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Putting effort into your appearance is so fucking tedious. Aside from the bare minimum (exercising, grooming, shaving, not being a complete slob) I fucking hate it
I need pants and shoes but I don't want to spend hours in some shitty store trying a bunch of stuff on. I just noticed one of my chinos and a nice shirt have stains on them so now I have even fewer good clothes to wear
God fucking damn it

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Nice blogpost nigger
Go fuck yourself

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Seethe harder, faggot.

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I kind of want to wear a black robe in public kind of like what legal judges wear.

Would I be seen as a weirdo? Does anyone know examples of celebrities who do this?

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If you've honestly got to ask this, you're too far gone for help

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pls wear it so i can spot a fellow /fa/ sperg in public

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sith fit

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It's hard to find a flannelshirt with a pattern I like, but I found a few that look great for me from Quiksilver.

All I know is that it is a brand related to surfing, could you share your opinion on this brand and how she is qualitywise?

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Why don't you look and dress like this

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because I'm a twink

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Cools shirt bro…where did you get it…

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Not sure my wife bought it for me

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OP is cringe but this is cringer

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I like the strength in those forearms.
You could probably choke me out.

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can we have a
fashionable lifestyle and living areas and architecture style and design thread?

Post something new and interesting.

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do we have any wikis or ELI5-type things about interior design and stuff like this thread?

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russia housing but cooler

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sticc is the new thicc edition

>post thinspo
>eat at a caloric deficit until you reach your goal weight
>exercise to tone up
>stay hydrated


Low Calorie Food & Drinks List:

BMR and TDEE Calculator
>allows you to pick multiple ways of calculating your BMR (the most commonly used one is outdated and inaccurate)
>has options for fasting
>body fat percentage

Ask all your thinspo and weight-related questions here.

Literally just put down the fork.

Feel free to post:
>current stats: height, weight, gender, age
>highest weight
>goal weight
>preferred method of losing weight
>aesthetic you're going for

Also post thinspo pics, your goal bodies (fictional or real), recipes and tips etc.

Previous thread: >>17082064

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He'll just look at the average teenage girl
They're all either obese or anorexic
We're devoting into a society where ugly people just don't care anymore

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i have four parties this week (one of them is tomorrow) and i ate above my limit today. disgusting. i guess i'll just fast all day on the party days, then eat during the party, and keep the exercise as usual and that should do it... anyway at least there's finally some thinspo in these threads...

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anon you're very thin as is. How much lower is your goal? kinda worrying ngl.

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What's a good bmi for men

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Currently at 16.5, which is VERY low. Mild health problems, I think (my doctors always say I need to gain weight). I'm skeeeny. Trying to gain weight (i know thats not the point of this thread).

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not even once

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>watching sports

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People are laughing at you behind your back
/fa/ does not understand fashion at all and the posters here only ever seem to achieve a vaguely gay liberal look
Just dress normal and ignore everything this board says to do

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Great Britain

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Hampstead Heath after 11pm specifically

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who /have prominent cheeks but your face is so mildly fat that it doesn't even matter because it makes them barely visible/ here?

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What's up fellow channers?

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Is it possible to get rid of my farmers tan in 3 months? It's winter where I live and I wanna get rid of it by September at least, what would be the fastest way? I can't sunbathe because it's too cold outside and I don't think there are any tanning salons near where I live

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Had tan lines on my feet from sandals. Took 2,5y to fully fade.

If you havent peeled before, doing so once a week will help. But more than waiting for your skin to die naturally and fall over, revealing lees melanized layers and so on, you can't do shit.

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No. Your skin layers have formed melanin. And its not just the current layer. It will slowly fade with each round but depending on your base layer it can take up to 2-3 years to fully disappear, even with no sun exposure at all. Your best chance is applying sun scree on the darker parts and going to a sun studio.

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Thicc ass

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Based furfag but come on this is shameless exhibitionism brah

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Thanks anon, I think I'll just go through this summer wearing long sleeved shirts, if I'm lucky I won't have by the summer after the next one

It's a photo I took for /fit/, it shows most of my muscles and I like the pose

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How do I cop this fit for next winter season?

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Scavenge estate sales in Transylvania?

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Where can I get a similiar suit to the ones worn by Takeshi Kitano in his movies?

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your local tailor

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where can i get the button up shirt that he is wwearing

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bump for kino

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Why did the slim fit trend die out?

>> No.17093952

when did that happen?

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Cute bottoms like this are why I live in a college town

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I still see people dressed like that regularly

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That's surely skinny fit and not slim. Actually I've seen quite big slim fits, maybe they're bigger now

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how can i pull off this messy hair look. what should i do for my hair to not be fucking flat during a party.

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business casual with some accessories will work 90% of the time

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ayy that's my boy swoopy

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>Necktie should land somewhere near your belt when standing
>When sitting it becomes comically long and in the way

What's the solution to this?

>> No.17093900

Tie should end where the pants start
Simple as

>> No.17094119

Tuck it into your waistband.

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the wider the tie
the longer it should hang

but not more than an inch over the belt buckle

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If he wore a watch what would it be?

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Rolex Explorer obviously

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sure, for when he is teaching, he doesn't dress the same way for teaching and for going on expiditions. He would have worn a sturdy field watch and today he would wear a g shock or a garmin.

>> No.17094397

whatever watch charlton heston would have worn in the secret of the incas

>> No.17094541

didn't exist yet brainlet. a rolex bubble back would be great fit for the professor/adventurer thing though
also great suggestion. indy is all amercan so it makes sense that hed rock a bulova or hamilton or even a waltham pocket watch for when he is teaching.
lol also this

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man, it's such a bitch to match everything when you've got lots of clothes. i now understand why women take so much time preparing to go out. also blue jeans are amazingly versatile item.

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A. Those aren't blue jeans
2. Those are sweats
3. That t-shirt makes me want to run away
D. Where are the lats?
e. Ugg boats? Really?
6. Where's the Beouf?
g. he lacks delts

>> No.17094005

What's he always in such a hurry for?

>> No.17094023

the face is good but the rest is like oh shia no
homeless tier

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she likes being in abusive relationships
pic related

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Many of us enjoy a good spanking from time to time from a dominant male.
It is a perfectly healthy restoration of balance in the relationship after the woman nags all day

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Tee shirt thread post your tees

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Without looking like a goddamn hipster

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>wanting to look poor

for what purpose?

>> No.17093938

Hipsters didn't even exist then, how dumb can you get. The picture is literally hundred years old.

>> No.17093941

hipsters aren't even a thing anymore

>> No.17093966

This, their fashion style was assimilated into pop culture, it’s now the norm dress for basedboys.

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Hello /fa/
mind telling me why you haven’t taken the androgyny pill?

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>> No.17094600

kys commie faggot. you will never have any power.

>> No.17094605

>Stop spreading false narratives
funny, coming from trannies who can't even accept reality, you are not victims in 2022, no one can say anything without being hounded, cancelled or threatened with death. Everyone must accept your deranged ideology or else and deny reality, you are fascists with a pink white and blue flag, but no ordinary people believe the shit you spew out or accept you, this is why you will never win.

>> No.17094607

age comes for everybody and at a certain age if you keep dressing like that you're just a grown ass man who looks like a freak.

>> No.17094610

im not a faggot

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>compares gender identity/human rights to literal fascism
good bait

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