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>insecure about my "race"
>pretending there's a superior "race"
Kill yourselves

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Nigga don't be so stupid, it's just to show off dem ribs. Dude is sucking his stomach. Take it from someone that is 109.5 lbs.

It's the angle + stomach sucking + lightning. It's aesthetic to look at the bones but that is not his natrual relaxed look.

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You Also believe in left vs right, that Snowden is a traitor, think Trump really cares for the country and that American Politics aren't just a neo-reality show and that democracy is still viable in USA. You're going to vote, nothing will change for the better and everything will go down the sink anyway.

Look newfag. I used to lurk ´pol a lot as well, back when it was new it used to be a pile of shit but at least it had some smart posters to discuss politics or news with. Right now is a cesspool of memes that you're taking seriously. Nobody in the fashion industry "hates masculinity" whatever that shit is. They just prefer skinny, fairer, youthful looking men. The fashion world has been obsessed with the concept of "youth" before tumblr. So go be closet gay somewhere else.

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