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Just got my new Alpha sv jacket, i was wondering if any of you idfags can identify this shirt for me.

Also give me your most brutal judgement of arcteryx. Dont give me the classic bullshit excuse muh its not for walking your dog, I'm planning an expedition in march and i need quality shit, but that shirt is too good looking, i might take my dog on walk in that.

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>Also give me your most brutal judgement of arcteryx.
overpriced shit with equivalents available for half the price

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Here you go dog
I have a few things of theirs. Ski shell, amphibious shorts, a light insulated jacket. Don't expect more from them than from any other brand in their category. Just the same fabrics stitched/welded the same way in the same Vietnamese factory, sold as a new breakthrough each year. If receiving compliments is your goal, they've got you covered. If you're really looking for quality gear, you could do worse but should know that the extra cost does not equate to increased performance.

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Oh and that ebay seller looks pretty shifty, but at least now you have the name of the shirt.

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probably fake/a rep. they usually don't make stuff as gaudy as this/logo whore

true. arccy has nice stuff but it's no better than higer end TNF/Summit series which you can get at a fraction of the price. Columbia, TNF, Old ACG, Patagonia stuff is all fine. Focus on the actual fabric, goretex can't be faked. If you're not doing a literal winter arctic "expedition" you don't need expensive gear. Just polyester and a good goretex shell. Stop being a pussy. You will see people summiting in flipflops and cotton shirts. The only outerwear you should be dropping money on is insulting layers for winter (actual down etc.) and shoes. Mtn Hardware is also good.

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Looks like a System A T-shirt from last winter. Here's a link that shows it from more angles: https://www.endclothing.com/us/arcteryx-system-a-copal-bird-tee-28491-bkv.html

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Can anyone give me a good reason not to get a pair of New Balance 530?

Been thinking about new shoes and originally, I was thinking of Samba. but after days of thinking about it I realized that I would get bored with that shoes so easily because of how basic it is.
So now I'm thinking of 530 because of the price similarity. Really want to get them in ivory color as well.

Any thoughts?

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Look quite cool and comfy but where I live, I might ended up getting my shoes wet a lot and idk if this shoes is easy to take care or not honestly.

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And I also found out about this one. look quite cool and a good replacement for Samba. the price is a bit higher than what I can spend but I think I can make an exception.

I think, I'll post more shoes pics just to get the attention and to also show some cool shoes to anons that think about getting a new pair of basic footwear

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Unironically want the same exact pair as Steve Job's NB. and I think it's 992 if I'm not mistaken.

I feel like this specific pair is the perfect balance of coolness and dad shoes.

Most dad shoes are horrible and straight up boring but there is also a very thin line between that and being hip/cool

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These look quite good as well. Seem like a very good alternative to Samba and it's cheaper as well.

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Hey /fa/ do you know where to download pdf version of L'ETIQUETTE magazine for free?

Thanks in advance.

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How is sizing in Merrell shoes? If I wesr 9.5 in adidas and 10 in nike/reebok, what size should I get Merrells in? Also the thread I bumped off to post this was garbage so don't come at me with that shit.
Pic semi related. Not the model im getting

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I was just hoping to save some time by doing it online but I'm gonna have to do that

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True to size
t. owns those exact boots

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True to size doesn't mean anything without a reference point. If my reference point is Adidas and you tell me Nikes are TTS then I'll end up buying nikes that are too small.

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Probably a 10 for you

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TTS means your Brannock size 100% of the time, dumbass

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Fashion tips for men with this body type?

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homosexual dogwhistle thread

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what does this mean

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The Twitch thot starter pack.

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It means they can unspokenly attract gays to the thread without tipping off the straights

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did he attract you

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R8 my drip

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8/8 m8

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niche inspo

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Natural fabrics, lots of layering and adornments+ accessories is one of my favourite styles but beyond searching larpy stuff like 'pirate-core' its near impossible to find inspo. Please if people have anything similar; post em

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Yohji archives (2004-2008 maybe), Galliano Fall 2008, Vivienne Westwood 1981, Gaultier Spring 1994,

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i adore this pic of stanley kubrick. this kind of disheveled artist/academic look is something i strive towards, even if i don't want to look *like* him, if that makes sense

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How do I look?

