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I'm not going to spend $2000 on a 3d printer nigga

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Then dont?

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So buy a $150 chinkshit and fix it up. Or build your own if you're such a /diy/ tough guy.

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A1 mini is literally $200 and it's the best beginner printer on the market

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> bamboo
I heard these scumbags even put DRM on the spools of PLA like dymo did in the paper labels so they work like HP’s inkjet ink cartridges

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you can get the ender and all the mods you need for a ton of 3d printing capabilities for under 500.

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it's davinci all over again

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>today's $200 printers rival or exceed the past's $10,000 industrial printers
think whatever you want to, underaged poster, if $200 is an insane amount of money to you because mom won't increase your allowance

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>I heard
You heard wrong, nigger. You can use any pla. Where did you hear this?

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Saw it on a you tube short after watching a few louis rossman videos.
If it’s not true, then I retract.
Their printers do seem ridiculously expensive though.