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>run under 100% feed
>shitty finish, slow as fuck, looks like the hole was gnawed out by a meth-addled beaver

>run at 100% feed
>still shitty finish
>break insert, drill sewer slides itself, part is beyond repair

>run over 100% feed
>presumably, apocalypse

at their absolute best, these things suck to use and are finicky little piss goblins. at their worst they're dangerous to themselves, the part, and your machine. fuck indexable drills, fuck the guy who made them, fuck programmers who like them and fuck the retards who think they're easier to use than a normal twist drill paired with a boring bar. guess what, retards? you're gonna have to bore it out anyway, because the finish is so fucking obscene that no reasonable person or inspector would EVER accept it as anything other than scrap.

post indexable drill hate itt

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