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Post your latest projects, complete or in-progress.

Pic related:
A bracket that hangs from the ceiling. I milled the centre, drilled, and tapped some holes and now I'm hanging a swing in my room.

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Hanging a swing from a nail?

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Even if you're anarexic you will just rip it out of the ceiling when you sit on it

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even with a bolt/screw there i don't think that's enough for a swing

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I'm going to put a heavy bag on it.

Its a concrete anchor. It goes 2inches into the ceiling and holds up my skinny 70kg ass. A 30kg bag won't be a problem.

Unrelated factory pic

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A static load is a whole hell of a lot different than a dynamic load

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why is the bar supporting the bolts which take half of the load twice as thick as the nail which takes the whole load?

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I'm going to agree with the other anon. You arent using something that is built for a hanging swinging weight. I would look into some 3/8" drop in anchors for better support. Its not so much that the nail wont hold, its more that the concrete probably wont. Concrete as you know usually isnt super consistent, and tends to blow out rather easily at the edges. Precast (what your ceiling is probably) tends to blow out with any sharp blow.

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put some pillows underneath your swing so that when your skinny arse falls you might not break your tailbone or hip.

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Sammy bolts work well also.

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Injecting some epoxy before screwing those in should make them impossible to pull out.
I would really use more than 1 per side though
4 would be the minimum for me

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I have had to many issues with tapcons to suggest that style of anchor.

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good idea. last time I used them were the1/4" ones x 1-1/2" for drilling into 11" concrete ceiling and hanging spiral duct from them. Screws were rated for around a 200lb load. Only problem with multiple screws in concrete is spacing. You need at least 3-4 inches minimum between screws. Epoxy is good idea.

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not a tapcon.
The drill out is smaller than diameter of center of screw. It takes a real drill to drive them into the concrete. And other poster idea of epoxy makes them great.

Big metal buildings you see? They drill hole in slab, toss in epoxy in a tube, and then slam rods onto them breaking glass. And that is what holds those huge ass steel pillars and beams anchored in place.

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I made a parabolic microphone. I don't really have any "in progress" pics but here she is.

Cost about 50 bucks and works fantastic! Here she is juxtaposed with a commercially-available one.

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the pic has the same style threading as a tapcon.. oh well off to bed

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Finished tailstock vise. Grain isn't great for using bench dogs hopefully it'll last.

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I made a bike trailer out of an old folding chair and some wheels off a bike I picked up out of the trash

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certainly an improvement on the stock waterbottle holder

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fire box grill i just arc welded up
made from 10 x 20 flat bar

if it dosent last long ill remake it from 20 x 20 bar

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Walk us through steps and materials?

I need this, for reasons.

Whats the range and amplification?

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>my skinny 70kg ass.

Don't forget to add the 20 stone girlfriend.

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I told you once already, squirrel baffle man. The rest you just improvise.

I have a portable digital recorder I use for amplification/recording/playback. That's sold seperately.

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OP here.
I'll be getting a bag soon. I'll use it until it comes crashing down, then I'll replace the anchors with bigger ones that expand.

When it falls, will it rip out a chunk of my ceiling?

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3D printing a water gun for a cosplay

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Your idea to mill the block made som notch failure areas where there's a sharp 90 degree.

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Its going to be supporting less than 100lbs AGAINST the notches. Its also still a 1/2" of steel. Go be an engineer somewhere else

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probably. please post results in any case

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>built with a bunch of shit i purchased at the drug store
surrusly coulda built that, alot quicker then printing it. what are you cosplaying, earthbound? just ebay a supersoaker

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>3D printing prop made of what is essentially just PVC pipe fittings

Jesus fucking Christ.

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Could be worse. He could be machining it out of a billet.

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>concrete nail


research proper anchors before you hurt yourself

those are shit
>real drill
impact driver...

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Teaching myself electronics by designing a board around a poorly documented synth chip.

