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And why is it a golden Daydate?

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Do men prefer a conventionally attractive woman or someone who has an exotic or non conventional beauty?

Do you mind tattoos? If not, why?

Would you date someone who had a cosmetic surgery before?

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>Depends how unconventional but obviously hot skinny white girls are my ideal
>If I like a girl enough (and the tattoo isn't too garbage) I can probably get over it. Especially since so many girls my age like getting dumbass small tattoos on their wrists or ankles. But I think tattoos look shitty and out of place on the majority of people.
>Probably not. I have slight gyno so my nips are puffy and at times I've really wanted surgery but people really don't seem to care that much. It'd have to be something actually debilitating to justify it.
t. 21 y/o

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Generally I prefer "cute," or looks that lean a bit mousy over my idea of a "hot" girl: my ideal is sleight, small butt/bust, wavy or otherwise messy brown hair. I think there's something to be said for exoticism as well though, and I find African women with very dark skin and sharp features like Pic related quite attractive too.
I don't mind something small. Like above said, a lot of girls get ones out of the way that I wouldn't say significantly detract from their looks. Face/neck tattoos are usually pretty bad, but if she's an artist or something and they were very well positioned for her own face rather than a star on her forehead or some shit. Similarly, I'd say sleeves are OK as long as the art is good.
Pop culture tattoos would be an instant "no," however.
>cosmetic surgery
If it were something small as treatment for debilitating body dysmorphia than I suppose, but I couldn't get down with like a Korean women who's completely changed her face. It may be campy, but I'm more drawn to someone's character who can come to terms that they aren't perfect than someone who tries to control everything about themselves.

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Generally, i dont reply to virgins, but yeah girls are cool

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A red flag. People say it doesn't necessarily mean anything but it does.
Having inscribed a message/symbol conveys a message by definition.
Do you have to get a tattoo to make yourself more important for you and others?
That leads to a conclusion that you're mentally unstable.
>cosmetic surgery
It's a completely different thing than a tattoo. It if you can fix something do it.
For example jawline or nose - it's not your fault you're born with it or something happened that made it that way. Unnecessary boob jobs, ass jobs on the other hand are ridiculous.

common sense.

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'ate this fashion shit. who here just wants to wear a single outfit for the rest of their lives?

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Yes. now also shave your head clean, replace your name with a serial number and listen to techno for the rest of your days

>don't forget to drink your milk

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do Mexican girls dress like this or is it just a meme

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Depends where you live/how old the girls are. Your picrel looks like the old guard of first gen mexicans in socal. A lot of the ghetto mexicans in my school (in AZ) dress more like ghetto black girls.

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Here in Mexico women doesn't dress like that, thats just a Pocho (mexicans that hop border) thing that i don't understand

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it's huge in southern california. lots of larping goes on here.

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Most don't. They dress like whatever h&m/f21/zara tells them to dress like. The stan smith/superstar meme is true down there too.

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Cop or not?

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If your style is anything similar to that all black urban ninja, then definetly cop

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yeah, I working on something similar but less autistic

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I have these, like em quite a bit, gotten quite a few compliments
Would cop again

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What do you prefer?
Does it matter for you?

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Because I'm a straight guy

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They would if his face looked good. Don't believe any other answers.

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All my cute cousins ended up marrying and having kids with bald guys under 6'0", so take that however you want. Also note that any real biological woman who posts on /fa/ isn't exactly normal herself, so her opinion doesn't mean much

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A bald head is a solar panel for a sex engine.

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Not something that I would usually go for, but some bald men are pretty attractive. Like Lex Luthor in Smallville.

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What style of pants or shorts to wear with a shirt like this? Any inspo?

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wait a minute

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What should I do to get a face as attractive as this gu(a)y's?

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just LDAR its over boyo

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And if I don't want to LDAR and instead want to FIGHT GOD DAMNIT AND BE A MAN!!!!!?

