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What are some effay criminals?

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everyone in this thread needs to look through the official FBI images of modern crime families from the 70s-90s

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>posting images of "criminals" from movies

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I don’t wear jeans, I wear denim...

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im ok with this outfit :)

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Cap is trash. Chain is trash. Shirt is trash. Shoes are trash. Scenery is good.

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(chuckles) Blackpilled fashion? High quality? Cost per wear? WHAT?!? Me? I’d say it’s the Dehen Heavy Duty t-shirt, but I’m too poor for them, so it’s Kirkland Signature 6-pack tees for me!!! *foams at the mouth*

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based (chuckles) poster

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Kirkland t shirts are actually pretty based for the price/quality ratio. I can't find them in black any more though

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how much

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Maybe you /fa/ggots can help me, I have very fine hair (I'm a guy), and in order to look good without putting products on it, it has to be either very short or very long, otherwise it looks like shit and gets in the way.
So is there a way to make it stay put the whole day? I've used different kinds of mousse, clay, pomade, and paste, little times they worked

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I just put some curl cream shit on my hair I found in the bathroom, don't know how it's gonna affect it.

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any /fa/ alternatives to Dr Martens?

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dog those are boot straps and wont be seen when worn

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See filename. I own a pair of these.

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well, the brand anyway. Looks like this is some new thing, but you get the idea.

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This t bh
Get some Red Wings or Solovairs or whatever the meme boot of the week is. Not hard to do better than Docs esp if your budget is $500 (wew)

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>reading comprehension

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How do I achieve this aesthetic?

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I'll post inspo, i guess?

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Randomly selected from my collection.

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I saw Igor at a clothing store in Los Angeles yesterday. I told him how cool it was to meet him in person, but I didn’t want to be a douche and bother him and ask him for photos or anything.

He said, “It's fine! I don't mind at all!”

I was taken aback, and all I could say was “Huh?” but he cut me off and laughed and motioned for me to come in for a selfie. I walked away and continued with my shopping, and I heard him laugh and wave at me as I walked off. When I came to pay for my stuff up front I saw him trying to walk out the doors with like fifteen shoes in his hands without paying.

The girl at the counter was very nice about it and professional, and was like “Sir, you need to pay for those first.” He turned around and said "I'm so sorry! I'm so scatterbrained, I didn't mean to!"

When she took one of the bars and started scanning it multiple times, He realized he had forgotten his credit card in his motorbike. I offered to pay for the shoes and he said "Wow, you're the man!" and gave me a wink and hand shake.

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Hahahahahaha where in LA? Also what was he wearing?

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he looks like a used qtip

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imagine being this new

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please be ironic

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damn, he really let himself go

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Will this coupling aesthetic upset local people in your country? I'ill begin...

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Not because he's dark skined. The problem is he looks like a gipsy.

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What does this have to do with fashion?

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Absolutely nothing.

>Also no, it wouldn't.
Ironically my SEA boyfriend moved out of a white trash bogan area to live with me in the most Asian suburb of Australia, and we never got dirty looks until now. K e k.

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Everybody is a mutt unless youre from the deep deep south

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What are your favorite retros and colorway?

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Or this.

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I've never cared for Jordans. Cartoon character shoes

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AJ1 Chicago colorway is the GOAT. Praying that Nike releases them again so I can snag a pair.

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nobody warned me birkenstocks smell like literal death after a few weeks of wear

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Imagine licking a girl's sweaty feet haha like wouldn't that be gross haha?

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Been wearing mine for months and no smell. Wash your damn feet before you get fungus OP

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fucking autocorrect!

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Imagine licking her sweaty armpits too? HAHA just something funny I thought up haha

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ID on these nikes?

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What haircut should i get?

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Whatever happened to that "L" faggot?

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I think you need a styling product

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You like you could Noah Lennox's son
This is a good thing

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Fashion is cope for people that don't look like the Vitruvian Man.

Lets face it, if you looked as perfect as him, you could just walk around naked. Human brain has evolved to appreciate beauty, you would be highly respected, women would thirst for you and police officers would make up some excuse as to why its totally okay.

Its life on easy mode and we all missed out on it.

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>Vitruvian Man
Isn't it depicting the average norm?

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Actually, you get targeted by violent dudes.

