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I have a bunch of these ugly bricks full of holes and I was wondering if I can make them into Real bricks.
As far as I my brain can think there is only 1 ingredient on them, Brick, So it has to be possible to remold them?
Or Im being retarded?

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Sure why not
After you remould it, you have to bake it in a kiln

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>Im being retarded?
yes. firing clay in a kiln chemically changes it permanently

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why you can do that with bricks and not with concrete? some chemical stuff?

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>firing clay in a kiln chemically changes it permanently
shit. so I can only use broken bricks to fill a subfloor

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You can use them as "aggregate" for new bricks if you add fresh clay, or alternatively mix it with cement for a pseudo opus signinum which offers extra water resistance

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No and why would you do that? That brick you have is meant for nonstructural walls, not aesthetics.

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Yes, it's possible. You'd need to grind them really fine, mix them with a binder (if they're ground fine enough, water will do) then heat them to just below the melting point to sinter them.
>firing clay in a kiln chemically changes it permanently
how so? red clay bricks normally aren't burned hot enough to cause chemical changes like you'd see in porcellain. and even if they were, if you sintered them at a temperature low enough to avoid any further changes, you could still change the shape without changing material properties too much.

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Is the problem that they're hollow? Why not fill cores with mortar/grout?

If the issue is aesthetics, you could chop them into a more preferred size.