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So, what do we call the residents of this board? /diy/kes? /diy/namos? /diy/nosaurs?

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my personal favorite so far is mac/diy/ver

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Yes, these are my two favorites. /diy/hard rolls nicely, but mac/diy/ver is actually related, so I'm pretty sure that's the one that's going to become common, though it is a little long.

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I think that /diy/hard and /diy/namo are pretty cute; I wouldn't mind being called those.

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We have a winrar.

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my favorites:


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nan/diy/man for the crafters, wood working, metal working etc.

/diy/namos for electronics, electric and tech related.

mac/diy/ver for survival and hacking,

/diy/nousaurs for those who eat people

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/diy/nosaurs. i vote /diy/nosaurs.

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/diy/hard is just as "unrelated" to the board
and han/diy/men sounds a little weird

/diy/nosaurs is attractive and flows off the tongue well

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Is there no other dinosaur-demonym board on 4chan already?

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Holy /diy/vers

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not that i know of, no

i can just imagine our "board character" being a Utahraptor with some protective goggles, a tool belt, operating a lathe

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Dinosaurs it just lolsorandum.

There are already enough /soc/fags and /b/tards here as it is.

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complete /diy/khead's

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pic related

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i like this.

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/diy/hards, or mac/diy/vers

Anything else is /b/tier fail

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both of those are failtier.

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fit have the T Rex mode, and everybody walks the dinosaur, they even have a dino running on the sticky.

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"people from /g/ and /sci/"

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Also from /tg/ and /cgl/ and nowhere in particular.

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Let it be known.
We're now /diy/hards.

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what does /diy/ stand for has now become a /diy/ meme

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Fuck your meme shit, go back to /b/.

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"Broatz", innit? But /fit/izens aren't called /fit/isaurs. We're still in the clear.

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arguing that what are the inhabitants of /diy/ are called and calling people who think it is a meme faggots is now a meme, it has just become the first meme of /diy/

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my favorites are /diy/hards, hand/diy/men, /diy/kes, /diy/kheads, and mac/diy/vers.

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depends on how you say /diy/
I'm just going to say d-i-y

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I like /diy/lettantes. But I think maybe not everyone knows what a dilettante is?

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My question:
Can we >imply about as much as /v/ does?

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>mfw no spoilers

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I want to say "dye". /diy/hards, /diy/kes and mac/diy/vers are my favs.

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Thats what I'll be using.

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best of holy diver and macguyver together at last

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because none of us is ever gonna be as awesome as tesla.

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noko goes in the e-mail field bro.

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Why dilute what seems to turn into a swell board with shit like this?

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Well, whenever a new board is created there's always a few days of people coming up with what to call themselves...it's kind of a fun tradition imo.

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I still like Mc/diy/vers

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fuck yeah, /diy/nosaurs

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i'm still sticking to /diy/ctators

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I've read earlier in some other thread /diy/ctators.
Kinda liked it, since one need to stfu to learn something.
Otherwise i like your /diy/namos too. (since it is used to produce something, which is pretty much the point of the board aswell).

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Since we all know that "some people" will never do anything by themselves, it's kinda appropriate.

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/diy/odes for electronics buffs.

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/diy/cks and /diy/kes

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You know, to honor Bucky.

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I am not familiar with the origin word of this. What is it?

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Do it yourselfers

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there are two threads about this on the front page.

come on people get your shit together

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so it looks like the top ones are /diy/hards, han/diy/men, and /diy/nosaurs.

Now look here, /diy/hards has a badass ring to it, han/diy/men probably fits the board a little better, and /diy/nosaurs, while sounding very nice, is just completely unrelated to the board, plus /fit/'s mascot is a dinosaur.

han/diy/men ir /diy/hards take your picks.

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Nope, I'm gonna keep using /diy/lettantes and you can't stop me.

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we shall see about that /diy/ck hole

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/diy/nosaurs /diy/hards or /diy/kes


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i'm with this guy those two are gay. mac/diy/vers or /diy/nosaurs.

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>"you shot my kids' pet chicken!"
>"What? You keep a fucking chicken for a pet?"

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DAMNIT, i thought we agreed on mac/diy/vers already. it's obviously the smartes and most relevant one.

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i think /diy/fags would be apt

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No. We. Did. Not.

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Me gusta.