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I'd rather shoot myself in the face if i woke up and my wardrobe was like that honestly

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try ur best

im new what is an "eboy"

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are you illiterate?

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Is dying young effay?

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>rapper nobody dies from overdose
Who cares lmao

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I only knew one song by him which I don’t know the name of and it was only popular because he sampled shape of my heart

Funny seeing all my friends cry over his death

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I didn’t make the thread dumbass

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All these people in this thread shitting on this mans death. Juice Wrld was a young man and seems like he was a decent guy. You people chiming in with your negative opinions should be ashamed of yourselves. Rethink your life.

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That’s what happens when you do drugs hahahahaha you fucking die

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Can anyone reccomend me a good /fa/ coat/jacket for a cold winter? So far ive looked around to find out that everything is pretty much shit.

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Also not too expensive

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here you go

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That look is pretty nice actually

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What kind of socks are the best at retaining moisture?

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I love this nigga like you wouldn’t believe

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recommend me some good looking hypebeast pants

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looks like pants for toddlers

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Why do young men always look terriable in a suit? How can I not look terrible in a suit as a young broke

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you can look great. The problem is that usually young folks buy a cheap off the rack suit because most of the times they will only once, so they buy something cheap.
Plus they try to do something edgy, like a red shirt in your pic related because they don't wanna dress like a dad.
I know that this is a bait thread, that's jazz, but I replied to it anyways.

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Shaking my head at the people telling a teen to buy a quality suit and get it tailored. End result will still look like someone cosplaying reviewbrah.

Buy a cheap suit at Zara or H&M because they are made for slender bodies.

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nigga I'mma flex in my Ferragamo belt, fuck you

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Tailored suits will always fit body conform, retard

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It doesn't need to be super amazing quality, a cheap tailored suit is much better than looking like you're wearing your dad's old shit.

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Can martial artists look /effay/? Does /fa/ buy designer brand Taekeando/Karate uniforms?

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martial arts can be /fa/ but it takes a special individual to make it so because martial arts can also become very cringey and neckbeard ver fast

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it's pretty cringey to try to look /fa/ in class

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I have pretty much given up on trying to look good in Thai shorts.

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File: 136 KB, 800x800, pics_2_3D-Erkekler-Moda-T-Shirt-Hip-Hop-Aslan-Baskı-Sıkıştırma-Kısa-Kollu-Casual-erkek-T-shirt-Swag-Homme-Marka-Giyim_75226.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's cultural appropriation if you're not East Asian

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really? even i think i look badass wearing them and i normally look like a complete puff

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what does effay feel about this fit? I already have the leather so I'm trying to integrate into a techwear/outrun outfit.

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id first jacket?

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top left and middle are cool pieces
everything is else really really cringe

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it was on wish kek
just search techwear jacket and it says "with bag"

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>>14847925 might end up like manlet Spanish exchange student

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Should've probably stated I have long curly hair and a decently thick mustache. Am 5'9, stocky build

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I'm from Europe and the first time I even heard of the brand was around half a year ago and now I see it everywhere here. What kind of reputation does the brand have in the US, is it /fa/?

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It's an Italian brand owned by Brits so if anything it's 100% European. It's a sportswear brand like the others, Champion, Umbro, Kappa so nothing remarkable.

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I think its pretty cool to see an old brand come back like that.
The designs are pretty good, its a tad too expensive for me tho

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>too expensive
TK Maxx is always full of cut price Ellesse

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Their designs are absolute garbage and their logo clothing is only worn by teenagers who lack a sense of fashion.
That's coming from someone who owns 3 Elesse tracksuits

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I'm in France, it's the same here... it's been a year and i see everyone in minor cities wearing this shit.
kinda off-putting

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I thought they looked good

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Yes they look great imo. Not the biggest fan of the brogueing but otherwise really nice.

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Post some indie fashion inspo

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Is hiker core like prepper core minus the arms?

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