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Moon light for my fishtank

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I just finished a blanket chest/coffee table. The lid pulls off completely so you don't have to clear the top of stuff if you want to get anything out of it.

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I used pine wood from Menards that I had laying around from building some bookcases in my house.

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There's a shelf inside that opens up allowing access to the bottom level, providing a greater ability to organize based upon how frequently things are used.

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The handles are all made with sisal rope which will lay flat enough to utilize the majority of the space.

The final dimensions are roughly 3' long by 2' wide by 22 inches high. I built most of it sans power tools (since I'm poor and don't have any besides a drill) I did use the drill for the rope holes since I couldn't find my bit and brace.

I haven't decided if I'll paint or stain it yet, it's going to go in my living room for use as a coffee table and I haven't decided what color I'm painting my living room yet.

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If you were a student in my flat, during welding, i'd archweld your fucking eyes.
That's the most disgusting welds i've seen in my life.

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In my class. Fuck vodka.

Capcha: 1920 . so close to 19201

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Care to share some more info on this?

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Much edgy, such skilled.

Did you stop to remember that this is a DIY board and that this was maybe some of his first welds.
He just had too much heat on but those welds will stick, especially for their purpose.
Not to be a whiteknight but i've both seen and made much worse welds when i started and the fact that you need to be an ass about it both tells that you're probably not that great a welder yourself and that you most deffinetly is a shitty teacher.

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>tfw just wrote the loan papers on my first home

I'm terrified and exited at the same time.

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i just finished this butchers block prep surface for my kitchen. perfect height. made from poplar with a steel pipe frame/legs. 2 late evenings and 1 morning worth of work. ive got the diy bug now.

next stop, chicken coup made from recycled building materials

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not that recent but I sewed up this bike bag so I can keep records while I bike around and check compost bins.

Hammer & screwdrivers are to repair rat holes.

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Has to be rather accurate to the character's one though. I did have the idea of using PVC piping but I want it to fit together cleanly, not to mention I wanna easily reproduce them.

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PVC pipe comes in endless (not really) shapes and sizes. More than likely, you'd be able to find pieces that will be exactly the right size for the different elements of the gun.

Also, PVC pipe is made to fit together. I'm not sure if there's been some sort of misunderstanding.

Normally I'm all for using 3D printing for prop making, but it would be a waste of time and money to print this.

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getting ready to try to sell my first home to purchase something closer to work and bigger
>just finished doing a layover on half the roof because it leaked in a bunch of spots on the front half right under the trees that are out front and I could never figure out all the leaks so I just said fuck it
>still need to finish installing a drain in front of the garage but haven't been able to pour concrete because it's been raining so I have a huge trench in front of the garage dug out
>still need to refinish half the ceilings in the house because of water damage
>still have electrical to hook back up from previous unfinished projects in the attic and crawl space
>having new windows installed because the old ones are falling appart, painted and nailed shut from the previous owner, they are oddball size so I would have to custom order them anyway, the window company will install them for marginally more money than I can even do it myself.
>still have a project car in the garage with the engine out and apart that needs to go back together at least to the point it can run and drive
>there is some drywall work in the garage that is messed up that I should probably patch up before trying to sell
>still need to collect a few documents to send to the loan dept at the bank so they can get me an approval letter to buy the new house
I've put a lot of work into this house, but i'll probably lose money on it because it's in a shitty area
but I will be going from a barely 1 car attached garage to a 3+ car attached garage so there is that, but I feel a little overwhelmed at the moment.

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Hell you could even carve most of those pieces out of high density foam. Also, you can bend PVC by filling the pipe with hot sand and shaping it around a form. for that size a piece, its going to be a very wasteful print.

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Looks nice, anon. Do you have any plans to stain it or do any finishing work to it?

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I might paint it depending on what color I end up painting my living room. I'm working on burning my address into a board to hang on my house since I hate the numbers on it and if I get into wood burning I might burn a design into the top of it.