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and holy mac/diy/vers(super helping nontripfags)

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how about /diy/rections

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/diy/sney /diy/ attack

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>/diy/nousaurs for those who eat people
I can't wait for the cannibalism food prep threads.

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I want to put up a new vote for /diy/casters.

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Not bad, but that sounds like some sort of /tg/ subgroup within /diy/

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We already have d/ic/ks.

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We have had this argument before.


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our first arguement! *titters*

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OP here. Just because I there was one thread that became strangely popular, doesn't mean it's subject matter is a meme. There is a difference. Read a book.

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arguements to what the inhabitants of /diy/ are called is now officially FORCED. There shall be no more threads posted regarding this topic, by orders of the cabal.

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I knew ZOG was running this place! Sic semper tyrannus! Anonymoose iz leejon!

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how about trash/diy/vers

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I love you

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go back to /b/ fucktard.... don't polute this unsullied board with your meme bullshit

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The first one I saw used was /diy/hard.

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Yes please.

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Cute, but irrelevant. hand/diy/man is pretty good. mac/diy/vers is witty, and relevant.

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just throwing these out there. I don't see us referring to ourselves as /diy/ceratops but have a field day.

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I think this is about as far as I can take it.

I've an odd desire to check the local dollar store for the glow-in-the-dark plastic ones now.

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Saw this thread before, it's already been settled that it's mac/diy/vers.

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Holy /diy/vers.

You can see our stripes but you know were clean.

Oh, don't you know what i mean.

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Sounds too much like innuendo for practitioners of a sexual act known only by Apple users.

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As proven by this thread

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mac/diy/ver surely

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/diy/kes for sure, mostly because I came up with it.

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It's pronounced "di-eeee, not die. like deeeeeeeee

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i thought we already confirmed we're /diy/kes

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Holy /diy/vers!

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Fellow, han/diy/men.

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I second third and forth this option.

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Dee Eye Why?
Because we gotta!

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dubs have spoken

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Thx for the support guys :)

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It is known!

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So let it be written, so let it be done!

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As if that's for you to decide.

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It's Holy /DIY/Vers now. Dio hath spoken

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Seconding Holy /diy/vers in honor of the late and great Ronnie James /diy/O

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Just to let you know, I'm officially choosing /diy/nosaurs as the official demonym, because it is a marketing goldmine.

T-rex with hard hat and tool-belt? Methinks so!

But go ahead and patter amongst yourselves, pretending you have any choice in the matter.

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also '/diy/nosaur' fits with our penchant for nixie tubes and vacuum tubes.

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In Dio we trust

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the great Ronnie James Dio hath spoken.

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BUMP for Holy /diy/vers & Dio

because i want all your opinions on this

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Nah, i'm all for dio... but it just doesn't fit.
/diy/nosaurs fits.

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i vote for /diy/nosaurs

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What about just /diy/guys?

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all of these fucktarded name threads are like internet /diy/arrhea

>> No.24142

Mac/diy/vers.. Seriously.

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>> No.24214

i made a poll, cast your vote!

>> No.24230

result page: http://www.yourfreepoll.com/zespjvupsr.html

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You could let it come naturally by making non-shitty meta threads and then see what catches on, faggot dumbass dumbfuck OP.

>> No.24247

Loving this one because it perfectly describes this board..

Bunch of idiots trying to make cool stuff.

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At first I said holy shit at the 3 way tie, then realized there are only 3 votes.

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bump, lets get this over with.

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>> No.24349

Several of those have a common theme, and most of them are too long or cumbersome to use.

I'm just going to call myself a /diy/ver. Several of the poll suggestions end with that anyway, and this is much smaller and simpler than like... all of those.

>> No.24371

Heres a thought.

Since it's a DIY board.

Do it yourself and make up you're own term.
MOTHA fuckaaaa

/DIY//k/head here :D

>> No.24372

I'm not so much for making "cool" stuff, but rather working stuff that I can't (or don't want to pay for) elsewhere.

>> No.24376

I second this motion. It also shows how DIY has fallen out of favor in a way, since people are more willing to buy a new product than to fix an old one.

>> No.24383

/diy/nosaurs ALL the way.

>> No.24414

Or when the old gets too old, I'm all about improving the new stuff. Why settle for what some marketing manager somewhere thinks will suit me.

>> No.24500

/diy/ you faggots.

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>no /diy/lettantes
I refuse to use your shitty poll.

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