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the opposite, actually; it's supposed to depict ideal human proportions

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what bizarro dimension does your oil-stained pea brain perceive to be living in where vitruvian man is considered perfection

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For me, it's the cargo shorts

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cover art is interesting will check out

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The man's a god.

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Post romanticised British core

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she is so goddamn sexy

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Is it (morally) acceptable to wear/ cop fashion reps? I don't mean high fashion brands like Dior, Goyard, Raf Simons etc. I mean replicas of streetwear fashion like VLONE, Supreme, Bape and shit.

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raf is streetwear not high fashion

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As long as it's not supmeme

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Honestly buying replicas is better than spending real money on dumb streetwear.

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Can't tell apart if its high fashion or street desu some pieces are like this, some are street.

fr I'm not ready to spend $200 for a Gildan shirt with a custom print on it

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Why would you want to look like a walking billboard? You guys said it yourselves it's just gildan shirts with some printing

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I've been following my fathers advice on suits. Took a leap, went to an Asian lady who sells them, and bought one I think i look good in.
Shame that she even did my measurements, yet it still looks big around the arms.
What do you guys think? Did i fuck up?

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What's the most /fa/ wallet?

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your shoe

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Mobile pay. Wallets ruin silhouettes

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Keep your shit outta my shoe

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>what's the most /fa/ _
>what's the best _
Fuck off.

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How often do you wash your clothes?
My stats:
>underwear (including t-shirts): 1/use
>pants, sweaters: 2-4/year
>shoes, jackets: only if they get stains

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dont let rick owens see this shirt

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>Underwear/socks every use
>T Shirts, it depends. They usually smell after the first use but if I need something to mow the lawn in these are fine.
>Button-ups/dress shirts I'll wear twice unless they get messy or wrinkled
>Slacks/Pants when they get wrinkled
>Jeans, never. I'm rocking a pair of Uniqlo 'selvedge' that have never been washed for over a year. They smell fine, and look great. My co-worker thought I bought new jeans recently because I dropped some weight and they've started to sag, didn't even notice they were the same pair I'd been wearing for over a year. .

>> No.14419582

I thought you weren't supposed to wash jeans? I've had my current mains for 2-3 years now.

>> No.14419594

What? Washing your pants 3 times a year? I'm active as fuck even when I'm not at work, and I live in the Southern US. If I didn't wash everything after one use it would smell horrid

>> No.14419597

Shirt one use
Pants two uses
Shoes like never
Bra, slip and socs one use
Hoodie once a week
Jacket like never

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I used to think this guy was a complete hack, but hes got the hypekids triggered with this statement. Maybe hes smarter than he lets on

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desu his louis vuitton stuff for this upcoming season is actually interesting and not complete dog trash when he actually applies himself and his team. Mainline off white is uninspired trash and he knows it. He fucking gamed the entire fashion clientele with pyrex. Create an artificial demand and reputation by having cultural influencers wear the stuff. Pyrex was trash screen printed garbage on champion blanks. People still bought that shit up because asap rocky and asap mob was pushing it (which as a collective was blowing up at the time). Get sued by actual pyrex and change the name to off-white (crack). Continue to have your rap friends shill your clothing for you, people like to emulate those that are well revered. Once the brand becomes larger than it ever would have naturally it's a exponential growth like factor once fully adopted by hype culture. Looking at "the ten" which was his first mainstream and landslide success only 4/10 of the shoes are actually interesting enough to comment on (the converse, 1's, blazers, and prestos, and maybeeeee the af1's). He understands that off white is a brand totally built off artificial hype so he just doesn't give a fuck. Hence his comment in OP, all he did was turn the shoe blue and make a chrome swoosh, you could literally to both of these yourself given enough ambition. But people don't want a fucking blue af1 with a chrome swoosh, ThEy WaNt A oFf-WhItE sHoE.

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He's admitting that he has no attachment to the shoes whatsoever and distancing himself from anyone dumb enough to buy them.

>> No.14419998

>the converse, 1's, blazers, and prestos, and maybeeeee the af1's
All trash

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Just admit you want them for em' social status

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>chrome tanned leather

nikes are corrected grain and many retail sneakers featue paint ontop of various highlighted areas of mid soles and the edges of soles

nike and addidas sneakers are exactly the epitome of quality

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