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The narrative about an alternative currency for the dollar keeps moving forward.
How could you profit from this? Central banks keep grabbing as much gold as they can.

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Sorry wrong board, i thought i was in biz

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I thought those were cucumber slices from the thumbnail.

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Can jannies move this thread? I cant delete it

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Yeah bro, Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South fucking Africa are totally gonna replace the USD. Lmfao.

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If they try this shit, south America will make Lybia look pleasant in comparison. I'm all for it, we need another PMC boom.

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The USA has become an increasingly scary country over the past few decades. Lying left and right, meddling in elections all over the world, trying to brainwash hundreds of millions of people, and force its culture and way of life upon the rest of the world with threat of extremely violent warfare with no forgiveness for POWs and those who dared to oppose US rule. Fuck the USA. I hope it collapses in the coming decades.

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fuck the /biz/raeli tranny jannies
>>>/bant/ is where all the cool nerds dwell now

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lol going back to doubloons

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what if we just grab a few sticks, cut notches in them and then split them in half?

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>The financial world is bracing for a significant upheaval following Saudi Arabia's decision not to renew its 50-year petro-dollar deal with the United States, which expired on Sunday, 9 June, 2024.

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Fuck off /bant/ is made for fun and not shitty scamcoins

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>russia switched to the yuan as their primary currency
>switching from a currency with only 7-10% USD in foreign securities
>to a currency with 59%+ USD in foreign securities

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This is /diy/, what is a good method for making copper planchets?