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I have a decent sized tractor I'm trying to implement hydraulic attachments for, namely a logsplitter. I'm just looking for feedback on whether this design will work. The flow control valve is a pressure compensated one. The standalone relief valve teeing off the CF port of the flow control valve would ideally have its relief value set a bit higher than the internal relief of the logsplitter, so it would only open if there is no attachment or if there is some sort of internal failure of the attachment. I've included a breakdown of operations based on the possible configurations. Is there something I've overlooked here?

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need more info. what make/model is your tractor? you need to figure out if its open or closed center and what kind of pump it has

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Its an open center hydraulic system. Tractor is a Yanmar YM2210. There isn't much information on it as its a grey market tractor. Its hydraulic pump is also used on the John Deere 850/950/1050 models.

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Its hydraulic pump is 9cc

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>Yanmar YM2210

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One major problem with this. Hydraulic fluid has no pathway to flow when the logsplitter is disconnected. This works great for a loader, which is always connected.

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Dont make shit unecessarily complicated

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I swear it has a bypass valve in the hydraulic valve that controls the direction of the pressure on the yanmar itself. Even my belarus 500 has bypass if you dont direct the pressure anywhere.

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If you're talking about the logsplitter, yes it does have an internal relief

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>You Must use an OPEN center valve and use one with a built in relief valve
it doesnt matter if there is nothing connected, the oil is always flowing through the new valve and through the 3pt valve without restriction back to the reservoir when both levers are in neutral

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Ah I think I understand. I didn't convey that the valve for the logsplitter is actually downstream from the remote quick disconnects. What you are proposing is using a valve upstream or before the disconnects. I agree this would be simpler. What would I have to change to make this work?

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almost any of these valves would work, just pick one with slightly more flow than your pump and a relief in the correct pressure range.

you cut the line feeding your 3pt valve and splice in the new valve with appropriate fittings and hoses. everything else stays the same

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Wouldn't a hydraulic selector valve work better there? One with a relief? I already have a directional control valve downstream.

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Here is an image of how I think the hydraulics work in my belarus, I would imagine it is similar in your Yanmar.

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Oh an the valve kit is jimmied open with a special tool when using the log splitter. The special tool is named a stick. Stealing power from before the valve kit is dumb because you need to add a valve there anyway in that case, otherwise you'll get no pressure since it'll rather direct back to the tank. Just put the 3-way valve ON your log splitter, and you'll be able to control it while keeping the log still and stuff.

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I just realized that valve kit is pretty nonsensical lol. Tried to make it make sense.

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I have no idea what you're talking about, nor do I know how to read hydraulic schematics unfortunately

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The valves simply work like in picture. The circle with the P is the pump, with the arrow showing direction of hydraulic flow. The basin at the bottom is just the hydraulic tank. The utility that is plugged in in the righternmost side is the hydraulic cylinder on your log splitter. The two extra lines that come off the triple valvebody are just 2 extra lines that can be plugged in. In my tractor the other one is a lumber crane and the other is unused. Its not necessary to be extremely qualified in hydraulic schematics to own a tractor, but it does help sometimes, especially whenever you acquire new tools for it. After you figure out the basics its pretty straightforward.

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After trying to decipher the hieroglyphics in this thread I went to about 5 sites to see if i could find a nice explanation. I have concluded that everyone involved in hydraulics is an idiot. Pic related is just one example.

Have a nice day.

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I think what I'll do in the end is buy a single valvebody and 3 way detent kit, so that the valve locks in each position until overpressure, in which case its kicked into neutral and flow bypasses through the valvebody back to tank through the relief. That way I can plumb as in pic related >>2811247