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The Yamaha 2608B
It's a 16-channel sound chip, primarily using FM synthesis, and I'm planning on connecting it to a single-board computer's GPIO,
I haven't managed to find any spec-sheet, or any good example circuits, just a leaked application manual that was mechanically translated from Japanese, and this thing.

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The insides are pretty much hollow for the batteries and water pump so it's not as much plastic as you might think... I'll keep it in mind for future projects though, already bought the filament.

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i am working on a solar racing car, we made a cheap wind tunnel to test airfoils.
we are waiting for approval to make a big one

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you need someone's permission to make a bigger wind tunnel?

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Why are you testing airfoils? Buy "theory of wing sections", go to UIUC website, check out java foil or Xflr5, etc. Unless you're doing something unique/novel or are adapting previously existing airfoils most of the data you need exists.

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Hexapod, mostly a clone from "stubby" from the hackaday contest, hopefully i will be able to implement a bluetooth module and use an app made by me from my phone to control it

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>Why are you testing airfoils
It's a safe assumption that anon means 'We're testing various body styles to determine what factors most significantly effect the drag coefficient."

Cool wind tunnel. Is the air at the point of the test object smooth or turbulent? I read a trick somewhere about using a wall of soda straws to smooth turbulent air, and wondered if it was really necessary.

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Then perhaps that anon should have used grossly incorrect terminology. Also, considering electric vehicles tend to be nothing but airfoils my point is extremely valid.

>I wonder if smooth airflow that is flowing axially through the tunnel with no vorticity is important to getting accurate drag/lift numbers

No. That is not a "cool wind tunnel".

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should not*

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I made a wind tunnel like that in middle school. Numbers all over the place.

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Presently making some big LED equalizer bars. They fit into one of those light boxes used for viewing X-rays. I'll probably add batteries, stereo circuits, and speakers too.

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>equalizer bars
you mean a spectrum analyser though right?

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>>I wonder if smooth airflow that is flowing axially through the tunnel with no vorticity is important to getting accurate drag/lift numbers

No fucking shit. Look at the picture. It's high school. The important skill to learn is thinking. I asked a leading question so he would think and Google it and try it out.

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If you haven't learned to learn from other peoples mistakes by high school then asking a vague question with positive regard for what they've already done isn't going to encourage them to look beyond what has already been done. It's going to make them think "other people think this is alright so it must be." That they hadn't looked up the important factors of a wind tunnel puts further doubt on how much "thinking" they have learned. In short, you're a fucking idiot to be vague when some one obviously doesn't know what they're doing and then getting pissy when some one points out their flaws so they can actually learn something without the thought of "wtf did that guy even mean"

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I'm a member of another solar racing team. Good start but if you haven't built a car before I wouldn't worry too much about aerodynamics. There are a lot of harder parts that matter more.

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Please don't ever weld anything again.Or maybe read a book about it before you do

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Other than that big deep grind on the blade that my ocd can't stand I'm happy with it.

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looks kick-ass to me.

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A rustic Skyrim themed chest I started today! The interior box is 12mm MDF with square support beams, glued and screwed in. Decorative planks cut by hand and screwed on, 3 coats of Ronseal Walnut varnish. My first ever DIY build, chuffed with it so far!

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Varnish on the planks, tape to protect the MDF which needs sealing and then getting sprayed a dull metallic grey, and painted with Nordic style patterns. Also got black iron handles for the sides, plus black eyelet and hinges for when I build the lid next week.

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>I'll use it until it comes crashing down
Might as well just order the expansion bolts/drop in anchor/epoxy studs now. The steel might hold, but if you're going into concrete then that will fail first. Concrete is not like granite or other rock and will crack and fail quite easily, especially over multiple cycles of loading/unloading. I place bolts in all kinds of shit and concrete sucks (God help you if you hit a piece of rebar...) It takes four 5/8" bolts sunk >4" deep to make a decent anchor in concrete slab, but that's for fall protection. Double up on the bolts, and sink them deep.

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First go at making a straight razor out of an old file, need more practice, not too bad for a first shot on a bench grinder tho...

