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>Asbestos, PCB, lead
>all sorts of invisible and scentless dusts, compounds and chemicals that will give you cancer

i thought rennovating we supposed to be fun and challenging, not some sort of hunger games version of wierd ass chemicals from the 50s-70s that MIGHT be present and will kill you in 30 years if you breathe them

im never buying anything built before 1990 again holy shit

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My house was built in 1935. But it's been renovated and repaired so many times that I doubt anything original is left. Which is unfortunate because these assholes ruined the house.
Also everything is still dangerous and will kill you.
>attic dust
>drywall dust
>previous meth user
>previous smoker
Blah blah blah
Humans weren't meant to live this way.
Live in a steel box or a concrete cellar if you wanna be safe from everything.

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You forgot a big one: formaldehyde

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Zoom zoom needs to consoom constant renovating instead of being happy with what they got

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Cars are full of that too

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>buy house made in 1989
>start doing renovations
>open hole in the wall
>printed circuit boards start pouring out
>Goddamnit, not again!

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God I remember years ago I wanted to make one of those but I was too young and with no skill.

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just give up
we're all going to die anyways

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My uncle died of Mesothelioma last year. He was miserable and died within 45 days of initial hospitalization. The only known cause of mesothelioma is asbestos. He grew up in an old house as a kid, but he lived in new construction homes throughout adulthood. He had a white collar job, albeit near a landfill. People say that landfill had to have been the cause.

So yeah, you can never reduce your exposure to zero. I work in the trades and I'm terrified of it. The thought that a fatal exposure might have already happened keeps me up at night.

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I think other than asbestos all these things are not worth worrying too much over since the biggest problem is microplastics.
We also kind of coddled, we have achieved some good levels of prevention and are now at a point were we can worry about things that are not that bad.

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I assume they got some goofy “led lite brite” thing based on the massive amount of what look like empty sockets? This would not need that gigantic amount of discrete nonsense or the 4 ICs. You could build this on perfboard with batteries and resistors, even back in 2006 or whenever it was. Would’ve cost them much less but “artists”

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I think that pic is a replica.
also leds would be a dollar each.

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Yeah, here's the original. There are 2 ICs at the bottom-left. Probably LED drivers.

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Don't you have to be consistently exposed to it for a considerable period of time? Ie, like a carpenter in the 70's cutting up asbestos sheeting everyday?

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Literally, not figuratively, impossible. Asbestos is not plutonium. It is not radioactive. You cannot contract mesothelioma 70 years after you lived in a house for several years. You, and he, are retarded.

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>The time from first exposure to onset of the disease, is between 25 and 70 years.[37] It is virtually never less than fifteen years and peaks at 30–40 years.[28][38] The duration of exposure to asbestos causing mesothelioma can be short. For example, cases of mesothelioma have been documented with only 1–3 months of exposure.[39][40]

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Fucking zoomers I remember when you received an automatic F if you used wiki for school work.

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I knew you were going to say this. Its not that you're too retarded to click the little blue numbers at the end of each sentence. Its that you're desperately hoping that we're lazy enough to not follow up. Here are the sources involved:
I await your next tantrum of coping, seething, and dilating.

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"exposure to asbestos" means the dust, like if you were sawing through it. Merely living in a house that has asbestos in the walls is not dangerous at all. If you're not dealing with clouds of asbestos dust, you're not in any danger of contracting mesothelioma.

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>Merely living in a house that has asbestos in the walls is not dangerous at all
True. But that also means if you sick and tired of granny's old tiles, you're in most cases forced to dig that shit up.

Most of the now banned building materials won't kill you if you don't mess with them.

I can't even imagine the amount of trades people going to work every single day tearing down shit like tiles and unknowningly exposing themselves. Same with DYI'ers though. People will poke and prod at their house doing rennovations without a single fucking clue about what materials they are actually poking at.

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>if you sick and tired of granny's old tiles, you're in most cases forced to dig that shit up.
there would be literally tens of millions of cases of mesothelioma if it were caused by such short exposures to asbestos. you need to inhale it every day for months, but no single home diy'er is going to experience that much exposure unless they are complete tweekers.

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t. too fucking stupid to read
Hang yourself, darkie

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No, one exposure is enough, though it's pretty rare that an exposure will cause it. It's basically like buying a lottery ticket each time.
You are 4chan's biggest retard. Never forget that.

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Lol without a meme arrow you're just referring to yourself, idiot.

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Asbestos is made up of microscopic hairs that can be very difficult for your lungs to expel if they get deep inside your bronchiole. If one of the hairs gets lodged and isn't expeled, it could develop cancer in a 20-50 year period.