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I have shitty hair and I don't know what haircut should suit this, any help ?

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Anyone ?

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grow your top more, it's at an awkward length

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Also buzz the back evenly.

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Officially for normies

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>1400 $
What the fuck they retail at 600-700 Euros

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that's a relic of when euro:usd was 2:1

exchange rates working in your favor if you're euro-based. assuming, you know, that you have a job

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no, they just assume that they are the baseline audience. which is only human, everyone assumes that their POV is the objective POV. like you said, it literally takes specific (marketing) training to start to understand what a low level at which people generally operate

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Gad vide hvor du bor

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Always gotta keep in mind that 50% of the people are even less intelligent than the average person. But they still have money so you will want to manipulate them as much as possible to pay attention to your products. I mean, look at social media as a whole. A few years back a company was forced to spend big money on TV advertisement if they wanted their audience to see their product because newspapers and magazines simply were too limiting. Nowadays you just publish on the web, basically for free. Its so much easier and cheaper to target all sorts of social classes today, especially the stupid ones because they are the ones who excessively use social media.

At our office no one uses social media privately (apart from the people working in customer support). We just program tools and sell them to companies. Its quite funny, to be honest.

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Hi, my name is Skepta, and I hate every single one of you.

You're all obsessed with these designer brands fam. I don't wanna see your Stone Island, cuz. Man wears a black tracksuit to the award shows and still gets more gyal than you.

I used to wear Gucci, but I threw it all in the bin. So true, I used to look like you. But dressing like a mess, nah, that's not me

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It's common knowledge that Skepta's a massive trendhopper. He's only back on grime and being a roadman and shit because it's the "in" thing at the moment.

>friendly reminder that this was Skepta 2 years ago


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hes always been a 'roadman' you not listened to roll deep and shit from 2005 hes been like that since day 1

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He started as a roadman but he ditched that shit for a while.

He's only back on grime because it's cool again, and his pop career failed.


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>dead for years until mid 2014

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It was dead until German Whip came out. Then it was revived as a genre for 12 year old white middle class boys who watch KSI and play FIFA and follow Lad Bible on all their social media pages.

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Let's not think about how much he's loved by 16 year old tumblr girls who's born in the wrong generation and actually appreciate him for being the most effay musician. Everyone here who was old enough to appreciate his music when he was alive will agree too.

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>Nirvana STARTED the mainstream attraction to grunge

No they didn't. Mother Love Bone was the first band from that scene to attract a lot of attention from record labels. Soundgarden and Alice in Chains also had a lot of early interest. and both put out record before Nevermind that did reasonably well. Nirvana might have been the first band to get huge, but it's not like a vacuum existed before Smells Like Teen Spirit.

And In Utero is far from the best "grunge" album. Sweet Oblion, Dust, Badmotofinger, Vitalogy, and Dayglo are all better.

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Lmao what are you even talking about

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ok, "ten". you know what i meant.

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You didn't disprove me by the way. "Influential" is subjective. Influfential on what? Also, Ten did come out first, but sold slowly until the latter half of 1992. Nevermind surpassed Dangerous in January of 1992. Nirvana gave every other grunge band that mainstream platform.

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same vein? noisy, concise melodic heavy rock, basically more organic instrumentation with dissonance, energy, powerful rhythm

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didnt see one in catalog so

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Rare, out of stock Vintage Nike Dynasty. Worn 5-6 times in good condition

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Black jumper sold out, still got many others left, recent price drop.

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2 bad its a v neck

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I'm looking for a pair of black/white ramones in size 41 eur. I will only buy from someone located in the EU. Write to me on reddit @ourlegacy or just write here if you got any. Condition should be 8/10+. No mesh, rubber or neoprene ramones! No mountain ramones neither.

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Added new items

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Thread for made in America clothing.

Can anyone recommend some American made brands and more stores like unionmadegoods?

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Come on let's get this thread going dudes

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my red wings boat shoes have held up really well these past 5 years with daily use. Just needs a bit of mink oil every now and then.

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Brands I like
Mission Workshop
Topo Designs
Levi made and crafted
Vintage champion
Champion Japan
Brooks Brothers

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Those are pretty nice tbh
Great list, thank you

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daily reminder that "made in the usa" is a meme and literally means nothing. you are paying more to have a bunch of unskilled mexicans in a factory make your clothes as opposed to having a bunch of unskilled chinks in a factory in china make them.

