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I bought a mandoline. To make it look shiny and new, they kept this vinyl film on the metal while assembling it. One of the steps to assembling it was riveting on the frame that raises/lowers the blade. When i tried to peel it off, obviously the vinyl between the 2 pieces of metal just tore.
Anyone have idea on how to get this shit out of the sandwiched together metal? Normally i wouldnt care, but raising/lowering the blade(using those metal pegs) is hard as fuck because i'm assuming all the scrunched up vinyl between the pieces.

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Score the vinyl with a sharp x-acto blade and pull the bits off. As for the bits stuck between rotating parts, acetone can dissolve vinyl and a few other types of plastic so try that, but beware of finished surfaces, and the resulting goop from the melted vinyl.

But if the fit is off because of the added thickness of the vinyl then there is no other solution than drilling out the rivets and starting from scratch.