to the drive
Wish I saved his other documentary cities and notebooks

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thank you so much!<3

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What do you guys think?

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Nah, you can find a better flamingo pattern, this one looks cheap.

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Wow that's ugly

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>>14287623 nameposting faggot

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We literally changed the name of fuccboi general to QTDDTOT just to cater to retards like you and you STILL do this shit

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I'm looking for some motorcycle gear style inspo. I feel like because the rider is so visible on a motorcycle, they're part of the look, you know? If your bike looks cool, you gotta look cool too. What styles do you think look good? I'm gonna legit be wearing all riding gear for safety reasons, so bonus points for people wearing actual gear.

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I found it so dangerous. Too many close calls from people that would end your life out of pure carelessness.

I leave plenty of room between my car and any motorcycle on the road.

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Most of bikers I know will say to you that's their passion and they love the sense of freedom.
But to me it's just a way to say "I like to feel the wind when I'm doubling up the authorized speed on my favourite country road or highway.". Even my father used to take us on his bike and speed the fuck out to scare us (based father figure).

Eh, in the end it's up to the responsibilities of both drivers.

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Such a dope pic

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I'm about to take a family photo next week but I can't find any references online that doesn't look corny. Can /fa/ help? Pic is from Descendant lookbook

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Is he effay?

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Dunno but I would rape him

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I love Roof wearing full ccp.
Very cool

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Unironically yes

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Was he /fa/?

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idk but he sure as hell wasnt white

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The man had a literal strobe light attachment on his gun and a Gucci belt. I can't think of anything more /fa/.

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he was a fat manlet so no

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Being related any where near /pol/ isn't effay.

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Anyone else rock a racer jacket?

Personally I chose to pass on the classic leather in favor of a nice corduroy jacket.

I got some cool, post ww3 berlin cafe racer boy vibes going on.
(not pictured: Ann Demeulemeester boots)

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you better not be an american

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French/American(anglo). Why?

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i think this fits

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File: 477 KB, 1280x720, Seinfeld.S02E03.The.Jacket.720p.WEBrip.AAC.EN-SUB.x264-[MULVAcoded].mkv_snapshot_09.47_[2017.11.04_01.23.37].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]
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>[YouTube] New York City in 1993 in HD - DTheater DVHS Demo Tape (embed)
Thank you!

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not normcore, I just love these outfits


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It has come to my attention that everything from old photos of me to my citizenship has been connected to someone who repeatedly posts in EDC threads called "bugwoman"?

I've posted in /fa/ for years but never in EDC and I don't have a pass either. Would appreciate any information about how this came about because it's pretty unsettling. Thanks

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Thats not very nice someone else was just using the photos ;_;

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bugwoman meaning hive-minded gook bug

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is there anyone that doesnt use the catalog? i havent gone through pages since the catalog was added

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I exclusively use the catalogue on mobile for maximum efficiency

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Review, rate, ask questions pertaining to SNEAKERS here in this thread. Old bread is somewhere in the archive

Do u need Sneaker advice? Ask here..

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What do you care what his budget is, you classist cunt? Grow up.

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>trousers have nothing between the fabric and your skin
>buying them secondhand is accepted
>shoes are always worn with a layer between feet and shoes
>this is suddenly unacceptable and disgusting
pic related is you

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black denim for these

>> No.14288455

black van trainers or the checkers

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There are multiple websites you can find deals on like slickdeals that decent shoes appear up all the time. Got a pair of ultraboosts for $90 and my adidas continentals on there.
I have owned a pair of sambas in the past. I was super broke and actually thought they were cool and comfortable. I was also a moron at the time and I was like 22. So I am sure that fits like 99% of the people around here that pretend that Sambas are a good shoe.
Boo hoo cry me a river poor boy. Maybe if you had a sense of style or taste, you wouldn't even bother defending the samba.

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