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I want to build myself a custom mtb. Is it possible to do so? I don't have enough money right now and I don't even earn to afford a good bike. I want to learn to build a bike from scratch by watching or reading tutorials. Thabks

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>from scratch

And in your mind this means what, exactly.

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getting parts online and building it myself

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>getting parts online

so what would be "custom" about it

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>I don't have enough money right now and I don't even earn to afford a good bike

yeah, I was 14 years old once. have fun while you're young.

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Former pro racer here and owner of a couple of custom-made bikes. A guy down the street from me does or did do bikes for cro-mag and a few others., Mike Truelove.

Virtually all custom bikes are made either of Steel or titanium. Because those are the types of materials that a custom maker with the smallest shop can easily work on. Aluminum bikes need expensive jigs to do hydroforming for specially shaped tubes, and then laser cutting to properly shape them all and then robotic welders and then large heat treatment vats.

You could probably make one with just the following equipment: a drill press or even better a mill. You'll need a few vices and Jigs and a flat table that you can rig all of this stuff up on. For welding I'd recommend you go to brazing to start with as the temperatures are lower and it's more forgiving if you make a mistake. If you make a mistake with TIG welding you usually wreck the tube or you've made a bad weld that you can't repair. With breathing, you just heat up the wall brush away the old material prepare the surface Again by cleaning it up and flexing it and try again.

You'll need various types of files like Flats curved ones. One thing you can't seem to get away from those you need one of those specialized belt Sanders like they use in the automotive industry for doing tight Corners you'll need to use that around the world's to prep them properly.

On youtube, Paul Brodie, who is extremely well known in mountain biking and road bikes as well as motorcycles, has a channel where he shows from start to finish all the steps in building a frame from initial layout to final fit and finish. Along the way that we also gets into some of the odds and ends plus good technique for brazing and finishing. He's pretty old school being English but his technique is solid and I do own one of his older Road bikes. He also taught a class in frame building for about a decade out of college near me, and a lot of custom makers now like naked

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i meant to say i don't earn enough to buy a good bike

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i don't want to buy all the parts from a single manufacturer.

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I built my road bike from the frame up, it was very easy as long as you start with a pre-fab frame

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its more like assembled instead if building huh

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>Is it possible to do so?
If you're dumb enough that you have to ask whether or not it's possible to assemble a bicycle from parts you should probably just not try.

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How granular do you want to be? Buying a pre built frame? Measuring yourself, calculating geometry, and cutting pieces to weld together? What tools do you already own and what would you need to factor into the cost of building?

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Assembled, some very minor building like cables

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Honestly who the fuck cares about semantics like that? People call their modified cars a build.

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If by custom, you mean designing and manufacturing your own frame, its not impossible. If you can weld, and are willing to suffer some trial and error, you can make a decent steel hardtail without too much trouble. Trying to DIY a carbon or aluminum frame is gonna be a pain in the ass. If you already have access to a decent welding shop, the frame won't cost much more then materials and time.

If you're intending to buy an off the shelf frame/components, and throw it all together, it's not going to be cheaper than buying a new bike, unless you are going to be buying used shit, (which I don't recommend if you don't know what you're doing). This is because bike manufacturers can buy components in bulk, giving them a discount.

t. bike mechanic

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The groupset and wheels and other parts you'll need to buy will cost as much as a whole bike anyway

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Go here.

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Then you don't earn enough to build a workshop to make a good bike so in order to get a usable bike start off fixing junkers and walk before you can run.

Tools and equipment are much more useful than an expensive toy for tools make toys but most toys don't make tools.