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It’s the actual definition man.

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I don't see what the term "involuntary celibate" has to do with hate or some movement
I'm not attractive or charismatic enough to ever enter a relationship and prostitution is wildly illegal where I live so I'm literally an involuntary celibate. maybe YOU should stop conflating teems

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That’s what Incels are though, a hate movement. Also, you don’t need charisma to enter a relationship. Just keep putting yourself out there, try to meet more women. Don’t give up. You’ll miss out on true happiness otherwise.

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Now look up the actual definition of involuntary.

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sounds to me like you refuse to acknowledge dictionary definitions of words. do you also totally misuse the word "millennial"?
I don't care about internet definitions.

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why is BAPE coming back?

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And the final moments when you shatter the illusion of time and arrive at the end of the world all worlds will again become one.

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Wiggerism is making a come back

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Wait Where are you seeing bape come back op?

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how did this faggot bugman became so famous? and why so many faggots unironically think hes the second coming of Christ?

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He made clothes that fit skinny little men and allowed us to look cool and have integrity so that we don't have to hate our bodies anymore.

America has brainwashed the world into believing that men are supposed to be big and brutish and slobbish.

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Yeah, we still are. He's consistent and doesn't rely on gimmicks and collabs.

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i love hedi, but are you sure teaming up with the children of real artists or celebrities isnt a gimmick? lol

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perhaps he makes good stuff

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celine era has sucked, the whole brand identity is the midget gook market

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can anyone recommend good brands for these kind of boots? i have a pair of blundstones but i want something laced up for fall / winter.

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Limmer, anything else is a glorified sneaker

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I own danner mountain lights and have had no problems

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Hello everyone, I have been wearing the left hairstyle (Faux Hawk) for years. Unfortunately, my receding hairline is getting bigger and bigger and I'm thinking of getting the right hairstyle (French Crop) done. What do you think of that hairstyle and how do I style my hair best for the transition so that I can grow out the mohawk and grow wider bangs in the front?

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I stopped following this fashion thing ever since 2015, when Saint Laurent was the thing.

Can someone update me what a fashionable outfit for 20-30 year old men looks like today?

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where do you buy hedicore without going bankrupt?

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>mfw always wanted to buy vivienne westwood but was too poor for it
>suddenly its the newest fotm zoomer designer trend

heh, i guess ill never touch that brand

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Fellow middle aged here. I just went normcore for work and never looked back.

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non-ironically this guy dresses cool

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same im back down to 150ish, moving the wardrobe back to slim western stuff

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Style means nothing if you are out of shape

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im 24 and i go out. ive just learned from a young age to never approach. my only relationship has been with a woman who approached me

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no they differentiated between the normal male population and 'black-pilled' males (I'm not joking). the overwhelming majority of the men in the study said they feared social consequences or reprisals for approaching women in public. you have no fucking idea how bad things have ben for young men for the last 15+ years

>> No.17825214

I've approached women before but only for stuff like asking where something is at the grocery store. When it comes to approaching a woman with romantic intentions in mind on the other hand, well that I've never done lol and I'm 25. I'm sure that's what they meant by 45%. Cold approaching a woman irl is too risky. Plus I'm an ugly manlet so there's that too. They'd probably think I'd want to rape them or something.

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whats up /fa/cels? anyone in nyc? :D

>> No.17825329

I imagined the guy on right “confidently” approaching women on bar and it was pretty hilarious

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ID on pants?

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I'll keep it 100% real with you
there's a very low chance anybody will know what specific brand that is. If you want similar alternatives, just research "stripe track suit pants" and you'll find a million options in a million materials in a bunch of different silhouettes from a ton of brands

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I'll ask sneako for you bro

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>what is /funktional motocore/?
/funktional motocore/ is about riding a bike/trike/scooter and being cool about it.

/funktional/ means there's an element of purpose in the fits: something suggests a 'why' behind the ride, whether it's going to the store, carrying out a population survey of coastal amphibian species, or surviving the great drought.