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I'm working on a total overhaul of FuzzBall to create a complete database with all of the absolutely basic essential plugins installed and in perfect working order, ten I'm going to copy it, clear out the userbase excepting the program placeholder accounts, and contribute the change back to the community. In addition to minimal and advanced database files, they'll have a 'complete' db file which will allow them to pretty much download, run, and go. 100% working solution out of the box with minimal configuration involved.

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Making my basement into a huge survivalist/fallout shelter.

Working on storage shelving every wall in my basement. No pics.. not that exciting. I am pretty proud of the fact that I have managed to spend only the cost of screws on the project (well, and wear and tear on tools I guess) up to this point. Using all dunnage lumber and scrap plywood from factory I work at. So far have about.. hmm well let me figure out exactly.. 576+120+24+124=844 square feet of shelving along walls at cost of a lot of probably 30-40 bucks worth of drywall/all purpose screws of various lengths. Shelving is split between standard storage bin size and roughly magazine shelving size. Have a bunch spaced to serve as bunks if need be.. currently can sleep 9 if bins removed (adults). Also ripped out the walls (just the sheathing part, not the structural part) along the side of my basement stairs and put double wide shelving there half of which is accessed from the stairs only and half from the basement side. The section that overlaps the portion where the stairs cover part of the shelving as they angle down is now a hidden storage area with false backing.
On the list of 'to dos': flip down steel plate basement window covers, Exterior concrete planters which will slide into the slots for existing basement windows. Finish air tightness sealing in a few places. (Using various kinds of greatstuff and also some waterproof coating stuff I think is mostly for bathroom remodels.) I need to figure out a way to add a media box to put filers into the chimney cleanout and add a squirrel cage type fan which can reverse the flow to suck filtered air down into the basement from the top of the chimney. Will try to get some pics once it looks more interesting than: "Heh, nice shelves."

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next time weld it a lil hotter..

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Sounds like a lot of work man. You're going to be on that doomsday preppers show!

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Nearly done, handle still needs work and I've got to sit down and grind a decent edge on.
Scabbard also needs work.

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Finished it a few weeks ago, 24 pounds, 14 guage galvinized steel, 5/16in diameter rings.
took about 105 hours, had to spend a lot of time tailoring it to fit right.

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I wouldnt have the patience for this in the slighttest

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A smelter for aluminium, brass and so on.
Tried casting a finger guard for a knife... But failed.
Made a lot of rookie mistakes, which will be corrected for my next attempt.

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what is that Stonehenge looking thing to the left of the plants?

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No drugs r drug paraphernalia faget.

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Cut the rust off the bottom of my stairs - dropped-in a new concrete footing/tread;
Painted the Stringers
Making all-new Newel-posts etc to support Timber Ballustrade, and allow wider Treads.
- its taken Five weekends so-far , what-with digging-out the old footing and Reinforcing , hold-down-bolts , stripping the old stringers etc.
But it will be great when it's finished.
AND the stairs will be wider - Two bags of shopping wide. [and will look good]

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Pompous fags love to belittle people who actually make abb effort
instead of offering help.
It's better than seeing a bunch of zany what if projects clogging the catalog

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Cleaning my mom's garden from all the weed and hopefully she can use it next year. Today I cleaned out most of the weed and tomorrow I will continue with pulling roots and turn the soil (hopefully most of the roots left will freeze over winter). Then I'm gonna fix her greenhouse up and make a stone path to it.

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Progress so far

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Fixing up an old boat. Sanding benches, repainting and adding a board to each side. ( cant figure out how to measure the taper for the boards.) I know, shitty pic.

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>Decorative planks
I had to smile there.

>> No.703084


Oh man, I loved those things that you sit on and dig with, those were the fucking bomb

>> No.703095

That's beautiful anon.

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CD Drive stash box with a twist.

Mine keeps the same face, but the back pops out so you have a lot more room than the traditional cd drive.

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