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my formwork looks like ass but i made do with what i have. my insurance dropped me over broken step corners and out of code balcony railing so like what do you do?

I forgot a form lubricant for the first one on the bottom but half thats gonna be covered by the pavers.

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what the FUCK am I looking at

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nigger rigged forms for conrete step repair.

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>I forgot a form lubricant
Better than putting a rotten form lubricant... For every structural element of a building, making the entire thing uninhabitable from the awful stench it will release for eternity.

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That angle, man.
The confusion of looking at only a plan view of a piece of intricate equipment is the same confusion of looking at a birds eye view of this.

Just take a normal "isometric" viewed picture.

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not op but 4chan auto rotates pictures

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