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I'm in a bit of a bind here, people. Need some advice. I work for a veterinarian and dental supply company as a service technician, and during one of my jobs I had to fix a sterilizing unit, used to clean surgical tools. Well, I decided to give the clinic a loaner sterilizer and take theirs with me to work on. Only problem is their sterilizer has this weird ass plug that won't go into regular outlets, which means I can't work on shit. Pic related.

My question is, is there any device I could buy or place I could go that would allow me to power this thing so I can fix it? I'd really rather not have to bring it back to the clinic and work on it there at this point, since it just begs the question
>What did you do with it while you had it?
Unless you think they might not ask that...

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You're a service technician, getting paid for your work, and you can't power up a device because the prongs don't go into your outlets?

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>service tech
>never encountered a locking outlet

Go to home depot, hope they have a nema l6-20r or similar in stock, wire that into a box with an extension cord, plug it in, make sure you use a 20amp outlet and adequate wiring, hope it’s not the 30amp kind (maybe check the data sheet for the equipment, also to double check the outlet you need as l6-20r may not be correct)

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I'm new, alright? I'm still learning. Don't bully pls. But thanks for the advice.
Duly noted.

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>plug clearly marked L5 20P

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I'm in Florida. And I'm black. Most the vet techs I seen are white

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Wow, you're awful at your job.

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didn’t look at it all that closely, dude can do his own job. tbf I did say he should double check that

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Give it back Jamal.