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What do you think of these kind of backpacks?
They are packable, the material used is different. They kinda mold into whatever they are carrying.

I think they look cool but I am not that sure. I also just can't find any "normal" backpack I like around here.

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Looks dope>>10480179

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I have this for my high capacity bag. its fuckin awesome, the zip front makes it great to ocd pack a ton of shit perfectly like a puzzle.

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Can carry a surprising amount though I'm not sure about if you're gonna have a laptop or not then you might want the one with a laptop sleeve. The material is kind of stiff which makes the front pocket hard to open imo.

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v whitegirl

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Thoughts on whether wearing a belt is necessary or not?

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up to personal preference and the aesthetic you want to achieve

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hardcore inspo thread

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What does /fa/ think of my everyday style? Is it good? Is it bad? Need some advice please.

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the blue shirt and the glasses are straight up filthy frank... Everything else is nice.

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>either black skinnies
stop recommending this, they bad awful on most people including you probably

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unless you're fat/ short they're gonna work

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>hipster glasses
Kill yourself

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Lose the shoes buy black vans old skool

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who thought this was a good idea???

just let me browse shoes

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Sup /fa/. Id like to ask you about this hmm style. Give me some sources, brands, anything you know about it cause I cant even find how this style is calling.

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goth ninja. some loathe the term. even though i dress this style myself, i have no problem with the label.

brands are like boris bidjan saberi, yohji yamamoto, lost & found, julius, incarnation, alexandre plokhov

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for fucks sake thank you very much

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Fuccboi gay fag core

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w2c tie like pic related or similar

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>four-in-hand knot
haha go back to reddit

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what do you guys think of this style

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good shit

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>implying everyone that has this style got it from mac

>> No.10478868

it isn't even mac's style

demarco is more '90s trucker-lite bum chic than the straight up normcore these guys are on

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Tumblr fuccboi and tumblr fuccslut

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wavey garms is just a Facebook meme, isn't it?

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Forgive me if this thread is bunk, I'm a seagull who didn't feel like lurking.

My boyfriend doesn't have a sense of style, but he said he'd allow me to pick his clothing for him if I wanted to
(which I do). The thing is, I don't know shot about male fashion. I'm looking for some advice on putting together simple outfits. I've picked some things out that I like, but I'm not sure how fashionable they are for normal fag clothing.

Not as important, but he has a big forehead. If you drew a straight line upward at the front of his ears, his hairline ends maybe an inch before that. He wears his hair long in the front to cover it. I'm trying to find some hairstyle that may work, but all of the recommendations for "large forehead hairstyles" don't show foreheads quite as large as his.

Anyway, casual male fashion general. Any tips would be much appreciated.

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>women like this
>implying its not a picture from some meme magazine like men's health who essentially gives fashion advice based on whichever company pays them the most to recommend their product
>basically false trends to sell product
>men's health readers take it literally
>fucking 4channers take it literally

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>he said he'd allow me to pick his clothing for him if I wanted to

Does he also allow you to pick the bulls you fuck in front of him if you want to?

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>using the cuck meme
you must have pretty low self esteem

at least OP has a partner

>> No.10480376

this fit is really bad, OP.
It's too busy

>> No.10480380

thank you

can't believe people still spout that bullshit

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shia thread

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i'm starting to think he's a legitimate alcoholic. you can call cops dicks all you want but when you get arrested for drunken disorderly conduct multiple times then you're the common denominator

guy sure likes his sauce, hope he doesn't eventually actually end up in the street

>> No.10480741

More pics he's dip

>> No.10480749

pretty sure thats already known, i think he's been in treatment for it before. his dad was an alcoholic too.

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Shia was raped for Art. Google it.


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that's pretty effay.

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Anyone know which shoes he's wearing? And where to get them or similar ones?


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theyre suede derbies. google is your friend

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clarks desert london

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Thanks chaps.

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Is drifting /fa/? I'm moving to Japan next week and I'm trying to figure out whether or not I should partake in the underground street racing activities.

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lol @ your life
hope you crash

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What kind of haircut should I get

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heres anoither pic of me... what do you guys think??? :S

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Same question here.

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Just get the Edgemaster my man

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Are you gonna wear those glasses or not?
I'd say keep that hair

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