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Dumb question on spending $$$:
I've contemplated this for like a whole month by myself and I can't handle it anymore. Please give me some opinions or thoughts ohmbros. You can alternatively call me a colossal fucking retard too.
I'm about to receive $2000 from my college (I'm a 2.5 year EE student), no strings attached and I'm thinking about setting up a home mini-lab. I live in an apartment (in the states) but it's mostly just me and my /diy/-tier brother so we have a decent amount of free space, no garage or anything, I also don't have to worry about bills.
I can think of a lot of benefits if I go through with this decision, however, I'm not sure if I should pull through with the decision because it's admittedly a lot of money.
I unironically don't have a fulfilling hobby and the only times I did have fun was with my EE lab class. I can see having my own mini-lab equipment at home as a way to be 'closer' with my major as the only times I get hands-on with it is during extremely limited lab classes which are further limited by the corona and just solving circuit problems 24/7 on paper isn't really that interesting or fun.
If I do buy lab equipment, I won't be buying keysight/keithley levels of equipment. Probably total around $1500 max: a decent oscilloscope from siglent, a decent power supply, a decent function generator, and a decent bench multimeter.
It's either I buy something that would likely become a hobby or I buy a bunch of stuff that I very likely won't ever need (I did this in the past).

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