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It's like day 4 of me finding a good power source for my 1250W heat press, laptop and a printer that I would use in an outdoors adventure.

Stumbled upon this offer. It can be at my place in 20 days for just 300$. Power + solar + BATTERY???? Seems like ecoflow even.

The main question is: WHAT'S THE CATCH? What are the sus parts of this deal?

Shortened aliexpress link: https://aliexpi.com/j1gg

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There's no way that's legit for $300 lmao I'd be interested for you to buy it and find out how fake it actually is. You can't get a single component of that package deal for $300.

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It's on over a 50% sale. The shipping is free. So in "normal" circumstances it would be like 1000-1500 dollars. The rating and commnets suggest it's good but they can be manipulated even on aliexpress.

The solar panels are not 200W most likely. But the inverter with battery(or whatever it is) seems alrightish

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I wouldn't expect any of that to last long enough that it's worthwhile.

What wattage is your printer? are you looking to use all three devices simultaneously?

Anyways, my recommendation:
Everstart Maxx deep cycle marine battery, get the 105ah one. you get about 1200wh before inverter efficiency. You can set these up in parallel as needed to get more battery life.

Find a pure sine wave inverter, at the wattage you need. If you're using all three devices at once, check the labels on your laptop charger and printer and shoot for a little bit above what they total to including your heat press. It MUST be a pure sine wave inverter, as devices with motors can be damaged or otherwise don't work right without it.

Then, look on eBay for a used solar panel and charge controller setup, with alligator clips so you can clip it to your battery, unless you're savvy enough to actually make a proper cable to mount to the battery.

t. guy that hasn't had power for over a month

Good luck!

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OP is a fag. This isn’t /b/


We need more power tool threads to bump this gayfag and his 3 threads off.

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>makes a new thread when his old thread is still only at page 4 and other old thread is page 6
>can't be bothered to read the description of the listing, not even the top of the listing, even though it says right on the lid what the $300 gets you
Buy it and fuck off, ADHD retards are not welcome

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Been talking about the pure sine inverter these days. Finding stuff that works well and is cheap always would have a missing puzzle piece.

One battery is enough? Good advice on your side,

Those ones are archived and contain good knowledge. The research will continue.

I'm asking what's the catch, cant YOU read? I read those things and said it's too good to be true so looking for experiences to see what's the sussy part. We learned there are cheap batteries that are used(they don't mention it on the lid) but are still good. Risky stuff but doesn't mean it's bad and sometimes it's worth the risk but it's better to research more.

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>Anyways, my recommendation:
>Everstart Maxx deep cycle marine battery
Are you from 2007? It's hilarious to me there are still people recommending lead acid batteries for anything besides cars. This cheapo (but decent build quality) 12v lifepo4 battery off amazon will be cheaper, have at least quadruple the lifespan, and double the actual usable capacity of any "deep cycle" lead acid.

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In my previous thread I was recommended LFG, and they seem great. I found them at 90 dollars on Aliexpress.

Will Prowse got them also at aliexpress. They were used. But still, they were at 80% capacity, which is still great value for the price.

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>255$ for 100ah vs $115 (after core charge) for 100ah at Walmart.
Redpill me on on lifepo4 anon.

Yes, I am from 2007.

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No. Off of page 1 =/= archived. Lurk moar before posting numerous duplicate threads. Your previous thread was probably on page 2 when you posted it again.

Unless it’s a power tool thread or a Snap On thread, post as many of those as you want.

OP is a fag once again.

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First thread debunked gas generators, second debunked inverters and stressed the importance of batteries, this one didn't do much but improvement in knowledge and progress has been made. Fourth one will continue the progress, see you in that one tomorrow

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…so they weren’t archived, huh?

Make sure you get lithium power banks, they’re the future and much better than lead acid. The real pros like to water cool the lithium batteries, but you need to remove the gay plastic cover first and make sure you get the water cooling on the bare cells.

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>The main question is: WHAT'S THE CATCH?
the catch is you will not receive that you think you are ordering and paying for, aka you are willingly and happily being scammed because you dont understand how to save money
>What are the sus parts of this deal?
you are giddy to send $300 dollars to a fake chinese shell company that was created a week ago to pawn off some reject bullshit and the "seller" will delete their profile and disappear from the face of the earth before you even receive your dented cardboard box of defective and/or completely different shit

aka stop being stupid on purpose because you think cheaper = better

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Tf, it can't be that bad. This guy in the video bought it - the problem was it was shutting down after 15 mins but it was most likely because of the automatic shutdown being turned on when it wasnt being used, and using just a fan wasnt being registered as it being used https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4EUBOD1or_w

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faggot did you really make a duplicate thread a day later >>2810805

you need to be 18 or older to post here with your made up fantasy scenarios

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> everstart maxx deep cycle marine

These are not true deep cycle batteries, and share a lot more in common with regular vehicle starter batteries, with a different sticker slapped on them.

A Rolls or Trojan-branded deep cycle battery is a true solid plate lead acid deep cycle battery. Golf cart batteries are a type that has true deep cycle capabilities.

Those fake deep cycle will last 2-3 yrs and start failing when cycled at 50%, as real deep cycle are meant to be. An LFPo can be cycled to 100%, has no maintenance, and properly engineered lasts 15 yrs or more. They are also 99% efficient. Lead acids are at most, 80% efficient; 1000 watts in, 800 out, etc.

That's why they are a better value at $300, than a 'marine deep cycle' lead-acid at $110.

All you people with ridiculous theories on how to roll your own solar power systems, need to visit mobile-solarpower.com and the diysolarforum.com, both run by Will Prowse. Otherwise, you're throwing your own money away, and spreading misleading information.

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You can't actually use 100ah of a lead acid battery. You can, at most, use half of that. It's called Depth of Discharge. Fully discharging a lead acid battery will destroy it. Even discharging it 50% with "deep cycle" rated cells will kill it within 3-5 years.

Lifepo4 batteries can be cycled 0 to 100. Consumer grade ones are now routinely rated and tested to 5000 or 8000 cycles, meaning fully charged to fully depleted or simulated usage of over 15 years assuming a fully charge and discharge every single day. It is that simple.

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The chink company isn't scamming anyone, OP is just a retard that can't read the listing. If he falls for a very mildly misleading listing, it's his fault for being the dumbass he is.

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What's mildly misleading? Have you ever ordered anything on aliexpress?

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I've ordered thousands of items. I'm not going to spoonfeed you any more than I already have. Read the fucking listing.

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Great. What are your experiences? The important question is - can their listings be trusted? There are cowboys who told me they sometimes put a solar panel on aliexpress as 300W but it turns out it's 50W in reality

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>We need more power tool threads to bump this gayfag
We only need tool battery power station threads. Everything else is a waste of batteries.

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Thank you kindly for that. I'll keep that in mind in the future. What Chinese brands of lifepo4 batteries are viable?

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Someone already posted this information, but you completely fail, and instead spam /diy


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>What Chinese brands of lifepo4 batteries are viable?

Can anyone help with this.

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a typical chink tactic is to sell an item at a huge discount. a couple of people buy it, rave about it on social media. people swarm to get it and then oopsie, price goes back to normal.

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That's perfectly fine, but do the things work fine? I'm not fine with investing 300 euros into something which wont get the job done.

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>The main question is: WHAT'S THE CATCH? What are the sus parts of this deal?
Looks like a good deal to me, but you can never be sure these days.

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