/motocore/ means it's a step away from the 'standard' sources of motorcycle inspo: 50s American biker culture and 60s British rockers, which have built up their own set vocabulary of fashion that extends to the motorcycle itself as a statement piece.
Instead, /motocore/ cribs inspiration from areas like contemporary South/SE Asia, or anywhere where the motorcycle (invariably a cheap, small one) is still an agile, cheap mode of transport used for daily tasks -- just as it was in the UK when biker culture was being codified.
Not that this is more 'authentic' than the 'standard' sources; we're just tapping into a fresher vein to create a newer, less played-out vocabulary of fashion where smaller, cheaper motorcycles become statement pieces.

Previous episode: >>17797648

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What kind of jacket is this

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Here y'are lad

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Its a safari jacket, but please for the love of god, dont cheap out and get anything lik e >>17825039 . If you are genuinely interested in menswear and old english style materials. Go with Thomas Farthing.

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Big thank

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I'm 32, and currently Norwood 3.

What types of hairstyles best hides my hair loss?
I'm just trying to buy time until I have enough money for hair grafts, while using minoxidil, and considering finasteride.

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young heihachi

>> No.17825323

extremely based response. embrace the bald.

>> No.17825331

I'm 25 and bald. Get on fin as soon as you can but don't stay on it if you can't tolerate it. I spent my early 20s on min and just a few months on fin because I had a bad reaction to it, wasn't worth continuing. I turned 25 in april, said fuck it, stopped taking hair meds all together, and started shaving my head. I look like fucking garbage bald and unfortunately I'm still relatively young so girls my age think I'm a subhuman but I'd rather stop caring and worrying about it and live my life instead. It'll more than likely be responsible for making me a permavirgin but I cope by telling myself there's more to life than getting my weiner sucked. Hope this helps. Also, in the very slim chance you have a gf or wife already, just shave your head. You've already made it at that point so there's no point in beating a dead horse. Plus you're at an age where being bald or balding is acceptable and normal. Live your life.

>> No.17825372

stop considering fin and get on it. the longer you put it off the less hair you get to keep

>> No.17825547

I don't get it, diffuse thinning like this guy has could easily be dealt with with at least fucking massages, if not microneedling, monoc and fin.
Why let yourself get that bald when you have the most easily preventable type of baldness?

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i think i have skincare figured out but how do i figure out what hairstyle fits me and what products i should use for it? i am trying to figure out how to use wax but it's tricky as hell with my heavy hair
what do

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rise up edition

>Poorfag guide:
>Watch essentials 102:
>Purchasing used watches:
>Purchasing straps:
>Should I buy this MVMT / DW / "minimalist" fashion watch?
>Should I buy this Armani / Michael Kors / mall watch?

"Suggest a watch for my wife's boyfriend."
>Your budget
>Watch type, e.g. cope, larp, poor
>Movement, e.g. automatic, hand wound, quartz
>Desired features, e.g. water resistance, day/date, 2nd time zone
>Preferred strap option, e.g. leather, nylon, bracelet
>Wrist size or desired watch size

>Watch news websites:

Previous thread >>17822495

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Long time, no see. Don't worry...at least you have a weekend to enjoy. How are you man?

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I have an Apple Watch for daily/active activities, but does anyone know a good watch that matches for more formal wear? I either wear a black suit or something business casual and am interested in it being silver.

Any personal recommendations?

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Doxa SUB 300T

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Grand Seiko

File: 161 KB, 750x500, Screenshot 2023-09-29 at 14-44-23 1siSonASXTihL6Fm3Js1d4iLoVeHcGN_I_750x.jpg (WEBP Image 750 × 500 pixels).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]
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The blundstone 1901.

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Awful and certainly not a dress boot

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Those look good but lack the comfort of regular Blundstones. They're way narrower. These heritage Blundstones look way better.

>> No.17824668

these are their best boots only because they have a goodyear welt, but they're also the hardest to find and the most expensive
go figure

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i like them

>> No.17824886

You mean the ugliest boots of all time. Blundstones were the worst things to ever happen to npcs. If rather Fila dinostompers desu senpai.