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A friend is asking for help in building a shelving system, like a book case, for her lizard and snake tanks. Any cheap ideas?

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im sorry but those girls are ugly.

girls in a group and farther away (thumbnail) usually look better, but normal size those chicks are only thin not attractive.

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How's those unrealistic beauty standard working out for ya bro?

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Nah, 1 and 3 are pretty enough. 2 and 4 aren't.

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Catch them on a good day and I bet you would.

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make a bookcase? it's not that hard

otherwise do something like this; they can hold quite a bit of weight with the proper materials

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>two of them have a fish hook stuck in there belly
absolutely disgusting

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Y'all have some good sex lives if these girls aren't up to your standards. Dam I wanna get my dick off again

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I would fuck them all but only the one on the left has a semi decent pretty face, the others are ugly as fuck.

I don't have gf and I'm kinda ugly myself but yeah that doesn't change the fact that they're ugly too. Some chubby fine pussies though

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Butterface as fuck.

That chick with the orange underwear got a 10/10 body but that fucking face lmao. Shit most of biz fat asses probably got better faces.

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You got a pretty shit sex life if you think these bitches are pretty. Bodies are good but those faces. You can have them bro.

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And this is why you don't start a thread with a picture of women if you want to talk about shelves.

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i think the grills are qts

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Op fucked up

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Would fuck all these girls as long as they smell good. If not I'm packing baby wipes anyhow so I'd still fuck em all.
Dubs get

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Demand payment, do not give your labor away for free, especially to a female. They do not deserve it, will not respect you for it, or feel grateful in any way.

For cheapness, order some flat pack shit off ikea.

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Enjoy your STD

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Looks like Newt Gingrich.

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>think to myself, "it can't be that bad"
>click thumbnail
>it's that bad

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>not havings STDs
You are a neckbeard virgin, aren't you?

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>Betacuck telling anon to go anywhere.
yeah, no u faggot.

Do not do shit for free for females. For a bro you know that will pay you back in kind? Alright.

the female won't though. "I'll let you touch a boob lol ;)" is not fucking payment and is demeaning to both of you.

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3 has the worst face of the group, by a long shot.
The rest just have weird expressions, obviously outside of when they thought a shot was being taken.

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4 has the same face as that one trap in Conair movie, 2 is an ayyy lmao. Both are worse than 3

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