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that website is also mis-understanding the term.
voltage drop in electronics isn't the amount a voltage has gone down, it is the voltage that appears accross a conductor or circuit. you are talking about losses, due to resistance, there is a voltage drop accross some of those conductors but it doesn't mean what you think it means. lets say you are using that 16awg wire which you state has a 2% "voltage drop". the voltage drop accross that conductor is not only proportional to the length, but also the load connected, saying 2% means nothing without other parameters.
so lets imagine some other parameters;
load is 8ohms, wire is 2ohms. you end up with 80% of the voltage accross the load, if the supply voltage is 200 volts, the voltage drop of the wire is 20% so 40V, the load has a voltage drop of 160V.
Wouldn't surprise me if some institution or company started using a different definition, because the people who make new standards for electronics are totally fucking retarded.

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>Based. I'm homeless.
what's your shelter set-up, homeless anon? tent? or couch surfing? or something else?
>Then everything becomes a drum
KEK it's true. I always catch myself banging old paint cans or buckets.

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Not the anon you're replying to but since you mentioned that at even lower levels, it gets hard to get help, what level are you at exactly? Are you in college?
I'm currently beginning electronics so there's still a decent amount of resources, though they're not as good or as detailed as I would like them to be.
>It makes me want to give up but EE is my only passion if I did where the fuck do i go from there?
Anon, why does it sound like you'd give up on a passion because at the later stages, it gets harder and lonely? Admittedly, it does get scary and even a bit frightening, but I don't think you should give up on a passion because of it.

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a lot of the really old ones used resonant circuits, with an inductor and a capacitor. they would be fed a pulse to trigger the resonance and make a bit of oscillation.

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rectifryer is recifried.

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