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Any super simple mods for ultra cheap mics?

Picked up a bm-800 for $14 before Christmas and wanted to mod it. I thought about just swapping the capsule but I'm not sure what would be cheap yet high quality.

Not sure if changing the circuitry would be beneficial either, but I'd like to do something simple in that end.

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The best place to get quality mic parts is from a quality microphone. At which point, you should just buy a nice mic if you need it. Between the transducer and the transmitter, there isn't much you can do.

Btw, a quick google seems to show that you bought a shit mic with a bagillion fake reviews.

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It's an electret microphone, you'd need to make a few electronics mod to use it with condenser capsule.

Also it seems piss poor for use with a soundcard. Seems designed for at least 12V power, seeing as it has a 9.1V zener based linear regulator. Soundcards only provide 5V.


The amplification circuit they use isn't really bad. Non-linear as fuck (doesn't matter) but noise should be okay, apart from the dodgy linear regulator.

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PS. I guess it might be possible that there is active circuitry in the 3.5 jack to XLR cable to create sufficient phantom power.

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Some guy on /g/ has made a modification for this microphone that lowers the noise floor or something like that.

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Here's the schematic of the mod.

Look up MS alice if you want something that is far more complex (essentially a new microphone using the BM-800 body).

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Makes sense, zeners can be noisy.

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This is an okay circuit for something with a XLR input providing phantom power, but it's a bit dodgy for a soundcard input which might provide less than 3V.

To use this mic with a soundcard I'd suggest ditching the whole fucking circuit except for the JFET, and connecting drain to pin 2 of the XLR connector.

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